Why Custom Wafer Cassettes Are an Essential Part of Wet Bench Equipment Custom wafer cassettes made of specify materials or with specific physical characteristics are often needed in wet judiciary equipment for some applications. Research lab and universities may create unique semiconductor device prototypes and start-ups may need sample distribution semiconductors for testing. In each case, off-the-rack carriers with the command characteristics are much not available. Custom wafer cassettes ordered in low volumes can meet the requirements of research and testing facilities and allow them to carry out the specify silicon wafer fabrication they need .
Custom Wafer Cassettes are Needed for Research Applications
Research lab may need wafer carriers with unusual characteristics because they are testing newfangled processes or using raw materials. Universities may be trying to re-create a historic process or develop a new process that requires cassettes not commercially available. These organizations often need only a few of the custom cassettes to carry out their research and test. The handiness of custom wafer cassettes without a minimum arrange quantity is a samara gene in the ability of the lab to carry out their inquiry and test .
Start-Ups Need Special Cassettes to Create Prototypes

When a start-up develops an advanced semiconductor device product, off-the-rack wafer cassettes may not be desirable because the product is not presently being produced commercially. The raw product may require special work and the wafer carriers used may have to use an innovative design or material deoxyadenosine monophosphate well. To produce unlike prototypes and test them in real-life situations, start-ups may need a series of custom wafer cassettes before they begin commercial product of their fresh product .
Up-graded Production Lines May Require Custom Cassettes

Modified production lines mean that some equipment has to be changed and other equipment adapted. such modifications can take place as a leave of changes in suppliers, updated regulative requirements or fresh customer demands. Often parts of the production line are replaced or extra equipment is retrofitted. large items such as tanks and baths may be kept but re-purposed. If wafer cassette operation is affected, newly off-the-rack cassettes may not be desirable and customs wafer cassettes, adapted to the new process line, may be the best solution .
Modutek Can Provide Custom Wafer Cassettes

Modutek is a leading manufacturer of wet bench equipment that has in-house expertness to analyze customer requirements and deliver custom installations of the highest quality. With across-the-board experience in all aspects of wet terrace technology, Modutek can offer equipment from its standard line of wet workbench stations but can besides meet special requirements because all equipment is designed and built in house. Once the details of an application are clear, Modutek can build the components so they meet any special requirements .
When custom wafer cassettes are needed, Modutek can design and build custom units as needed. The caller has the capability to design and build particular configurations and to use specific materials such as PFA Teflon, PFTE Teflon, PVDF and Natural Polypro. Custom carriers can hold between one and twenty-five wafers per carrier and carrier design can be optimized for a specific use. To emphasize its commitment to meeting the special needs of customers, Modutek does not require a minimum order quantity for custom wafer cassettes .
semiconductor device fabrication is constantly complicated and a degree of customization is often needed to fulfill the requirements of a specific summons. As the business environment of a semiconductor device manufacture facility changes, production lines have to be modified and the changed equipment has to be customized to fit the newfangled configurations. Modutek can help identify such custom requirements and provide the represent custom equipment. Custom wafer cassettes are one specific case where Modutek can supply special components that are not differently available. Contact Modutek for a exempt consultation or quotation mark on equipment needed for your specific requirements .

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