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Installing Wp Corporate Theme (Administration Panel)

  • Get a copy of Wp Corporate Theme
  • Log in to the WordPress Administration Panel.
  • Click on Appearance -> Themes -> Add New
  • Click on Upload Theme button at the top and browse the downloaded zip file in your computer.
  • Click on Install button and then Activate the theme.

Installing Wp Corporate Theme (Cpanel / FTP)

  • Get a copy of Wp Corporate Theme
  • Unzip the downloaded zip file.
  • Upload the unzipped file into /wp-content/themes/
  • Now, activate the theme by going to Appearance -> Themes in the WordPress dashboard.
  • Activate the Wp Corporate  and Click on “Theme Option” in the Appearance Menu in the Dashboard.

Updating Theme

  • Backup your existing theme folder
  • Copy the files inside “Wp Corporate” folder from the zip file of the latest version of  Wp Corporate Theme.
  • Enter the theme’s admin panel and save your options.

Demo Import

  • Log in to the WordPress Administration Panel.Go to Appearance > About WP Corporate.
  • Click on “Import Demo “
  • Install Instant Demo Importer Plugin and activate it.
  • Click on “Install Demo”.

Documentation images

HomePage Setup

 This theme provides a ‘Homepage’  template for your home page. Please follow these  steps to configure your Home Page with ‘Home Page’ templates.

  • Go to dashboard>Pages>Add new .
  • Create a page (‘ For your Home Page’). 
  • Enter the title ( eg. ‘Home Page’ ) add and assign the pages with home pages template .
  • Click on’ Publish’ button .
  • Now Go to Dashboard > Settings > Reading .

  • Set ‘Front page displays’ option to display ‘A static page’  .



Default And Basic Setting

Site Identity       

   You can select the Title  And Site Icon for your site 

  • Choose your site logo .
  • Enter your Site Title and Tagline
  • Choose Site Icon or Favicon for your site.



  • Choose Background Color –“Background Color” refers to the whole site background color.

Background Image

  • Choose Background Image for your website.

Static Front Page

  • Choose between “Your Latest Post” and “A Static Page” to show as frontpage. (Note: you must create the Page first. From Admin > Page > Add New)

Web Layout Setting

  • Choose web layout for your Site. This setting will be applied for your Whole site.


Header Settings

Reorder  Header

  Reorder Slider and Menu up and down to show them on homepage respectively.

  • Drag and drop to reorder header items.

Slider Setting

Create a Post  ‘Category’ for Slider then select respective Category. 

  • Select the category to show in slider.  
  • You can add Readmore link here.
  • Select yes to show titles and description over a slider.
  •  If you want pagination on Slider then Enable Slider Pager else Disable Slider Pager.
  • If you Enable ‘Slider Control’ then ‘Next’ and ‘Previous’ Slider text Will Appear on Slider   Images.
  • If you Enable ‘Auto Transition’ then the auto transition will appear on Slider images.
  • Choose Transition Type( Fade, Back Slide , Go down Slide , Fade UP  )

Call to         

  • Enter text to  HTML for a call to action.
  •  Enable/Disable Search button.

                 (If you want to enable search button in Header then Enable else Disable .)

  • Enter Search Placeholder.
  • Enter Search Button Text.

Logo Alignment

  • Choose the layout that you want(Left , Center , Right) .

           (Left->If you choose left button then your logo will Appears on left of Slider , Center-> If you Choose Center then your  logo will Appears on Center of the Slider , Right-> If you choose right button then logo will appear on Right of the Slider.)

  • Enable/Disable Header Social Link. 



    Home Page Settings

    Slider Setting 

    • Enable/Disable Main Slider

                (If you want to show slider in Homepage then Enable Else Disable )  .  

    Featured Section

    • Enable/Disable Feature  Section.      

              (If you need ,  Enable Feature Section then it will appear just below the  Home Page Slider Else Disable) .

    • Enable/Disable Feature page.

           ( If you Enable Feature Page then it will appear just below the Home Page Slider  Else Disable) .

    • Select Page 

             (Select page to show in featured Page in left side of Featured Section) .

    • Enable/Disable Feature Post.

            (If you  Enable Feature Post then it will appear on section ).

    • Select the category that you want to show on Featured section.

    Counter Section

    • Enable/Disable Counter section on Homepage
    • Select section title
    • Select section  subtitle

    Skill Section

    • Enable/Disable skill section.
    • Select section title.
    • select section subtitle.
    • Add description for the skill section.

    Testimonial Section

    • Enable/Disable ‘Testimonial Section’ .

            (If you Enable ‘Testimonial Section’ then it will appear just below Skill section) .

    • Add  appropriate Section Title.
    • Add appropriate subsection Title.
    • Add description for the testimonial section.
    • Select Categories to Show in Testimonial Section.

             (Create a Post  ‘Category’ for Testimonial  then select respective Category. )

    Client Section

    • Enable/Disable Client Section on Homepage.

              (If you Enable the’ Client Section ‘ then it will appear just below the ‘Testimonial Section’ ) .

    • Select Title.
    • Select Description.
    • select Category to show in client Section.

             (Create a Post  ‘Category’ for Client Section  then select respective Category. )

    Blog Section

    • Enable/Disable Blog section

               (If you Enable the ‘Blog Section’ then it will appear just below the ‘Client Section’) .

    •  Blog section Title .
    • Blog Sectio sub-title.
    • Select the category of posts to show in this section.

              (Create a Post  ‘Category’ for Blog Section  then select respective Category) . 

    Call To Action Section

    • Enable/Disable CTA  section

               (If you Enable ‘Call to Action Section’ then it will appear just below the  ‘Blog Section ‘)

    • Enter Title and Content for the CTA section
    • Enter Button Text
    • Enter Button 

    Inner Page Settings

    Blog Page Setting

    • Enable/Disable header Slider

            (If you Enable the Header Slider Option then Slider(images)  will appear on Blog Page Else Disable) .

    • Choose layout for blog page
    • Choose blog post layout.

    Portfolio Page Settings

    • Enable/Disable Portfolio Slider Section.

              (If you Enable the Portfolio Slider Section  then it will appear on Portfolio Page Else Disable )

    • Choose Category to show post in portfolio Page.

               (Create a Post  ‘Category’ for ‘ Portfolio Page ‘  then select respective Category. )

    Team page setting

    • Enable/Disable Slider on Team Page.

                (If you Enable the Team Page Slider  Option then it   will appear on Team Page Else Disable) .

    • Choose the category to show in team page.

              (Create a Post  ‘Category’ for ‘ Team Page’  then select respective Category. )

    • Choose a layout for Team page.
    • Choose team post layout.

    Testimonial Page Settings

    • Enable/Disable Slider on Testimonial Page setting.

             (If you Enable Header Slider for the Testimonial Page then it will appear on Testimonial Page) .

    • Choose layout for testimonial page.
    • Choose layout for testimonial post.

    Archive PageSettings

    • Enable/Disable Slider on Archive Page.

            (If you Enable Header slider for the Archive Page  then it will appear on Archive page )  .

    • Choose layout for archive page.
    • Select sidebar from the drop-down sidebar lists.
    • Choose archive post layout

    Sigle page setting 

    • Enable/Disable Slider on single page.

             (If you Enable Header Slider on Single Page Setting then Slider Images will appear on Every Single Page(eg. Contact Us))

    • Choose layout for single post

    Single Post Setting

    • Enable/Disable Slider on a single post.

             (If you Enable Header Slider on Single Post Setting then Slider Images will appear on Every Single Post.



    Social Link Setup

      Go to Admin Dashboard > Appearance > Customize > Social Link Settings

    1. Enable/Disable Social Links

    • Enable/Disable social links in the footer.
    1. Social Links

    • Add respective social URL. Leave blank if you do not want to display the link.



    Appearance > Menus

    Add Menu for your site.

    Select the main menu as Primary menu after creating it.


    Go to->Admin Dashboard > Appearance > Customize > Widgets

    And Configure Different Widgets


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