I ‘m trying to test a palpitate app on io using my macOS virtual machine, but I ca n’t get my erstwhile iPhone 6 to connect. I was able to get it to connect once last week, but since then it will immediately disconnect from the guest and back to the host whenever I plug it in. here ‘s some information about my frame-up :

  • Host OS: Ubuntu 20.04
  • Guest OS: macOS Big Sur 11.2
  • Phone: iPhone 6, iOS 12.5.1
  • Virtualization: VMWare player 16.1.0

I have the vm stored in a 2TB external USB drive
I added the line usb.quirks.device0 = "0x05ac:0x12a8 skip-reset, skip-refresh, skip-setconfig" to my vmx file which at least stops an space loop of connecting and disconnecting .
I have the vm settings to USB 2 and have all the options checked

If I plug the phone into a USB 3 port, I get a driver erroneousness, and if I plug it into a USB 2 port I sometimes get a message saying the device is busy.

I besides get like messages in the vmware log

2021-02-15T20:41:21.288-07:00| vmx| I005: USBGA: device 1000001d05ac12a8 arrived
2021-02-15T20:41:21.291-07:00| vmx| I005: MsgHint: msg.usb.disconnectHostProcess
2021-02-15T20:41:21.291-07:00| vmx| I005+ The specified device is in use by process:3922 /usr/libexec/gvfs-gphoto2-volume-monitor on the host operating system. Continuing will detach the device from the host operating system.
2021-02-15T20:41:21.291-07:00| vmx| I005+ ---------------------------------------
2021-02-15T20:41:21.297-07:00| vmx| W003: USBGL: failed to claim device (fd=19), interface 0. Retrying
2021-02-15T20:41:21.297-07:00| vmx| I005: USBGL: disconnect driver 'usbfs' from device 19, interface 0
2021-02-15T20:41:21.297-07:00| vmx| I005: USBGL: claimed device 19, interface 0 successfully
2021-02-15T20:41:21.297-07:00| vmx| I005: USBGL: Connected device 0x1000001d05ac12a8 successfully
2021-02-15T20:41:21.297-07:00| vmx| I005: USBG: Quirks for device 05ac:12a8 (user-defined,skip-setconfig,skip-reset,skip-refresh,slow-reconnect)
2021-02-15T20:41:21.617-07:00| vcpu-1| I005: USBGL: Disable port is not supported.
2021-02-15T20:41:21.719-07:00| vcpu-0| I005: USBG: Skipping device reset for 0x1000001d05ac12a8
2021-02-15T20:41:21.874-07:00| vmx| I005: USBG: Skipping SetConfiguration(1) for 0x1000001d05ac12a8
2021-02-15T20:41:21.879-07:00| vmx| W003: USBGL: failed to set device 19 to config 5: Device or resource busy
2021-02-15T20:41:21.879-07:00| vmx| I005: USBGL: claimed device 19, interface 0 successfully
2021-02-15T20:41:26.578-07:00| vmx| W003: USBGL: failed to submit urb to device 19: Device or resource busy
2021-02-15T20:41:26.579-07:00| vmx| W003: USBGL: failed to submit urb to device 19: Device or resource busy
2021-02-15T20:41:53.340-07:00| vmx| I005: USB: Disconnecting device 0x1000001e05ac12a8
2021-02-15T20:41:53.340-07:00| vmx| I005: USBG: Disconnecting 1000001e05ac12a8, port:0 reservedPort:5574C8CD9D20
2021-02-15T20:41:53.340-07:00| vmx| I005: USBGA: device 1000001e05ac12a8 already disconnected from host

The iPhone shows up under USB in system information. manually connecting or disconnecting the device in the obliterable devices section of vmware does n’t seem to do anything .
Is there any other set I can change or something I can try to get the iPhone to stay connected to the guest macOS ?
Thanks then much !

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