Your party ’ mho web site, whether it ’ s an ecommerce shopfront or informational site, is often where buyers, clients, and opinion-makers foremost confrontation your organization. A redesign may be necessary to stay competitive and meet business goals .
Mary Weisnewski
Mary Weisnewski, Principal of Kite Brand Studio, a Seattle and Washington, DC-based, full-service strategy and purpose studio apartment, cites four drivers of a web site vamp decision :

  • Change in Business Strategy: “If your business strategy shifts, and services or products change, audiences may be different. Therefore, positioning and messages need to be updated and infused throughout the website to connect with users,” says Weisnewski. Assess your current online marketing channels, their profit profiles, and how you can improve them as part of your website upgrade.
  • Brand Misalignment: Use customer persuasion insights to evolve your brand and better position your company as an industry market leader. “The website is a key touchpoint and a tool that communicates cognitively and emotionally to introduce the organization, reinforce and strengthen existing relationships, and create new ones. The best online experience aligns with all other touchpoints — from in-person experiences to printed communications. Brand architecture is a systematic way to present products and services to the outside world and address the needs of different audiences to reinforce user connection and engagement.” 
  • Design Flaws: “A site needs to be up to date, contemporary, and abreast of current visual design and user experience standards. When the design is outdated and unsophisticated, users assume your offerings are at the same level,” Weisnewski observes. “Address SEO best practices and integrate new technologies from online sales to marketing and CMS tools.”
  • Unsatisfying User Experience (UX): “Ultimately, the story and experience must give the user a meaningful experience — one that will trigger the desired action and leave an impression — and therefore impact the bottom line,” explains Weisnewski. “User experience is a huge priority for search engines, conversion rates, and keeping a user on the site. A website needs to be straightforward, easy to use, engaging, and informative — all of which is driven by design.” 

“ From design to serviceability and functionality, the locate should deliver a seamless experience, ” Weisnewski stresses. “ It must be mobile-friendly with reactive design, ready to meet Google ’ s mobile-first index. ”
Jason Penrod
Jason Penrod, Creative and UX Director for Five, a Seattle-based strategy and design consultancy, agrees that mobile is the impulse for most web site redesign projects he sees happening right now. “ Just five years ago, the invention was geared toward a world wide web browser. nowadays, mobile has prompted a set of redesign work for us and everyone else in the business. Everyone has tried to automate backing a web site into responsive mobile, but the truth is you need to design with that determination in heed. ”

Penrod says, “ Take banking organizations as an example — it ’ sulfur critical users have the lapp feel on a telephone, tablet, and laptop. The same motivation for a seamless transition from one device to another is true of many different types of sites. ”
If you ’ re wondering if it ’ mho time for a web design review for your arrangement, take the follow quiz :
Quiz Website Redesign
even one no answer may mean it ’ s time to revamp your web site — even if your site is relatively newfangled .

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