HostArmada does not impose any hard limitations on the Bandwidth your websites can generate. Using more than the Acceptable Bandwidth Usage for your Web Hosting Plan WILL NOT be billed by our arrangement automatically and WILL NOT solution in automated limitations put by our monitoring arrangement in any phase.

The bandwidth value that we consider acceptable derives from everyday tests on our shared host servers and our hanker feel in the field. The nature of the shared host environment implies that many users contribution the available resources of the same network hosting waiter. therefore, we must ensure that each drug user gets his fair partake of hardware resources offered by his choose plan and is not, by any means, limited to do so by other users hosted on the same infrastructure.

With the above in mind, we need to guarantee that each of our customers utilizes an total of bandwidth that does not harm the server ‘s performance. excessive bandwidth use can affect resources such as CPU, RAM, and I/O operations, consequently hindering the other customers ‘ experience. Utilizing a boastfully amount of bandwidth can well influence your own web site ‘s uptime and entree to the resources mentioned above and can negatively impact other users by compromising the uptime of the server itself.

Our tests so army for the liberation of rwanda have determined the following values for each plan of our shared host plans :

Start Dock – average estimate : 3GB – acceptable use : 30GB
Web Warp – average appraisal : 6GB – acceptable custom : 60GB
Speed Reaper – average estimate : 9GB – acceptable use : 90GB

HostArmada has not designed its shared host plans to support projects generating higher amounts of bandwidth compared to what we believe is acceptable. We aim to live up to our values, and we want to provide fast, stable, and impregnable services to all our clients. We take this goal very seriously, and we do not compromise under any circumstances, specially if our user ‘s have is in hazard.

We understand that bandwidth generation is not always a subject of organic traffic on your websites, as there may be other means that can lead to a spike in the bandwidth custom. We never ignore any signs of excessive bandwidth use, and before we inform our users, we gather the necessary data which our monitoring system collected. We prepare detail reports that are easily clear by even the most non-technical clients. You can cross-reference the values we provide you with the AWstats feature in the cPanel service for your web hosting history. Our technical team is amply train to assist you with reducing the bandwidth coevals ampere farseeing as it is technically potential.

Our monitoring system allows us to assess the bandwidth of every exploiter close. This data enables us to contribution this specific datum with the customer whom it concerns and helps him figure out the best overture in his situation.

In the case where the node has generated the bandwidth via organic traffic, we will recommend a solution that will handle and stimulate farther growth of the web site. Our feel team has dealt with countless websites and is well mindful of which solution will be the most optimum. One of our basal concerns is customer gratification and success. We have witnessed many users thriving due to our advice, and we observed a massive spike in their audience and conversion rate because of our suggestions.

In scenarios where our clients are careless when provided with the detail reports created by our monitor system regarding their bandwidth generation, we will not hesitate to take the necessity actions. As we mentioned earlier, our server ‘s stability, performance, and dependability are constantly our acme priority. Refusing to cooperate with us to address the situation will conflict with what we aim to achieve. We will not tolerate such behavior as it will harm our brand and will put standards to question.

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