The application of gravure printing engineering to the production of PE bags is presently the most advanced method. Printed polyethylene bags in Vietnam have very abrupt and true colors. Let ’ s teach more about this print method with Vn Plastic .

Polyethylene vs Polythene

Polyethylene vanadium Polythene both have abbreviated names PE or Poly. This type of credit card is widely used in the US, UK, Canada … or developed countries in general. People often use Polyethylene or Polythene to produce packaging items such as plastic bags, films .
Both Polyethylene v Polythene have the chemical rule of ( C2H4 ) n. Poly Density can be broken ( LDPE ) or high ( HDPE ). This type of material is normally thermoplastic.

Polyethylene vs Polythene

What is gravure printing technology?

foremost, we need to find out what is gravure printing engineering in Vietnam. This method is besides known by another appoint concave printing. A copper-plated shaft about 10 microns thick is used for print. The content of a printout can be text, vectors or images. This contentedness is profoundly etch and is located under the coat of the gravure roller. Items printed this way are largely in rolls .

Working principle of gravure printing machine

The printing curler is embedded in the ink tray ( about ⅓ ), rotating evenly. At that clock time, the ink will penetrate the coat of the print cast, the concave elements on the face of the mold .
A scraper is fixed and will remove all the ink on the surface of the print plate, leaving merely the ink in the adjourn parts. Thanks to the force of rotation, the ink in the adjourn on the print roller will be printed on the polyethylene bags ( or any printing substantial ) .
Depending on the count of colors the customer wants to print, the polyethylene bulge will go through a dry degree or continue to another color printing roller ( randomness ). Vn Plastic can print up to 4 colors on 1 product at the same time. Color code based on Pantone .
Working principle of gravure printing machine

Printed polythene bags in Vietnam process

There are few continuous steps to process Printed polyethylene bags in Vietnam :

Step 1: design the print template

Depends on the needs and ideas of the customer, the supplier will sketch the print sample distribution and then send it to the customer for approval. Importers can besides send ready-made designs to suppliers to speed up the process .
Because of applying gravure print engineering, therefore, the number of printing colors is besides limited. Vn Plastic can print up to 4 colors according to the Pantone color pallette. consequently, purpose templates should be in vectors saved in pdf or svg extensions. If it is a photograph, it will be re-analyzed into 4 colors. And the asperity of the photograph will be lost. If you are intending to apply this engineering to Printed polyethylene bags in Vietnam, find an alternative .

Step 2: Make the gravure printing shaft

After the importer and supplier harmonize on the design of the print sample, the supplier will go to the second step, which is to make the mark. The blueprint will be engraved on the gravure print rotating shaft .

Step 3: Print on polythene bags

once the gravure printing roller is available, the supplier will perform the facility and screen printing on the polyethylene bags. If all is up to standard, batch impression is applied .

Cutting printed polythene bags

After successfully printing polyethylene bags with gravure printing engineering applied, move on cutting process. From printed polyethylene bags roll, people can cut into T shirt food bags on roll, flat bag or blockage header bag …

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Cutting printed polythene bags

Packing printed polythene bags

Packing printed polyethylene bags is the final phase to be ready for shipping or storing .
Packing printed polythene bags

Final thoughts

Vn Plastic has merely shared with you data about printed polyethylene bags in Vietnam applying gravure print engineering. Hopefully with the article, you will get a more specific opinion of this printing process and engineering. If you need more information about the production of credit card bags in Vietnam, feel unblock to contact us .
Thanks for reading !
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