A sitemap is a tool that can be used to visualize the structure of a web site. While it lists the network pages or the content of a web site, it helps you identify the information your web site should consist of, remove pleonastic or duplicate content and make certain it has easy seafaring and is user-friendly. Basically a sitemap is a creature that can be used to plan a web site, its design angstrom well as its development .

Website Sitemap Templates

Listed under are some sitemap templates that will help you start on your web site ’ second sitemap promptly. These templates are made using the professionally designed sitemap icons available on Creately. Simply click the prototype to edit the template on-line or export it immediately .

Content Website Sitemap Template

Presented below is a basic sitemap for a subject web site. There are beautifully designed icons for bunch pages, future pages, locked pages etc. available in the app. Click the picture to start editing it right away.

Creately Desktop Sitemap Template

This sitemap template provides an overview of the content of Creately Desktop ’ s web page. As you can see, pages have been color coded for promptly identification. You can easily change the colors of the icons and even add a different setting. Click the template to start edit .

Sitemap Structure with Future Pages and Dynamic Pages

Shown under is a web site page navigation sitemap template with approaching future pages, dynamic pages arsenic well as pages with external links. All these icons are available in the app, and you can add the future form you want with a single suction stop using the context toolbar. Click the trope to open the sitemap in the editor program .

Marketing Website Sitemap Template

This is an organize conceptual sitemap example template for a marketing company. Like in the Creately Desktop sitemap, this one is besides color coded, which makes it easier to identify the different pages and which makes the sitemap much more appeal. Click the image to edit it according to your needs or use it as a template .

Products & Services Website Sitemap Template

Every web site normally has a products and services web page to promote and offer data on the products or the services they offer to the visitors. The following sitemap is of such a web page. The rich people media shape/icon of the Home Page indicates that the foliate includes elements such as streaming video. Click the template to modify it online .

Personal Page Sitemap

here is a web site structure of a personal page or a personal web log page. Unlike the other sitemap templates, this sitemap includes contented boxes that are used to indicate information on each page. Click on the visualize to open it in the editor, so you can make the necessary changes .

Sitemap Template with a Security Login

Shown below is a site map template of a web site computer architecture with a security login. The security index represents guarantee login which requires those who haven ’ metric ton logged in to login before they access their account page. Click the picture to start editing the template .

Sitemap Template with External Links

This template shows a sitemap structure with external links. An external radio link is used to indicate a associate to another external web site. here, one of the Solutions to Streamlining Video contains an external web site. Click the image to modify the template on-line.

Sitemap of Creately

here is the sitemap structure of the Creately web site. It shows the existing pages a well as the future pages that belong to to the Examples ’ page bunch. Use this sitemap to start planning your own web site ’ randomness locate map structure .

Sitemap Template of a Website Navigation Structure

The succeed vertical sitemap template shows a web site seafaring structure. The independent page has been divided into 4 landing pages and the ‘ Products ’ land page branches out to several modern pages. Click the image to make changes according to your requirements .

A Simple Ready-to Use Sitemap Template

here is a bare ready-to-use vertical sitemap template for you to start your sitemap proper away. Click the double to include information and choose a unlike color composition as you prefer .

More Sitemap Templates

Compiled above are sitemap templates that are promptly available as Creately examples in our diagramming community. These are professionally designed and would give you an excellent starting point to begin a raw sitemap of your own. Do check the sitemap templates provided by our Creately users american samoa good. besides keep in mind to check our community from time to time, for we update it with new templates every now and then .

More Diagramming Templates

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