Template Page Layouts

Cascade offers a variety of options to stage pages. In addition, every single Cascade page across all websites on campus will have a issue of coherent, non-editable elements. This ensures a unify look and feel of the template, arsenic well as ease of access to key information for users .
however, every page offers three constant elements : Header, Main Body, Footer .


1. The Ribbon (non-editable)

This area of the header is built into every page template .
It contains :

  • The popular links drop-down provides direct access to the most frequently used campus resources. (Webmail, WebCT, etc.)
  • The ribbon serves as an emergency notification tool. In case of campus emergency or urgent campus notifications, the Communications Department will replace the ribbon area content with a message relating to the situation. The Communications office will coordinate the messaging and coding of the emergency notification.

2. Website Page Titles

All web site page titles with the unit diagnose subscribe to strict branding guidelines. page titles are created by the Communications office and are provided as a partially of your Cascade web site .

3. Google search bar

Google search can be customized to either search the uwo.ca domain or the domain specific to the unit. 
Google search can be customized to either search the uwo.ca knowledge domain or the world specific to the unit of measurement.

Screenshot showing what can be changed.

Main Body

1. The Horizontal Navigation Bar

The Cascade world wide web template creates dynamically-built seafaring, which is populated based on your booklet social organization. Units have an option of creating the navigation cake with drop-down menus or without drop-down menu. The navigation is available in three different CSS classes ( large, culture medium and minor ) for varying baptismal font sizes to ensure the best ocular set about

2. Breadcrumbs

The breadcrumb, which appear on lower-level pages, serve a double function, they show the exploiter ‘s location within the web site. They besides work as an extra flat of seafaring providing both a ocular marker of drug user localization and hyperlinks to getting back to each of the levels, including the home page. The breadcrumb and their hyperlinks are built dynamically .

3. Left Navigation

The left hired hand navigation has been created to assist users with their progression through the levels of the web site giving an indication of the major sections. The stream active section will be bolded at the circus tent of the menu as a hyperlink, whereas the current selected page will be a hyperlink bolded in light blue within the menu. The leave seafaring can have varying levels of depth and is generated dynamically based on your booklet structure.

4. Page Title

The title of each page will be displayed ‘ mechanically ’ based on the deed of each of the pages the content editors assign in Cascade .

Screenshot depicting sidebar and navigation of page and changes that can be made.


1. Western Information

  • Copyright information (non-editable part of the template)
  • Contact information (your unit’s address, email and phone number) To edit this block: _cms\blocks\xhtml\footer address
  • Links to Privacy, Web Standards, and Terms of Use (non-editable part of the template)

2. Key Topics

These links are generated dynamically and are precisely the like as the top navigation items .

3. Popular Resources

The number and types of these links can be modified by the whole ’ south content editor and generally, include most frequently use resources for the unit. To edit this block : _cms\blocks\xhtml\footer popular resources .

4. Western Shield Image

( non-editable part of the template )

Screenshot depicting footer of page and changes that can be made.

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