A web site header is one of the most crucial parts of designing a web site. It plays a crucial character in grabbing visitors ’ attention and establishing a connection with them. Designing a web site header can be challenging unless you have an sympathy of the intricacies involved. Before web site header design, using a prototyping cock to turn your ideas into prototypes and test until it in full meets your needs. Before we get into our number of header designs, we should answer the following questions :

  • What is a website header?
  • What size should a website header image be?
  • What entails the header and footer on a website?

Part 1: What is a website header?

A web site header is the character of your web site that appears at the very acme of your foliate. The header is the very first base thing your visitors see when they land on your foliate.

A web site header should do at least two things : inform the visitor that they have come to the right place and simultaneously guide the visitor to explore the web site further. There ’ s a saying that states you never get a second gamble to make a first base depression. You have approximately 6 seconds to present who you are and what your post is. To this goal, your header design must be alone and appealing. Below are some elements you may want to consider displaying in your header : First, some kind of brand identity, for example, your company logo, motto or a bomber visualize. Second, your contact data including your e-mail, address or telephone act. Third, a search clitoris. In addition, you may besides want to consider adding speech options, sociable media links, a subscription field, and free trials of your products .

Part 2: What size should a website header image be?

Although device screens come in larger size, the most commend header size is still 1024px ×768px. Most successful and popular websites use the same size for their header design. If you do want to know more, check the table below: source

Part 3: What entails the header and footer on a website?

The header and pedestrian are both key elements of a web site. They contain links to that likely customers will most frequently want to visit before making a purchase or inquiry. The footnote is equitable ampere significant as the header because it offers one last probability for you to grab a customers ’ attention and encourage them to complete an action, such as making a buy or requesting information. When designing headers and footers, you should probably think about making them feature the like design manner. If you want to know more about header and footnote design, check out The New Way to Build Website Header & Footer [ 5 Inspiring Examples ] .

Part 4: Website header design best practice for inspiration

Below, we ’ ve selected 20 of the best free web site header plan templates and examples for your header blueprint inspiration. enjoy !

10 best free website header design examples

1. Baianat

Baianat is a multidisciplinary company with a detail-oriented brain that operates in the fields of design, business, growth and technology. Its heading design in truth conveys the stigmatize by using a elementary yet brawny design. The bold typography actually catches users ’ attention. In addition, it besides contains obscure seafaring.

2. Mockplus Cloud

Mockplus Cloud is a brand-new collaboration platform for product blueprint. Its header design contains a video recording that plays automatically, demonstrating the main features of the intersection. It besides contains a CTA to lead uses to spare trial.

3. WPS

WPS is a herculean function software exchangeable to Word. Its header blueprint uses moral force illustrations to represent a work environment. It besides uses animations to make the wholly page more graphic. In addition, it features an engage CTA.

4. Godaddy

In order to make more board for the search corner, Godaddy features a hide seafaring. The reason for this is that Godaddy ’ randomness business heavily involves exploiter search actions.

5. Slack

Slack ’ s header blueprint contains about everything. The logo, the navigation, the free chase CTA, an stimulation release and more. The solid interface is clean and appealing. There are floating elements that represent the functionality offered on the site.

6. The cool club

As its name suggests, this site is actually cool. It includes many interesting micro-interactions. All the CTAs control micro interactions when clicked on.

7. Ana-santos

Ana-santos is a UX interior designer ’ s personal foliate. Its header design stands out thanks to its bold typography, illustration, well-designed logo, attention-getting CTA and the seafaring.

8. Oven

Oven uses a hidden navigation so the unharmed page remains visually simple and clean. only the core elements are displayed in the header. additionally, the locate besides uses a big champion image to catch users ’ attention.

9. Green mountain energy

The header design of Green mountain energy is very appealing. The hero double is particularly noteworthy, containing cartoon-styled sheep in the veridical supergrass. The CTA is besides very appealing.

10. Impossible-bureau

Impossible-bureau is one of the more aesthetically appealing sites on our list. It uses vibrant colours and textures to make the page more appeal. One of the best things to come out of Google Material Design is our willingness to use more vibrant colors, layers, and gradients in vane design.

10 best free website header design templates

11. Monstroid2

Monstroid2 is a multipurpose web site template with an appealing heading purpose. It features an outsize bomber double and boasts houseclean, crisp design. It besides features unassailable layout consistency and an intuitive navigation. In addition, it offers many customizable recess layouts with which you can build your web site. It is besides in full responsive and will adapt itself to any mobile or tablet device.

12. DreamSoft

DreamSoft is a multipage web site template designed for a software development ship’s company. Its header places the intersection first, along with a catchy headline in bluff typography, so the visitors can quickly understand the business. Showcasing a raw or top-selling intersection is a good way to catch users ’ attention.

13. Perquetry

Perquetry is multipage HTML web site template for an elegant floor company. It ’ second features one of the best header blueprint templates on this tilt. It uses modern design features to create a better user experience. Three noteworthy elements of the site include :

  • A powerful top banner featuring the logo, search button and CTA.
  • Sliding images. You can scroll through beautiful high-resolution images.
  • Parallax scrolling effect, making the site stand out.

If you want to view more parallax scroll websites for inhalation, you can check these 23 Best Examples .

14. Smart

Smart features a responsive bootstrap 4 CSS web site header design. It uses a video recording as a backdrop. The video background is still one of the best solutions for designing a home page header.

15. Botanic Garden

Botanic Garden uses attention-getting typography and a large picture that close relates to the root of the web site. In addition, the prototype can create a contrast and emphasize core information. It besides features reactive design, PSD files with a clear layer structure, changes in content, web site header code and integration with curium.

16. Fluid

Fluid is a creative animated coming soon template. It comes with four unlike layouts. There are four types of header designs for choose from. The first features an picture background, the second a background slider, the third base a video background, and the concluding features minimal layouts.

17. Interior

Interior is an Interior and Furniture responsive web site template. It features a very simple and clean purpose. If you hover your mouse to a CTA, it will respond with a micro-interaction. There are batch of social media options on the right to get you connected. It besides uses bluff Google Web Fonts to make the whole interface more cohesive.

18. Olly

Olly is a stylish, fast, and fine-looking Advertising Agency Multipage HTML5 Template. The template features the most perplex header including the navigation, a logo, CTAs, and a search button. The exit features an absorb image and the right, typography and a CTA to get in reach. The images and black background creates a harsh yet appealing contrast. More HTML web site templates : 20 Best simple HTML Website Templates for Free Download in 2019

19. Photo Studio

As a in full responsive and modern HTML5 Bootstrap web site template, Photo Studio uses a categories carousel in its header design. Each prototype presents a class and if you hover your sneak, it will be highlighted. It besides features advance UI kit out, responsiveness and a huge collection of artwork and themes.

20. Furniture

The color dodge for this responsive template boldly uses yellow as a main coloring material and centered typography to present the web site. The furniture video displays detailed information when hovered over. More header coding resources: Website header code resources

Header design in HTML resources CSS web site header design resources Above were some capital examples to consider when designing a web site header. We hope these 20 best free web site header design templates and examples bring you inspiration. Did we miss any other perplex web site header designs ? If we did, please let us know !

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