Whether you ’ ve created a modern web site for your occupation or given your existing website a complete makeover, you have exciting newsworthiness to share with your clients and the community at large .
The question is, what is the best manner to do that ? How do you make the announcement in a way that engages your hearing and compels them to check out your new or improved product ?
There are multiple avenues for announcing a rebranded or recently built web site for your small business in Colorado Springs. Some involve traditional methods while others take advantage of innovative digital platforms. Depending on your clientele or aim consultation, your announcement strategy may rely primarily on one technique or a combination of several .
flatly speaking, consider how you and your team would announce your new or redesigned web site in the follow seven ways :

  1. Post on Social Media
  2. Harness the Reach of Your Followers and Business Partners
  3. Write a Press Release
  4. Email Your Website Announcement
  5. Send Out a Mailer
  6. Promote an Offer
  7. Hold a Website Launch Party

Gearing Up to Announce Your New Website

even before your business web site has launched, you should begin prepping and building up prediction among your customers. here are a few ideas to consider for the pre-launch period, american samoa well as your official web site redesign announcement and monitoring reactions in the follow weeks :

1. Post on Social Media

social media is a ( largely ) free resource, american samoa well as an integral part of a robust communications scheme for any business. In the two to three weeks ahead of your web site plunge, construct anticipation with a series of posts for your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts. These posts – much referred to as “ teasers ” – should be short, simple and original, even a bite obscure. Tap into your creative side and use a tool like Canva.com to develop a few custom-made graphics. And if your web site is being redesigned, these teaser posts are the perfect casual to start morphing your old style and stigmatize into the new, update trade name schemes .
From a messaging perspective, the finish is to simply alert your social media followers that something newfangled and stimulate is coming soon. however, once you ’ ve made your boastful announcement, do it again – several times, but in different ways and with more detail and what is specifically one mproved about the web site .

  1. Did you rebrand? Share why.
  2. Did you introduce a new section of online resources? What are they?
  3. Did you expand user capabilities via an online payment processing portal or other improved buyer’s journey? Definitely spread the word!

here are some examples to inspire you :
Website announcement teaser Image #1

Website announcement teaser Image #1

Website announcement teaser image #2

Website announcement teaser image #2
Website announcement image #1

Website announcement image #1

Website announcement image #2

One mistake to avoid: Officially announcing your website on the day it goes up.

This may seem counterintuitive, given the fact you spent the past pair weeks building prediction – and much longer actually developing or redesigning the site. however, you should wait about 48 to 72 hours after the new site is live to ensure wide propagation throughout the huge interwebs. It besides gives you a small buffer period, where you, your staff and a few others can uncover and fix web site issues before it ’ mho visited by a big parcel of your consultation .
then, to in truth drive effectiveness of your social media scheme, be certain to set aside $ 50- $ 200 to spend on “ boosting ” your announcement posts to those in your local area who do not so far follow your business profile. All of these tactics will drive traffic to respective parts of your web site .
Driving dealings from social media onto your web site will besides create drug user interaction signals that search engines like Google will use to understand the changes to your web site and how well the changes answer user intent, their primary search ranking factor .

2. Harness the Reach of Your Followers and Business Partners

It helps to announce your web site launch in a first person common sense, but you shouldn ’ thymine stop there. Make a list of occupation partners and highly engage followers who you ’ ve established a positive rapport with and would gain from sharing news of your new web site announcement. This includes those who are involved in a spouse or referral program and already have some sort of commissions based relationship for sending business to your web site .
Depending on your situation and your audience, creating a erstwhile bonus of a endowment circuit board, on-line coupon, or a discount on their adjacent calendar month ’ south serve tip may be a winning option to try. If it takes a bit more spend to get the most value out of the new web site establish, you ’ ll ensure that the costs of your website are recovered more cursorily .
even if there ’ s no money in it for them, consider asking friends, colleagues, employees and even give clients and vendors to contribution your social media announcements, which besides expands your scope in a simple yet effective way .
decidedly “ tag ” anyone who worked on the web site redesign a well, thanking them for their contributions, whether that be your employees or your local web site development agency. This will help expand your own achieve ampere well, as those chase people ’ mho hearing ’ s them become character of the distribution network of the post .

3. Write a Press Release

design to write a weigh release about your web site launching or rebranding to share with local news program outlets, trade wind publications and early entities. If you ’ rhenium function of any community organizations, networking groups or business associations, they may besides have a hebdomadally or monthly newsletter in which they can include your announcement. Writing a concise but thorough press liberation gives you a resource you can easily disseminate when and where allow.

Sample image of launch announcement checklist

Website Launch Announcement Checklist

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4. Email Your Website Announcement

In each of the above examples, you lone partially own your hearing. however, not so with your electronic mail list. hera ’ s what we mean :

  1. The most popular social media platforms (Facebook and Instagram) only show your organic, or non-paid, posts to about 1% to 5% of your audience, depending on your number of followers. That’s because more organic content is being created on these platforms then there is room to show them on a user’s news feed.
  2. You can write a press release about your website and send it out to local publications and associations, but there is no guarantee they will publish it or follow up with an article.

On the other hand, harnessing the potential of your e-mail list grants you access to a higher degree of control. You can determine precisely who sees your messaging and when, making email a critical part of announcing business updates, such as the launching of your redesign web site .
As you did with your sociable media posts, consider at least one “ tormenter ” type electronic mail leading up to the establish, and then showcase the respective features of your web site or the singular advantages of engaging with your company or arrangement that means .
Highlight the dismissal of a modern product ; a special offer, such as a limited-time coupon or rebate code ; message written by a guest blogger ; or a video that walks viewers through using your web site. here are a few CTAs that can be tailored to your specific business :

  • “Our NEW website makes it quicker and easier than ever to book your next appointment for______.”
  • “Our new website is live! Visit us online and sign up for exclusive updates and special deals.”
  • “Did you know we’re now selling products from ______? Go check them out on our new website!”
  • “Our website doesn’t just have a brand new look. We also added a blog where you’ll find weekly news, [industry] tips, and information about local [industry] events.”

5. Send Out a Mailer

not everyone is on social media, so it ’ sulfur fresh to diversify your web site announcement techniques. If you have a direct mailing list, design a booklet, postcard or other type of physical document you can mail to your business clients, or volunteers and donors if you operate a nonprofit organization organization. Make indisputable the content in the mailer is tailored to your sword and industry and that it focuses on what benefit your web site will provide to consumers .

  • Are you integrating online ordering for your products? 
  • Can people now schedule services and appointments through your website? 
  • Are you providing cool new resources and tools? 
  • Is your website now easier to navigate or has it become more ADA-accessible? 

Highlight these features and benefits, giving recipients a particular reason to check out your web site. You may consider adding a QR code onto your mailer as well since nonpayment smartphone cameras are able to register the QR code and lead the reader straight onto your web site. People hush love to receive forcible mail, and it has a shelf life sentence of 17 days, compared to a measly 17 seconds on digital platforms. Though, to be fairly, you could post about the new web site for 17 days straight on social media to get the lapp consequence, if you truly wanted to. 😉

6. Promote an Offer

Depending on the kind of web site you ’ ve just launched and your brand message, you could promote a special offer to pique the pastime of passersby on sociable media, recipients of your mailer, and existing customers to return to your web site .
This offer could take a variety of forms such as

  • Product giveaways
  • Order discounts via a promo code
  • Free access to premium content for a limited time after the new launch
  • Free shipping or a lower order total thresh hold for unlocking free shipping
  • Complimentary audits, resources, assessments, or consultation time

7. Hold a Website Launch Party

Depending on the size and nature of your company, you may even consider holding a launch party. If it was a team feat to redesign your web site, this is an particularly affecting measure to take. When you take time to celebrate achievements, it signals to your team that their work matters and that it ’ sulfur worth celebrating. Further, if your diligence is tight knit and you have developed relationships with your customer basis and audience, this is an opportunity to let people mingle, deepen their working relationships, and spark fresh ideas and creative conversations to propel your commercial enterprise forward .
You can hold a launch party with an in-person event or by using a social media chopine, like Instagram or Facebook. Either way, set up an event page on social media and share it a couple times leading up to the day and time of your launch. Incentivize people to join in by incorporating a particular offer or product giveaways, like door prizes. Food and drinks are constantly effective incentives for in-person events. Depending on your merchandise or service, have a discount code that you give out entirely to consequence participants .
During the launch party, you can spend 10 minutes talking through why the web site launched ( or relaunched ) ; what this means for users and stakeholders, and how the new web site works to accommodate positive interactions with your business trade name .
The independent focus is to motivate your audience to check out your web site and get conversant with it, but you can besides use your web site launch party as a meter to gather emails or encourage people to sign up for your newsletter. At the end of the event, ask for feedback that can help you identify and troubleshoot any issues with the web site ( because we ’ re all human, after all ).

Developing a Website for Your Colorado Springs Business

If you ’ re ready to create a raw web site for your business or organization, or redesign your existing site, Third Angle can help both with development of your web site, arsenic well as your announcement first step .
We offer web invention and development services that can be tailored to your specific business type and hearing .
We besides provide print and direct chain mail selling services to ensure all your needs are covered as you prepare to share the news of your web site launching or rebranding with your clients and followers .

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