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When you ’ re a blogger, you have to deal with lots of web host services. The lapp goes for any web site owner. One has to have extensive technical cognition regarding web host and its functions as the hosting market is exploding with contest in this day and age .
Amidst all this competition between fellow web hosting providers, it ’ s become increasingly difficult to differentiate between the features and characteristics. After all, most of them provide pretty much the same functionality and performance to stay at the top .
The majority of customers are more prone to fall for basic features. I wholeheartedly agree that the uptime or accelerate is hard to ignore. The lesser-acknowledged sport, however, is the control panel and it obviously needs more recognition than what it gets .
only those users who know enough about hosting services are mindful that control panels affect the performance of your web site big time.

I have used several different Open Source control panels over the past years and in this article, I ’ ve decided that I ’ ll be narrowing down the top 10 free control panels amongst the ones I ’ ve optimized .

Top 10 Free Open Source Web Hosting Control Panels – Ultimate Comparison – HostNamaste

ISPConfig is one of the most democratic control panels. It ’ sulfur written in PHP 7 and combined with MySQL, performs a tad sting better than Angular-JS cPanels. It has a one web integration and can manage multiple servers at once with the farthermost still. ISPConfig doesn ’ thyroxine have wide defend in OS and it is chiefly for Linux distribution. about two twelve languages are supported by ISPCongif, which is remarkable .
ISPConfig - Top 10 Free Open Source Web Hosting Control Panels - HostNamaste
besides, there are add benefits such as anti-virus, DNS recordings, spam-filtering in emails, and much more. In terms of management, ISPConfig certain works like a spell ; it ’ mho sophisticated ampere well as simplistic at the lapp time .
If you wish to ensure effective management and monitoring, a control control panel is the single most dependable set about to attain that. Ajenti is an open-source cPanel that is specially focused on the management and administration of your servers. It besides monitors more than one server without any fuss and optimizes on fair one interface to do so .
It is quite lightweight and can be installed using 75MB storage and takes about 30-35MB RAM overall .
Ajenti - Top 10 Free Open Source Web Hosting Control Panels - HostNamaste
Ajenti has respective built-in plugins and it is developed on JavaScript, consequently initiating that the front-end uses the basic Angular JS model. Ajenti has OS support of Debian, Ubuntu, Gentoo, RHEL, and BDS .
The third base rival in our list of release open source operate panels is CentOS Web Panel. Just like ISPConfig, it ’ second besides popular among the users. The dialog box is truly classy ; hence it attracts the customers like a appeal .
CentOS Web Panel - Top 10 Free Open Source Web Hosting Control Panels - HostNamaste
When it comes to the management, it provides maximal command to the exploiter. The security is ace with an advanced Linux Firewall, IP protective covering, along with other bright features such as free automated backups and file lock system .
Virtualmin is another open-source platform which is wide recognized all over the world. Developed in PHP, this control panel is available release or you can pay for it to unlock advance features and it supports UNIX, Linux and BSD extensions .
Virtualmin - Top 10 Free Open Source Web Hosting Control Panels - HostNamaste
Virtualmin is not adequate for handling extensive servers such as Dedicated or Hybrid ones. however, with the support of IPv6 and DNS management, it can work inordinately well for Virtual servers .
Webmin is the miniature interpretation of Virtualmin, which is basically optimized for web-based servers. Same as Virtualmin, Webmin besides consists of bright support for UNIX OS and Linux extensions. It is developed under Pearl programming which is faster and more sophisticated than JS script .
Webmin - Top 10 Free Open Source Web Hosting Control Panels - HostNamaste
similarly, it offers support for IPv6 and DNS management. however, Webmin is not bilingual and doesn ’ t have any built-in plugins .
Sentora is besides a hard rival in our list of free afford source control panels. even though it ’ s not fit for big websites or servers, Sentora sure performs like charming on humble to medium-sized servers. The integration is effective and thus easy to get familiar with, besides Sentora works well with Linux distributions adenine well .
Sentora - Top 10 Free Open Source Web Hosting Control Panels - HostNamaste
security, Sentora is robust ; it has a great support of DNS management and there ’ sulfur besides an add-store which enables the drug user to advertise the products more efficiently and quickly .
VestaCP is yet another bright control panel which can install about 500 apps with the farthermost relief and preciseness. Vesta is the alone one I ’ ve encountered that installs this many apps and in such a short clock .
VestaCP - Top 10 Free Open Source Web Hosting Control Panels - HostNamaste
Speaking of initiation, VestaCP can be installed with just a unmarried snap, as it has a one-click initiation that can be found under the title ‘ Softaculous ’ .
In order to get rid of PHP and MySQL, people broadly opt for Kloxo-MR. Its specially beneficial for those users who unfortunately do not possess much technical cognition of PHP, MySQL, JS, or even basic web-servers .
Kloxo-Mr - Top 10 Free Open Source Web Hosting Control Panels - HostNamaste
Although Kloxo-MR is developed in PHP and supports MariaDB, it is lightweight and pretty straight-forward ; therefore it could be managed flush by a cub .
If you have KVM VPS Servers which are optimized on Windows, Linux, UNIX, Microsoft, or MacOSX, then ZPanel would be a ache choice for you. Like most open-source vane control panels, ZPanel is besides written in PHP and has a wide diverseness of software and apps which you can install for enhanced host performance.

ZPanel - Top 10 Free Open Source Web Hosting Control Panels - HostNamaste
Froxlor, for some argue, is my least front-runner. Froxlor certain has its benefits ; the DNS, e-mail, IP, SSL, and support ticketing management is noteworthy and desirable of praise. It besides has support for IPv4 and IPv6 .
Froxlor - Top 10 Free Open Source Web Hosting Control Panels - HostNamaste
however, there were some catches excessively. I found the splashboard a tad complicated since it took a while to get accustomed to. I believe Froxlor doesn ’ t offer as an across-the-board set of features as it ought to have .
EHCP ( Easy Hosting Control Panel ) is an open informant and very effective Hosting Control Panel that offers you to host any websites, create ftp accounts, email accounts, sub domains and so on. Ehcp is the only first hosting master gore was written using PHP programming linguistic process and available for release .
EHCP - Top 10 Free Open Source Web Hosting Control Panels - HostNamaste
It offers all major hosting manipulate panel features such FTP Accounts, MySQL Databases, Panel Users, Resellers, MailBox with Squirrelmail and Round Cube etc. It is the only first dominance panel that provides built in corroborate for Nginx and PHP-FPM with wholly throw out Apache and gives better operation for broken end servers or VPS .

Control Panel Features Matrix

Features 1) ISPConfig 2) Ajenti 3) CentOSWebPanel 4) Virtualmin 5) Webmin
IPv6 Support Yes No Yes Yes Yes
OS Support Ubuntu, Debian, RHEL, Gentoo with Linux and BSD portability Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, OpenSuSe, and CentOS CloudLinux and CentOS UNIX and Linux portability UNIX portability
Web Interface PHP 7 JavaScript, ECMAScript 6 PHP 7 PHP 7 Perl
Backend PHP and MySQL Phython 2.7/3.4, GEvent PHP, MySQL, NGinx, Apache PHP Perl
FTP Management Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
DNS Management BIND Yes Yes BIND Yes
Features 6) Sentora 7) VestaCP 8) Kloxo-Mr 9) ZPanel 10) Froxlor
IPv6 Support Yes Yes Yes Yes No
OS Support Ubuntu, Linux Distributions CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, PHEL CentOS, Linux Distributions Windows, Microsoft, POSIX Ubuntu, Debian
Web Interface PHP JavaScript, PHP 7 JavaScript, PHP PHP 7 PHP
Backend PHP, MySQL PHP, MySQL, NGinx, Apache PHP, MySQL PHP, MySQL, MariaDB PHP, MySQL, Lighttpd
FTP Management Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
DNS Management Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Web Hosting Control Panels FAQs:

What Is A Web Hosting Control Panel?

Web Hosting Control Panel is a Web-Based Interface Tool which allows you to control and manage all the web hosting related functions from a single location. You can easily manage your websites, databases, email accounts, domain names and other things without having the core knowledge of system administration. There are multiple Free Web Hosting Control Panel and Paid Web Hosting Control Panels are there in the Market, you just need to check it’s pricing, features and support according to your requirements to choose and use it. 

How many Free Open Source Web Hosting Control Panels are Available?

There are so many Free Open Source Web Hosting Control Panels are Available in the Market, I have reviewed the most popular Top 10 in this blog post. However, you should choose the one which is suitable according to your requirements rather just try it because its free. Most important thing is your requirements are matched with its features or not, If yes you should try it and if does not, you can try other one. 

What are the Free Windows Web Hosting Control Panels?

There are total 5 Free Windows Web Hosting Control Panels are available in the market are: SolidCP, Website PanelWeb ControllerMSPControl and ZPanel which also works with Windows.

Final Verdict

well, there you have it- our list of the Top 10 open source Control Panels. All of these control panels have one thing in common ; they all are widely renowned for their behave and management .
We have shortlisted the best panels that the Internet offers. therefore, it should be a much easier undertaking to pick the one most appeal and desirable for your host requirements .
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