White Knight Fluid Handling, Inc.
High-Purity Fluid Handling Solutions
About White Knight
White Knight Fluid Handling Inc., a subordinate of Graco Inc. ( NYSE : GGG ), was established in 1995 and has systematically developed and manufactured high quality products in the most demand applications for leading semiconductor device companies .
White Knight manufactures ultrapure fluid treat products for fabricating semiconductors, solar cells, LEDs, Flat-panel displays and electronics, chemicals manufacture, and industrial applications. Our specify equipment is used to deliver, circulate, dispense, and reclaim high-purity fluids for wet processes utilizing deionize body of water, corrosive alkaline or acidic chemical solutions, and toxic liquids such as fuels, glues, paints, resins, inks, and effluent .
White Knight Heateflex Imtec Wet Process Products
White Knight pumps offer victor operation, optimize efficiency, and simplified alimony. Their leak-proof designs provide ceaseless, authentic, and condom operation. White Knight provides the highest quality products through controlled, consistent in-house engineer and fabricate. White Knight ultrapure bellows pumps are assembled, tested, and packaged in a class 100 clean room. other White Knight high-purity products include high-purity diaphragm pumps, metering pumps, debubblers, filter housings, blackmail regulators, atmospheric pressure vessels, closed-loop systems, and accessories such as fiber-optic stroke and leak detection, control options, pulse dampeners, and pre-filters .
White Knight ’ south Heateflex and Imtec product lines include arrant, prison guard fluid and gas inflame systems for high-purity applications, including deionize water heaters, in-line Accuheat heaters, inline PFA heaters, inline PFA/PVDF heaters, submersion tank heaters, heat exchangers, wet process tanks, megasonic scavenge systems, and IPA vapor dryers.

Synergies among White Knight, Heateflex, and Imtec products offer enhanced efficiencies to improve high-purity systems. This is part of an overall scheme to deliver extend product lines, technologies, and services to a constantly growing list of high-tech customers in the global semiconductor device and solar markets .
About Heateflex
Since 1974, Heateflex led the way in providing ultrapure heating solutions to semiconductor device, life skill, food and beverage, aesculapian devices, and many other industries. Over the years, Heateflex built a reputation for providing high-quality, performant, and authentic products. In July 2019, Heateflex was acquired by White Knight Fluid Handling Inc .
Heateflex maintains high standards to meet rigorous demands for increase condom, timbre, and performance. Our engineer team strives to design products that better combine our customers ’ needs with improved material technologies. We offer a assortment of equipment for heating high-purity fluids and gases, including chemical heaters, deionize body of water heaters, gasoline heaters, and heat exchangers. Our products are able to control temperatures with preciseness and efficiency. Further equipped with our microprocessor-based temperature controllers, the heaters can be built to adapt to the specific needs of customer applications .
The company maintains a strong patent portfolio, providing a initiation of invention and protection for our worldwide customer base. Our award-winning engineer team endlessly develops next-generation tools and applications to serve the changing needs of the industry and our customers .
About Imtec
Since 1972, Imtec has systematically provided high-quality products for quickly changing markets and technologies. We are committed to providing the finest wet-processing systems to the external semiconductor manufacturers, OEM tool makers, labs, and universities from all over the global. Imtec was the inaugural ship’s company to introduce quartz recirculating baths, and we continue to be the world ’ south leading supplier of quartz glass constant-temperature baths. Imtec was besides the first base to obtain UL base hit recognition and CE blessing for our ultrapure bath products .
After having supplied high-quality products to a broad customer base of more than 500 semiconductor-related companies, Imtec ’ s wet process systems and fastball modules have been constantly optimized. Our continuous efforts toward product improvement and new merchandise development allow the consolidation of leading-edge systems .
We are committed to providing quality products and services to the semiconductor device and related industries, achieving this mission through quality management systems, complying with industry standard requirements, and continually improving the potency of its products. Imtec achieved ISO 9001 authentication to ensure that quality is held to the highest standards when plan, fabricate, and delivering a merchandise line .
Imtec is uniquely positioned to offer integrated capabilities to car, manufacture, and assemble bleak quartz and plastic materials into the finest wet-processing modules and substitute systems for habit in the international semiconductor device and consociate industries .
Ultrapure Fluid Handling Products
Pumps, Debubblers, Pressure Regulators & More !
White Knight High-Purity Pneumatic Bellows Pumps
Bellows Pumps
White Knight pneumatic bellows pumps feature PTFE and PFA flow paths. These dependable, leak-free pumps offer high flow rates, steady pressures and static temperatures. They do not contain metals or elastomer O-rings. They are dead-head capable, and provide suction elevator .
Bellows Pumps
White Knight High-Purity Air-Operated Double-Diaphragm Pumps
Diaphragm Pumps
White Knight pneumatic diaphragm ( AODD ) pumps feature PTFE or UHMW ( PE ) corrosion-resistant fluid paths. They are ideal for caustic or toxic liquids such as acids, fuels, glues, paints, resins, inks, or slurry. PSB Series pumps are target retrofit replacements for disused chemical delivery pump .
Diaphragm Pumps
White Knight Metering Pumps for Chemical Dispense
Metering Pumps
White Knight pneumatic and electronic meter pumps accurately dispense up to 100 ml and 50 milliliter, respectively. Their fully-supported PTFE rolling diaphragm maximize coerce capabilities and ensure dependable, dependable chemical distribute .
Metering Pumps
White Knight PPMC Mini-Pump for High-Purity Chemicals
Mini-pumps volunteer up to 300 ml/min flow rates and 160 psi free pressures. They feature PTFE and PFA fluid paths, and spring-loaded checks enable them to mount in any steering. Solenoid valves actuate each sucking and administer .
CBA Debubbler Pressure Vessels
White Knight debubblers reduce bubbles from chemical delivery and wafer work systems. They feature chemically-resistant PTFE and PFA fluid paths for high-purity chemical applications .
White Knight High-Purity Back-Pressure Regulators
Pressure Regulators
Automatically keep and accurately control pressure for circulation loops or multiple administer points without extra circuitry or feedback. coerce regulators are remotely piloted and feature fully-swept PTFE and PFA flow paths .
pressure Regulators
White Knight Non-Metalic High-Purity Filter Housings
Filter Housings
Universal, compact, multi-chamber percolate housings with PTFE and PFA fluid paths for high-purity chemicals. Dual-bowl and quad-bowl filter housings are available in parallel or in-line ( serial ) models .
Filter Housings
Accudry IPA Vapor Dryer
IPA Vapor Dryers
Accudry® IPA dryers uses differences between the coat latent hostility of deionize water and isopropyl alcohol ( IPA ) vapor to ensure fast and effective dry of substrates .
IPA Vapor Dryer
Wet Process Tanks
Global Standard for Static and Recirculating Processes
Accubath Heated Quartz Process Tank Silicon Nitride Etch
Accubath® Heated Quartz Wet Process Tanks
Accubath® heated quartz glass moisture summons tanks processes using quartz-compatible chemistries up to 190°C…
Heated Quartz Tanks
Accubath PVDF QDR Process Tank
Accubath® PTFE, PVDF, PFA, NPP Wet Process Tanks
Accubath® PTFE, PVDF, PFA, NPP moisture process and gargle tanks minimize weld and seams to reduce particles…
Accubath Stainless Steel Recirculating Heated Tank
Accubath® Heated SS Wet Process Tanks
Accubath® heated stainless steel steel wet process tanks for reliable and dependable performance in electrostatic and recirculating systems…
Heated SS Tanks
Accubath XE-Lab Sapphire Wet Etch Bath
Accubath® Sapphire Wet Etching Process Tanks
Accubath® sapphire wet etching process tanks safely and faithfully estrus chemistries up to 300°C…
Sapphire Wet Etch Tanks
Accumeg Megasonic Cleaning Tank Systems PVDF Quick Dump
Accumeg Megasonic Cleaning Tank Systems Quartz Recirculating
Accumeg Megasonic Cleaning Tank Systems Stainless Steel
PVDF, Quartz, or Stainless Steel Megasonic Systems

Accumeg® Megasonic Cleaning Tanks & Systems
Gapless Transducer offers better process uniformity in the tank
Transducers with tightly matched crystals wired together in parallel for little potential difference between crystals
reliable components
extensive 36 calendar month guarantee
Cassette & cassette-less designs for up to 300 millimeter wafers & larger substrates
High watt density
Operates at 70°C+
Field replaceable transducer arrays, components rated > 50,000 hours MTBF
Accumeg® Megasonic Systems
White Knight Heaters
Ultra-Pure Fluid & Gas Heating Solutions
Accuheat PFA In-Line Chemical Heaters
Accuheat® PFA In-Line Chemical Heaters
Accuheat® PFA in-line chemical heaters are ideal for heating hydrofluoric acid ( HF ), potassium hydroxide ( KOH ), …
PFA Chemical Heaters
Accuheat Quartz In-Line Chemical Heaters Dual Tube 12000 Watts
Accuheat® Quartz In-line Chemical Heaters
Accuheat® quartz in-line chemical heaters consist of ultra-pure quartz glass tubes, wrapped in a fastball element that provides…
Quartz Chemical Heaters
Accuheat PFA In-Line Solvent Heaters
Accuheat® PFA In-Line Solvent Heaters
Accuheat® PFA in-line solvent heaters are ideal for Isopropyl alcohol, Acetone, Ethanol, Toluene, EKC, MEK, NMP, …
PFA Solvent Heaters
Accuheat Quartz In-Line Gas Heaters
Accuheat® Quartz In-Line Gas Heaters
Accuheat® quartz in-line gas heaters for Nitrogen ( N2 ), Ammonia ( NH3 ), Helium ( He ), Argon ( Ar ), BCl3, HCl, CO, CO2, …
Quartz Gas Heaters
Heateflex Aquarius Deionized ( DI ) Water Heater Systems
Aquarius® Deionized ( DI ) Water Heater Systems
Aquarius® deionized ( DI ) water heater systems are the perfect solution for high-purity heat applications that…
Aquarius® Heaters
Heateflex HC PFA Ultra-Pure In-Line Fluid Heaters
PVDF/PFA Ultra-Pure In-Line Fluid Heaters
For semiconductor device, solar, MEMS, and other industries that require the most exigent standards of purity…
PVDF/PFA Heaters
Heateflex PFA Immersion Tank Grid Heaters
PFA Immersion Tank Heaters
PFA submergence tank car heaters are capital for heating fluid baths to a constant temperature. These tank heaters are…
PFA Tank Heaters
Heateflex Ultrapure Fluid and Gas Heaters
See All White Knight Fluid and Gas Heaters
White Knight offers a wide range of ultra-pure heaters, including flatulence heat systems, industrial urine heaters, and submersion heaters for heating deionize water, chemicals, gases, and solvents .
All White Knight Heaters
White Knight Benefits & Technological Advantages
White Knight Rebuild Training for High-Purity Pumps
Training Programs
Certified Training White Knight provides comprehensive coach for all employees and distributors…
White Knight Testing Lab with Metering Pumps PEM050
Testing Programs
Product Testing All White Knight products are subject to versatile testing procedures…
White Knight Cleanroom for Pumps used in Non-Metal Applications
Repairs and Rebuilds
Rebuild Pump, Renew Warranty White Knight pumps are designed for slowly, quick…
White Knight Cleanroom for Pumps used in Metal Etch
Contamination Prevention
Class 100 Cleanroom for New Products We work to prevent contamination of…
White Knight Environmental Responsibility Sustainability
Environmental Responsibility
Responsible by Choice White Knight pumps are designed to be quickly and…
White Knight Employee Submerging Pump Body
Health & Safety Programs
White Knight is hypervigilant about addressing condom concerns and endlessly aims to…
White Knight High-Purity Pump Bodies and Heads
Inventory & Tracking
White Knight eliminates stock waste and obstacles by minimizing our supply chain…
White Knight Pump Assembly in Class 100 Cleanroom
Quality Control Programs
White Knight leads the industry in quality through controlled, in-house engineer and…
About White Knight
White Knight manufactures high-purity fluent handle equipment for semiconductor device, solar, LEDs, flat-panel displays and electronics industries. We ensure timbre through controlled in-house engineer and fabricate. We assemble, trial and package high-purity products in a class 100 cleanroom .
About White Knight
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Testing Programs
White Knight is committed to meet your complex fluid handling needs. Our pumps are thoroughly tested and perform faithfully in the most demand applications and in the harshest environments .
Our engineers are ready to set up your custom tests at our facilities, or you can order a show unit to test in your own system .

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