We mean it when we say “ the future of television is apps ” ! With the origin of firm Internet speeds and smart streaming devices like Roku, Amazon Fire television receiver, and Apple TV, the need for content creators to launch post television receiver apps is increasing like never ahead. Being one of the best lead OTT solution, here ’ mho what we at CONTUS VPlayed have come up with to make your content pass millions .

CONTUS VPlayed Now Lets You Build Your Own Roku App

Yes, you heard that justly ! CONTUS VPlayed is now all set to help you build your own Roku channel ( app ) and you don ’ t have to know a single note of code. With a full-bodied solution to launch your contented on Roku, there is nothing that can stop you from getting your content up and running on the most successful streaming device on the planet .

What is Roku?

Roku is an OTT stream device that provides a platform for assorted contentedness providers and advertisers to reach a wide set of audiences. Released in 2008, it has emerged to be the most widely-used streaming hardware across the ball with over 51.2 million active subscribers in the US alone. In unretentive, Roku is the ultimate address for VOD platform supplier to grow in the business. Get to know more about what is VOD !

Roku Device and Software-Explained

Roku has introduced a wide stove of streaming players into the market. But, broadly speaking, one set of models comes with an OTT box that needs to be connected to the exploiter ’ s television via an HDMI cable, and the other one is the streaming stick, a pen drive-like device, that can be directly plugged into the television ’ randomness HDMI port. On the other hand, Roku OS is a software entirely developed for its devices to stream subject. The company keeps releasing new versions from time to fourth dimension to enhance its devices for better screening .

How It Works?

Viewers who buy Roku devices plug in their players to their television receiver sets, connect them to the Internet either through a wire or wireless network, create a Roku account, and start streaming capacity from over 21,000 apps available on the platform. once your OTT app is up on Roku, viewers get to access your videos based on the charge model you choose. For example, Netflix works on the subscription video on demand ( SVOD ) platform model ! Viewers can find your app from the Roku channel store or use the ‘ Search Channel ’ option for the like. furthermore, they besides get to add your channel to their home screens for easy entree .

Why Do More People Opt Roku for Streaming?

several factors contribute to why audiences ’ viewing habits and interest in streaming devices like Roku grew exponentially this past decade .

  • Simple hardware
  • Single platform with thousands of channels/ OTT apps
  • ease of use
  • Value for money

Why Should You Start Your Own Roku Channel?

If you want to reign in the pour business, it is significant to look for bright options to reach the masses fastly and efficaciously by aligning with the latest OTT trends. And, without a doubt, Roku is the best bet for every capacity owner out there ! It is a bright time for streaming services to launch their own Roku channels as about half of the american households that stream content use either one of the Roku devices. In fact, on modal, 17 new apps are being launched every sidereal day on the Roku App Store. Though the United States contributes to the majority of the content publisher ’ mho market partake, Roku ’ s popularity is quickly spanning to other countries across the globe deoxyadenosine monophosphate well .

Grow Your Viewer Base with Roku

2020 was an impressive class for Roku as it rose to stardom with a whopping 58.7 billion hours of streaming by its users. This is indeed a great feat by the chopine that is home to more than 51 million active accounts. so, your VOD app has the potential to reach millions of Roku users who can plainly download it and start streaming your videos based on your charge model. This bright move of launching an app on the Roku App Store not merely helps you achieve a massive viewership but besides generates gross that matches your commercial enterprise needs .

Roku- The Best Way to Monetize Your Video Content

As a content owner, you have two options, to begin with. Provide the users with a

90 % of Roku ’ south apps are free. This is an attractive model to adopt, however, you can effectively monetize your free app by delivering videos on necessitate through a charge method of your choice ( Subscription-based VOD, Ad-supported VOD ( AVOD ), Transactional VOD ). While market biggies like Netflix, and Hulu, have adopted the subscription-based mannequin that charges a monthly/ annual fee to stream videos, ads are besides a great way to generate fine-looking gross through Roku ! Check out our SVOD Vs AVOD psychoanalysis to identify the best way to monetize your video recording business !

Why Roku’s Direct Publisher Method to Create App Is Basic & Restrictive

Roku offers an moment solution for contented owners to create an OTT app using its ‘ Direct Publisher ’ method. Though this is portrayed as the simplest way to launch a Roku app, there are limitations to it when you want to scale up in the best OTT platform diligence. Video Hosting Costs once you have your contented ready, you have to look out for ways to host the video. Using third-party servers ( C DN ) for on-line television hosting platforms consumes time and money. Learn the advantages of self-hosting your video recording ! Fewer Customizations similarly, customizations are minimum when it comes to launching a Roku channel using the Direct Publisher. It is a predefined framework and therefore, the contentedness owner may miss out on the promote features that may otherwise benefit the business. Restricted Monetization Options Though contented owners can monetize their apps through ads, a partial come of ad inventory/ tax income is split with Roku. besides, since this is a very basic method acting to create a Roku app, you can not introduce subscriptions, or pay-per-view gross models for monetizing your subject .

CONTUS VPlayed-the Best Solution to Launch Your Roku App

Building a Roku app through a stream solution provider like VPlayed has several pros. Our throughout solution bundles highlighting features that include

Besides having a full-bodied message library, it is overriding for a content owner to have these pivotal factors in stead to make it big in the streaming diligence .

Key Takeaway

With Roku ’ s growth skyrocketing each pass day, putting your content up on the device is the smartest direction to sustain in today ’ s highly competitive market. Customize your own Roku channel/ app using VPlayed ’ s white-label OTT solution to exponentially expand your hearing base across geographies along with generating amazing returns .

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