slaughter was beginning to strike, with a homicidal laugh of gloat her symbiote launched a spike like object out from her outfits breast. At a about clamant reaction Y/N dodged the incoming follow through being performing a backwards flip .
                           Upon landing Carnage run at the hero attempting to grab him as more spikes came out of her .
                           slaughter : Come here sweetie I want a hug ! 
                           Y/N : Yeah no never wanted to hug an Iron maid !
                           The man said as he shot a web hitting a man hole cover and then smashed it against the english of her body. This made her fall to the ground in trouble for a few moments before she picked up the man trap cover and threw it back .
                           Y/N : Hey that 's my image weapon get your own !
                           He said as it hit his shoulder causing him to fall backwards against a park cable car. slaughter took this opportunity to pounce towards him with her fingers turned into ten-spot minor dagger like blades .
                           Y/N : What the fuck is that ! ?
                           He said as he got himself away from her by flipping on acme of the car. slaughter as a leave of his hedge ended up and stabbing the car rather .
                           slaughter : Stop dodge and fight me so I can murder you !
                           Venom: She makes great offers doesn't she...
                           Y/N : Oh you should have seen the time she gave me the choice to visit her mother or rest on the sofa best deal always !
                           The two joked as he shot a web ripping off a door from the car and leap up. Carnage had just managed to pull herself unblock when she looked up in daze as she was hit in the grimace by a car door that was thrown moments before .
                           Y/N : Take that you psychopathic bitch ! 
                           Venom: Wow like two minutes ago you were love struck...
                           Y/N : well I was cashbox she became Edward scissor hands !
                           He said as she recovered and scene of some of her symbiote at him like knife at him. He dodged most of them but one of them deplorably managed to stab into his shoulder .
                           slaughter : finally got you you little fink !
                           The hero looked at her directly into her eyes, months ago he would have seen joy and love but immediately all he saw was rake crave and insanity .
                           Y/N : Candace I 'm deplorable for leaving you all that time ago ... I see I caused you to turn into this for that I 'm regretful ...
                           slaughter : Do n't call me Candace anymore immediately I 'm slaughter !
                           She yelled and ran towards him with her knife hands all back. The bomber took a deep breath in then out and pulled out the knife like weapon out of his shoulder and threw it at her .
                           Y/N : however you are a monster immediately ... then I can not let this continue anymore !
                           He said and shot a network behind slaughter and made the card doorway from before knock her on the back of her head. As she stumbled forward Y/N shot two webs onto two lamp posts and launched himself at her .
                           slaughter : What the hel-
                           Before she could finish his knee slammed her right in the jaw. With the accelerate he was going and the force of the blow it would have killed a normal person about guarantee. slaughter however was n't a normal human at all so was just got 
                           Venom: I know we aren't this lucky but you think she's dead?
                           Y/N : probably not ...
                           Venom shot a web at a cable car door from Y/N 's back then pulled it off. Y/N looked towards the door then sighed and looked bet on at Carnage slowly getting up .

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