Why WordPress?

WordPress is an amazing Content Management System (CMS) that makes building a website far less complicated and less expensive than coding a site from scratch. Now you might be saying to yourself “So what is this CMS thing?” A content management system or CMS makes it easy for you to make updates and add functionality later on. The key to a CMS is that the site is created using a template design. The content (copy, images, etc.) is stored in a database and then magically populates the the theme and then viewed on a web browser. This makes your website load fast and easy to edit.

You’re in good company

WordPress is used by bloggers, non-profits, and businesses worldwide. And not just small businesses, but also Fortune 500 biggies. Brands like GM, UPS, eBAY, Sony, and Best Buy know the benefits of using WordPress to create an impactful and engaging user experience. And you can too.

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