Which monster episodes are the best from each season of The X-Files ? Come discover the truth with us ! As one of the most popular science fiction/horror shows of all time, The X-Files is marked by a unique conspiracy-based mythology, exciting extrasensory adventures, and the leading chemistry between special Agents Fox Mulder ( David Duchovny ) and Dana Scully ( Gillian Anderson ). As these two FBI agents investigate alien abductions and unaccountable phenomena, they encounter quite a few different ( and much terrifying ) creatures, some of which defy any coherent explanation. While the series is known best for its over-arching extraterrestrial being conspiracy plot, there ‘s no deny that the show ‘s standard monster-of-the-week ( MOTW ) episodes were equitable as engage, and frequently more exciting. With over 200 episodes and 11 seasons to choose from, there ‘s adhere to be a monster in there for everybody, so if you ‘re looking for some of the best Mulder/Scully creature features ( mean, “ no aliens allowed ” ), then look no further than these episodes below …

Season 1 – “Squeeze” / “Tooms”

With a season about wholly wax of MOTW episodes, we could n’t barely pick one. This epic bipartite introduces one of the scariest villains on the testify, the elongating mutant known as Eugene Tooms ( Doug Hutchinson ). “ Squeeze ” is actually the beginning MOTW episode of the series, while “ Tooms ” is the beginning non-mytharc sequel that the testify ever produced. With a villain like Tooms, it ‘s obvious why series godhead Chris Carter and the gang decided to bring him back – a stretching serial killer whale who can weasel his manner into anywhere ? It ‘s amazing they did n’t keep him around any long as the danger and suspense, specially when he goes after Mulder and Scully, push our favorite agents to their absolute limits.

Monster of the Week : The mutant Eugene Victor Tooms

Season 2 – “The Host”

Move over Creature from the Black Lagoon, this iconic X-Files monster is the best deep-sea inhabitant out there. Or, at least the most terrorization. No MOTW number would be accomplished without “ The Host, ” and by elongation the mythic Flukeman ( played by writer Darin Morgan before he landed his first writing credit on the read ). In this classical X-File, Mulder and Scully investigate a series of bizarre murders that all associate to a cryptic sewer creature that haunts the waterways of New Jersey. As it turns out, this parasitic creature is actually the product of the Chernobyl disaster, half-man and half-flukeworm, and somehow made it over to the United States. There ‘s no doubt that this Chris Carter-penned classical is among the best that The X-Files has to offer, and to this day no creature from the series is deoxyadenosine monophosphate recognizable as the Flukeman himself .
Monster of the Week : Flukeman aka “ Flukie ”

Season 3 – “Quagmire”

There are plenty of amazing MOTW episodes in the inaugural few seasons of The X-Files, but out of all those in Season 3, none feel a personal as “ Quagmire. ” The sequence ‘s Moby Dick-like hunt for “ big Blue ” ( Mulder ‘s very own Loch Ness Monster ), and Scully ‘s astute observation that Mulder is basically Captain Ahab, makes this one stall out among the rest. If you were n’t afraid of body of water before, you might be by the end of this episode. flush though the episode features a terrific monster that goes for the jugular ( inadequate Queequeg ), the best fit by far is the one shared between Mulder and Scully as they ‘re stranded in the middle of the lake. It ‘s a beautiful here and now that ‘s stuck with fans for years .
Monster of the Week : We wo n’t spoil it for you …

Season 4 – “Home”

The X-Files, Home
not all monsters are extrasensory, even though we frequently wish they were. No X-Files monster scared viewers more than the Peacock class did in the ill-famed sequence “ Home. ” As Mulder and Scully travel to rural Home, Pennsylvania, they discover a homicidal kin of inbreds who has lived on their nation since the American Civil War. This episode feels more like The Texas Chain Saw Massacre than it does X-Files at times, and for good reason. In fact, “ home ” was the very first gear episode to receive a “ viewer discretion ” warning ahead of the episode, and was actually banned from rerunning on the Fox network. Although it ‘s still regarded as a favored, it has haunted many for years. While some episodes on this list lean more comedic in nature, “ home ” is a straight-up horror movie made for television receiver that opens with a night child burying. Yikes .
Monster of the Week : The Peacock family

Season 5 – “Bad Blood”

No episode of The X-Files has a better teaser than this episode, and it ‘s not even close. While Stephen King ‘s “ Chinga ” is a close second, “ Bad Blood ” is one of the best MOTW there is, and surely the best of Season 5. This hilarious mystery, written by Vince Gilligan, is told a bit out of order as Mulder and Scully reflect on their most recent sheath in “ trailer park Texas ” where Mulder ( in rare form here, at least from Scully ‘s indicate of position ) thought he ultimately found a vampire. Whether he ‘s correct or improper, things get a snatch out-of-hand and, well, you ‘ve merely got to watch this one because it ‘s a genuine classic. Between Luke Wilson ‘s guest appearance and the overstate takes on both of our favorite FBI agents, we ‘ve only got bloody good things to say about “ Bad Blood. ”
Monster of the Week : Vampires, barely not the kind you ‘re picturing …

Season 6 – “Arcadia”

While “ Drive ” and “ Triangle ” might be most X-Philes ‘ Season 6 go-to ( and for good reasons ), “ Arcadia ” decidedly has the best monster, so we ‘re going with this matchless. As Mulder and Scully go clandestine in a neighborhood with a no-nonsense HOA, they uncover a domestic conspiracy revolving around the local homeowners ‘ association, which turns out to be deadlier than they ‘d hoped. As our favorite couple “ meet house ” as they go clandestine, a Tibetan thought-form ( called a Tulpa ) threatens anyone who opposes the convention of the association, with a punishment of death. From what we can see through the dark, the monster is reasonably chilling, but in accuracy, it ‘s the animal ‘s relentlessness ( and the other homeowner ‘s intentional ignorance ) that ‘s specially terrify. More reasons not to move to suburbia !
Monster of the Week : Tulpa ( the Ubermenscher )
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Season 7 – “X-Cops”


Image via Fox

Some might feel that “ X-Cops ” is a act brassy, but it ‘s one of the most remarkable episodes of the prove, if not good for its technical value. Beyond that though, this Cops crossover stands out for having a unique monster, one who we do n’t actually get to see and can only be beaten by facing your own fears. It ‘s an excellent episode of The X-Files, and one that reminds us of just how much stool Mulder systematically puts Scully through ( he in the first place dragged her to L.A. to find a werewolf ). Of run, in the end, it ‘s all worth it, and while there might be other more interesting MOTW episodes from Season 7 ( such as “ Millennium ” or “ Orison ” ) there ‘s no deny that fear is the most frighten monster of all. “ X-Cops ” is one of the best episodes of the show, and proved that even after seven years, The X-Files was going potent .
Monster of the Week : An nameless fear entity

Season 8 – “Roadrunners”

sadly, not every sequence on this list will feature the Mulder/Scully back-and-forth, but it ‘s not our mistake, you can blame David Duchovny ! Thankfully, Scully, being the badass she is, survived without Mulder for quite some time. In “ Roadrunners, ” she goes off to Utah on her own, calm reeling from Mulder ‘s abduction, to investigate a murder, but it turns out to be a bite more cultish than that. As Scully uncovers a group of religious extremists, she discovers that they believe a epenthetic slug is the moment Coming of Christ. The cult away, this sequence marks the dependable beginnings of a functional partnership between Scully and John Doggett ( Robert Patrick ), who was often unfairly hated because he was n’t Mulder. If you ‘re looking for a cult-fueled creature feature, then “ Roadrunners ” is the episode for you !
Monster of the Week : A spinal anesthesia parasite and an eccentric “ end Times ” cult

Season 9 – “Lord of the Flies”

exchangeable to the former season, Season 9 featured basically zero Mulder, and the one sequence he returns in ( the original bipartite series stopping point “ The Truth ” ) is about concluding the mythology preferably than tracking down a bleary creature with Scully. In the meanwhile, John Doggett and Monica Reyes ( Annabeth Gish ) keep the X-Files afloat long after Mulder ‘s second disappearance. While there are a few stellar MOTW episodes of Season 9, the episode with the best monsters is hands-down “ Lord of the Flies. ” A authoritative coming-of-age report, this one follows Doggett, Reyes, and Scully as they attempt to uncover the truth behind the bizarre insect-related deaths in New Jersey that all connect to a mutant human/bug hybrid. It ‘s creepy, steaming, and will make your hide crawl if you do n’t get eaten first …
Monster of the Week : mutant insect-human hybrids

Season 10 – “Mulder & Scully Meet The Were-Monster”

This sequence became an immediate favorite with fans once the revival series aired on television, and it ‘s pretty obvious why. The X-Files was known to speculation into some balmy, semi-comedic spaces, and “ Mulder & Scully Meet The Were-Monster ” is a perfect case of how to do it right. Written and directed by X-Files and Millennium alum Darin Morgan, this sequence takes Mulder on a travel of self-discovery as he questions his own religion in the supernatural while he and Scully track down a reptilian were-creature. Along the way, they meet the Kolchak -looking Guy Mann ( Rhys Darby ), who just so happens to be the actual giant, but we ‘ll let him tell you his strange history …
Monster of the Week : Guy Mann aka the Were-Monster, ohio and some other serial killer …

Season 11 – “Familiar”

While the two revival seasons ( which sadly did n’t even equal a broad season of the original series ) might be pretty haphazard for some, there ‘s no denying that they knocked their MOTW episodes out of the park. Out of all that Season 11 had to offer, no sequence was more cool than “ Familiar. ” not only is the demonic Mr. Chuckleteeth probably one of the scariest looking monsters to ever haunt our television screens ( and that ‘s not even to mention the evil Teletubbie ), but in an episode full of hellhounds, witchcraft, and child killings, the real villain manages to be infidelity that identical literally destroys two families .
Monster of the Week: The classic demon/witch jazz band that besides includes hellhounds, Mr. Chuckleteeth, and more !

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