The administrative controls for subreddits are surprisingly childlike once you know where they are. The under steps walk you through all of the modifications you can make to your subreddit. Feel release to skip any steps that do not interest you at this clock time .
Prerequisites : Be a moderator for a subreddit and logarithm in to your report .
To entree all of your controls, navigate to your subreddit ’ s page ( www.reddit/com/r/RedditName ). On the bottom of the justly sidebar, there will be a box labeled “ ADMIN BOX ” which will contain links for community settings, moderator mail, editing moderators, editing submitters, viewing traffic statistics, viewing reported links, reviewing the spam percolate, and banning users .

  • Click community settings to edit all of the decisions you made when creating the subreddit – except for the name. See the main Creat your Own page for a refresher on how to edit these fields. Additionally, there are three options to edit the appearance of your reddit: stylesheet, mouseover text, and header image.  Before navigating away, be sure to press the “save changes” button at the bottom of the page.
    • Click “edit the stylesheet” to view an input box for a custom CSS stylesheet.  CSS is a language used to change the presentation of a document.  Users with knowledge of CSS can implement customizations.  A good example of what can be acheived is Navigate to to view a reddit’s stylesheet in order to see how other people implement their tweaks.
    • Enter text into the mouse-over text field to change what comes up when you hold your mouse over the header on your subreddit.
    • Upload a header image to replace the alien on the header of your subreddit.
      1. Click the “browse” button to open a file browser to locate the picture on your computer.
      2. Click the “upload” button to copy your image to reddit’s servers.
  • The next link in the panel is moderator mail. Moderator mail may also be accessed from anywhere on reddit.  Just click the alien icon next to the envelope on the upper right corner of any page.  Moderator mail is created when someone reports a link in your subreddit, or uses the “message the moderators” link.
  • Click “edit moderators” to go to a page where you can manage who is allowed to access the admin box.
    • To add a moderator, type the person’s username in the box at the top and press the enter key.
    • To remove a moderator, find their name in the list, and click the remove button directly across from their username.
  • If you have a private or restricted subreddit, use the “edit approved submitters” link to control who is able to post links in the same manner as controlling moderators.  That is:
    • to add a submitter, type their username into the box at the top and hit enter
    • click the remove button next to the name of the person you’d like to remove.
  • Click “traffic stats” to view information about the number of people visiting your community.
  • Click “reported links” to view posts that community members believe need your attention.  If a user thinks that a link is inappropriate for the community, they may report it, and it will show up on this page.
  • Click “spam” to view links that have been automatically filtered.  Reddit filters out links that it thinks are junk.  By telling it when things aren’t, and by removing inappropriate posts, the filter learns to better filter content, and can end up doing much of your moderation for you. See the section Moderating Links/Posts for more information.
  • Click “ban users” to prevent certain reddit users from contributing to your subreddit.  The ban list is much like the moderators and approved submitters lists – type a user’s name in the box at the top and press enter to ban them, or click the remove button next to their name to un-ban them.

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