-you are apart of Voltron and are part Galra (like Keith)
-you're the Purple Paladin
-you're a female
-Voltron crossover ^^
-Hikaru (and the others) are Altean (the last ones alive other than Allura and Coran)
Your POV
•-•-•-•-• I sweatdrop and curse under my breath as I lose control condition of my lion, having been shot by one of the Galra ships. My friends yell is surprise at my fall, and I enter the standard atmosphere of a nearby planet . `` YN ! '' `` I 'm going down, guy ! '' I exclaim obstreperously in response, in a panic as I madly try to get my lion to fly up. Trying to ease my land. `` Bracing for impingement ! '' `` C'mon, Violet ! C'mon ! '' I mutter quietly in exasperation as my eyebrows stay furrowed, then manage to get her to fly up a short. I gasp a little at this. `` Yes ! Yes ! Yes, c'mon ! You 've got this, Violet ! Just a little more ! '' She struggles, but does as I was hoping for and flies up a small more. I was aiming for the ledge of a cliff, and she hit it spot on, landing roughly on exceed of it . I hold on taut as we crash state, being splurge advancing. I smack into the splashboard and end up pressing many buttons at once, but none of them work as Violet shuts toss off. She 's excessively damaged to do anything anymore, which probably saved my life considering the circumstances . I sigh heavily, shakily standing up whilst holding my side. I place my release hand onto the dashboard, smiling painfully. `` bang-up speculate, Violet. You did it, '' I whisper, then turn around to head to the opened chew the fat of my leo . Pidge will be able to repair her soon . At least, I hope she will. I stumble out of my lion, trying to communicate with the other paladins . `` Hello.. ? Guys.. ? Anyone there.. ? '' I attempt, failing multiple times before giving up . All I hear is inactive . The communicator must be broken . Huffing slightly in discomfort, I remove my helmet and convulse it aside. It 's at the foot of my lion, so I 'll grab it late. The entrance into her close closed . I wince as my side increasingly burns more and more, causing me to look down at it. I ca n't see much through all my armor, but I can feel a wetness under it. My armor is bent quite a bite from when I fell into my splashboard, the coerce having been pretty potent . I try to get a better search at it and realize that my armor actually snapped and the charge of the torso separate that broke had sliced its way into my side. blood is spilling out from the wound, and I know that this needs to be treated fairly promptly or else I 'll either bleed out or get an infection. Looking up at the world around me, all I see is wilderness. From where I 'm standing on this cliff, down it lay vibrant green trees and beautiful animals and flowers. It 's an amazing view to see, but bad news program for me . This most probable means that I 'm stranded on this planet alone. If I ca n't find person to help me with my side, and firm, I 'll be a goner . I do n't have the materials to treat myself, and even if I did I would n't precisely know how to or have the right mentality to preform it .
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