“I’m having a hard time searching for a product.”

That ‘s no trouble. We ‘re more than felicitous to assist you in your search. Give us a call, or drop us a line and let us know what you ‘re looking for as best you can. We ‘re always adding collaborator brands, and it ‘s unmanageable to keep up with the thousands of products that get added to our lineup. Our sales specialists know our batting order best, and are most will to help you find the solution ( s ) you need !

“Why can’t I complete my order online?”

You most probably have one or more items in your shopping cart that are not priced. If you find that you ca n’t complete an orderliness, contact us via earphone or e-mail for far aid .

“What types of payments do you accept?”

That ‘s an easy one. We ‘re very flexible when it comes to payment. not lone do we accept most major citation cards ( Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express ), we besides offer you the flexibility of paying by check, money regulate, wire transfers, and purchase orders. work with any one of our sales specialists to figure out which method is best for you !

“Do you charge sales tax?”

presently, we are authorized to collect sales tax in California, Connecticut, Florida, Indiana, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Texas. If we ship to any of these states, we are obligated to charge sales tax unless you provide us with a tax excuse certificate. You can either fax a imitate of the security to our New York agency ( 585.265.4374 ) or email it to Cathy ( cathy @ spectraservices.com ).

“Do you offer special pricing for government and educational entities?”

absolutely ! Contact any one of our sales specialists to work out the details !

“I just placed an order. Can I modify/cancel it?”

We pride ourselves on providing you with a responsive and efficient buy know. We are able to address your concerns in an accurate and seasonably manner, and can normally ship your ordain within 24 hours of ordain placement. If you contact us within that window, we ‘ll do our absolute best to accommodate your needs and concerns anterior to dispatch .

“Do you accept international orders?”

Of naturally ! While we require a bank wire prior to dispatch of the product on international orders, we assure you that the process is just as smooth for domestic orders. Take a look at our

International Shipping Policy

and contact us if we can assist.

“Will I be charged for shipping?”

ship charges will be added to your invoice unless you provide us with your UPS, DHL, or FedEx account count. For a more detailed insight into our transportation process, see our shipping information page .

“I received a damaged shipment. What can I do?”

accidental price during cargo can sometimes happen. When you take delivery of your freight, please inspect thoroughly for any visible damage to the outside of the embark container before signing for it. If there are multiple pieces to the cargo, please explanation for all them. Should you find that any of the products are damaged or missing after receipt, contact us within three days to address the matter.

“I’d like to make a return. How do I do that?”

Take a look at our render Policy, and then contact us to continue with the procedure. Let us know if you have any questions .

“Can you guarantee pricing and availability?”

While we attempt to list and provide you the most up-to-date price, we reserve the mighty to make changes. additionally, we can not guarantee that we will always have a product in standard, but we do our best to accommodate your needs. If you have questions regarding price or handiness, please do not hesitate to ask .

“Can you explain where you come up with the ‘List Price,’ please?”

Our “ list Price ” represents the full retail price as suggested by the supplier or manufacturer, the price estimated based on comparable items offered elsewhere in the market, a former monetary value the item was offered for by Spectra Services, or the price estimated in accord with industry standards. Please eminence that we do our best to provide accurate list prices, and that it may vary by geographic location .

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