The Pro Plan has been retired. If you are currently on the Pro plan, you can stay on this plan or switch to one of our available plans. Learn more about the active plans here.

WordPress.com Pro is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to install a plugin or upload a custom theme. Whether you’re a restaurant looking to let your diners book reservations, a small business looking to sell your products on the web, or a writer collecting payments for your bestseller, the Pro plan at WordPress.com is for any type of website you can dream of. Click here for pricing.

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What does the Pro plan include?

The Pro plan will help you power your website with:

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Pro Plan vs. Self Hosting

WordPress.com Pro offers the same great, extendable, and flexible WordPress experience as self-hosting.

With WordPress.com Pro, we manage the hardware and the low-level system configurations for you so you can focus on what’s most important, your content.

  • There’s no need for SSH or FTP access as we give you the flexibility to extend your site’s capabilities with plugins and themes. However, SFTP access is available on WordPress.com Pro should you require it. If you require SSH access, this is available by upgrading to Business or eCommerce.
  • We seamlessly allocate server resources without the need to upgrade further like some hosts require.
  • WordPress.com Pro includes advanced features such as SEO tools, Google Analytics integration, and 50GB of storage.
  • Pro plan sites with plugins installed have the ability to restore backups of their site. Note that restore-able backups become available shortly after the initial plugin or third-party theme is installed.
  • Access to our Happiness Engineer support team.

With self-hosting, you’re typically managing your own servers, and you have more access to fine-tune configuration files. You can SSH into your server, and SFTP into the site to directly manipulate code. However, more control means more responsibility. On a self-hosted site, you’ll be responsible for maintaining site security, backups, and there is not a dedicated support team for WordPress.org.

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What kinds of plugins or themes can I use?

You can install almost any plugin, and you can install virtually any theme that works with the latest version of WordPress.

There are a few plugins that we don’t allow because we’ve found they can cause problems with the maintenance of a site, like “reset” plugins. In many cases, we’ve already provided identical or superior functionality directly via our interface or infrastructure, so installing additional plugins wouldn’t impact your site’s performance or features, and could negatively affect it instead. The incompatible plugins list is small and only applies when we see a plugin causing problems for a site.

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Learning About Plugins and Themes

We have you covered! Learn more about using plugins here and our support guide on themes here. Please contact our Happiness Engineers if you have any questions or concerns.

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Plugins and Security

WordPress.com does not curate plugins. Site owners can upload their own custom-written plugin or theme.

One of the strengths of WordPress is the flexibility that plugins can provide, but that means site owners should be careful to install only reputable plugins and themes. The ratings and reviews on WordPress.org can help you to find the best plugins.

WordPress.com Pro also comes with all the security features of Jetpack, so you get backups, restores, security scans, brute force attack prevention, and more. See the Security guide to learn more.

If our security scans find issues that may put your site at risk we will try and notify you. However, if the issue is pressing and could negatively impact your site or our hosting platform if left unresolved, we will attempt to clean the security threat as soon as possible. Please bear in mind that this may result in changes to the appearance or functionality of your site. If the threat came from a plugin or theme, you will be responsible for finding and installing a version of the plugin or theme that does not contain malicious code.

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Do I lose my WordPress.com followers if I move to WordPress.com Pro?

Not at all! Upgrading your plan to WordPress.com Pro won’t make you lose any content, followers, or customizations.

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Downgrading from WordPress.com Pro to the Free Plan

You can upgrade your plan at any time. You can follow the steps to downgrade your plan here. You have 14 days to get a refund, or we can help you downgrade your plan at your renewal date.

  • Custom plugins, themes and custom code you had installed as well as any Pro features not available in the lower level plan will be removed.
  • Your site will return to the way it looked before you installed the first plugin, theme or custom code, although we will preserve your posts, pages and media files.
  • The site will be made private so you can check it over before making it public on the new plan.
  • Our Happiness Engineers are happy to answer any further questions you might have about the upgrade or downgrade process.

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