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Vix Technology Launches New Range of Fare Collection Devices

reassure validators offer exceptional life prize provided by rapid initiation, simplified maintenance, and modular component flexibility
Orlando, FL, November 8, 2021 – Vix Technology, a global fare payments solutions supplier, today announced the launch of a new range of contactless establishment and inspection devices for card-based, account-based, and EMV fare collection. With rapid installation and cloud-based configurability and monitoring, each of the four guarantee models offer both functional and deployment method tractability, providing diligence leading life value, enclosed within a highly durable, modern design.

The Assure validators enable transit authorities to promptly confirm passengers ’ right to travel wherever is most convenient for them, by supporting a wide-eyed rate of establishment tokens such as smart cards, contactless EMV bank cards, NFC-equipped mobile devices, and QR codes .
Designed to withstand the bully make environments encountered on populace transportation networks, the Assure validators offer an intuitive exploiter experience. Customizable with the theodolite agency ’ south or operator ’ s post, they are easy for passengers to identify. With ocular feedback from the LED semblance call, audible feedback, and refer cues for the visually impaired, passengers can be confident their card, device, or ticket has been validated accurately and securely .
With a modular approach path to design, Assure validators are easy to maintain and upgrade, using coarse hardware and software components throughout the range that are childlike to swap in and out, alongside an IoT model for device monitor and management. additionally, toolless ride and automatic, cloud-based shape reduces the installation time to less than two minutes, with no engineer required .
“ Assure has been designed to be highly durable, delivering market-leading life measure through functional benefits in a beautiful purpose, delivering a passenger experience that operators and agencies can be proud of, ” Simon Mollison, ball-shaped heading of devices, said .
Featuring PCI-PTS and EMV complaisance built in, Assure validators are designed to remove the security burden and risks for transport operators and meet the most rigorous digital requital and physical security standards .
The Vix Assure validator range consists of four models :
Assure Compact
A simple, compress validator, providing support for contactless EMV cards and mobile devices, adenine well as the choice for card-based and account-based fare collection. With mounting options available for both panels and poles, Assure Compact can be easily deployed on-vehicle or on gate-line.

Assure Adept
Built around the same validator design as Assure Compact, the introduction of a touch screen provides an extra property to passenger battle. With upgradable options for QR code establishment and radio receiver connectivity, ampere well as the capability for both pole and gore mounting, Assure Adept offers a compromising solution for on-vehicle and on gate-line establishment .
Assure Rugged
In addition to supporting all the features, options, and upgrades of Assure Adept, Assure Rugged provides an all-weather protection hood, has an IK10 and IP65 rated enclosure, and is able of withstanding all the public fare environment can throw at it .
Assure Flex 
A mobile tax income inspection and establishment device, provided in a portable, all-in-one class factor, Assure Flex offers defend for contactless EMV and passage tokens, a well as offering a version that includes an integrate receipt printer .
Launched today at the american Public Transportation Association ’ s tercentennial TRANSform Conference and EXPO in Orlando, Florida, the Assure product range is available to order nowadays .
About Vix

Vix has been designing, delivering, operate on, and maintaining some of the universe ’ second leading passage ticketing systems for over 30 years. With a customer-first culture and a bequest of initiation, Vix makes populace transport more accessible for riders and more cost-efficient for operators by reducing payment friction. Vix Pulse is an account-based ticket chopine featuring an industry-leading fare engine that supports compromising fare policies, multiple transit modes, and stacking fare caps. Vix Whisper is a contactless EMV service that eliminates the indigence for ticket vending machines and fareboxes, and provides lower per-transaction costs compared to print tickets, cards, and mobile tickets. Vix is a penis of ICM Mobility Group. For more information about Vix, visit
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The range of Vix Assure validator devices

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