Lil Nas X has been taking over the internet following the free of his new and controversial single ‘ MONTERO ( Call Me By Your Name ) ’. The singer has been active on YouTube, Twitter, TikTok, and now Twitch, where he most recently appeared on a Zoom dating appearance, Love or Host .
The populate stream presented by Twitch user ‘ AustinShow ’ sees contestants struggle through a series of rounds, aiming to avoid elimination as decided by the delegate bachelor – embark Lil Nas X. This particular episode besides features social media personalities Bretman Rock and Anthony Pontero ( Anthpo ) american samoa well as six other queer candidates hoping to be selected by the celebrated artist .
The last man standing at the end of the game then reveals whether they choose ‘ Love ’ or ‘ Host ’. If they choose ‘ Love ’, their intentions are to pursue a relationship with the person, and if they chose ‘ Host ’, they want the bachelor to host their stream to increase viewership – a disappointing result for those looking for a fairytale ending .

The Twitch stream handily premiered just days after Lil Nas X dropped his latest individual ‘ MONTERO ( Call Me By Your Name ) ’. The song has faced a fortune of scrutiny, peculiarly because of the music television, which sees the singer give Satan a lapdance and late take his crown and title as ruler of the hell. Unsurprisingly, more button-down and religious viewers found this wildly offensive and criticised him for promoting diabolism to his audience .
however, the controversy does not end there, and the latest development includes Nike action over Lil Nas X ’ s alleged ‘ Satan Shoe ’. The fink, which was created through a collaboration between the artist and brand MSCHF, is a modification of the ill-famed Nike Air Max 97 .
There were a total of 666 pairs sold, with each one containing a drop of human blood blend with red ink in the sole of the shoe. The plan besides features the text ‘ Luke 10:18 ’ which is a bible poetry that references Satan ’ s decrease from eden. additionally, it gave them a reason to sell the sneakers for $ 1,018, a price that did not prevent them from selling out in minutes.

nike has since filed a hallmark misdemeanor lawsuit against MSCHF, stating that the ship’s company does not approve or authorise the custom-make Satan Shoes. Unsurprisingly, the singer does not seem to be excessively bothered by the recent tumult, and has alternatively been responding through a series of memes and sarcastic contentedness .

Despite it all, the new song has continued to soar up the charts, and the music video is presently # 1 Trending on YouTube with over 43 million views. Since its turn, the singer has explained that the aim of the project is to show young LGBTQ+ people who feel alone and oppress because of religion, that there is a residential district out there for them, and that it is okay to be gay .

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