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Dear sir

I am Worpress developer, HTML coder and in some cases designer.

I set up many websites using WordPress, Drupal and Joomla. I like WordPress very much!!!

Clients of WordPress websites always asked a lot of customization for purchased templates, so I did much work to adjust sites for their requirements doing PHP programming for e-mail subscriptions, pop-ups alerts, not standard registration forms and complicated pop-up menus.

All sites were responsive adopted for Win, MAC, iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Mobile devices.

Which of the required job skills do you feel you are strongest at?
- I feel 100% confident to accomplish this job in time, with high quality and following all your requirements even if they are too specific or complicated.

Which part of this project do you think will take the most time?
- The easiest part is to setup wordpress and launch site as is  it can be done for 5 minutes. The most difficult is to apply changes if they beyond the theme customization options.

I feel excited to get this job. My rate can be adjusted, because this is only the second job on oDesk  so I mostly work for getting feedback.

I am very flexible in working time and communications. I can follow all your requirements and can advice good solutions to accomplish this job effectively and with the minimum budget.

Waiting to hearing from you

Sincere, William Smith 

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My name is Michael Smith

I checked you PDF file and ready accomplish all of this for $15. I am a professional programmer on PHP+MySQL+WordPress.

What I am going to do if you hire me:
- upgrade WordPress to latest version, it gives you more options to control SEO tags
- install additional plugins: SEO by Yoast, All in One SEO pack  they can do most of SEO work automatically, if you are not a SEO specialist;
- go through all your pages to correct tag for better SEO optimization
- apply your requirement by developing special libraries which integrated with WP core without modifying it, so it will not affect further WP updates

I guarantee high quality work, quick answers on you messages and responsibility.

I would like to do job fist and then be get paid.

I am great in PHP/MySQL, HTML5, node.js and Ajax too, so looking forward to hearing from you

Thank you for opportunity!!!

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I can suggest very quick and easy solution, which is in 100 times more effective and safe for moving content from one wordpress site to another.

For less than 1h I can export and import the corresponding posts without copy/paste and with appropriate URLs, no mistakes and mistypes.

It will cost $30 and I can do it during a day as you give me such order.

I can do many similar jobs like this, so please be aware about it, if you decide to safety migrate/move some other content. 

Also, I can coordinate your site migration, because I did it so many times that can do it with close eyes :)

I wish you to do migration smoothly, and I would glad if I can help you in this.

Best regards, Namdar

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I can easy create any page in WordPress. 

I can create the page based on the already existing template or create responsive HTML page from scratch based on creative requirements and best coding practice. 

This work must not take more then 2-4hr depending on the additional requirements, which may not mentioned here.

I like WordPress and feel that I can do everything within this CMS.

My rate is $12/hr. I can do responsive HTML as well as PHP programming.

If you hire me today then tomorrow I can complete this task. I am almost always online and can quickly answer via Skype.

All people with whom I work have very positive opinion about me and my job.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes, Mike

Customer Service • Technical Support


I can do this job professionally with close eyes during 30 minutes after you provide me access to the client PC.

The most important thing in admin jobs is trust and security. So after the installation I can instruct you how to change credentials and protect your instance from hacking.

Also I can install or recommend most popular and useful plugins for blogging, themes, seo, surveys, polls and so on.

I agree with your cost for this job, please contact me. My name is Iacopo

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I'm very fun to work with. 

I'm a UI designer. I know Jquery, Java, Javascript, WordPress, CSS, etc. 

I bear users in mind when I build my web pages. I always want to give them something really interesting to look at and to use so they always keep coming back.

I can take your webpage and give it an amazing look, suitable for the audience you have in mind. 

One aspect where I'm better than most others is styling. 

Even when I work with WordPress, I take my time to style the theme so it comes alive and expresses the essence of the website. 

I'd really love to work with you. I can show you a few of my amazing works for clients in different industries. 

You could even choose from any of my designs and have me mimic something similar for yours or you could simply discuss your concepts with me and I'll go ahead and design something mind blowing.

I love sprucing up web pages, so hire me and share your ideas with me and you'll be amazed what your web pages will look like by the time I'm done. 

100% satisfaction guaranteed. 

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