With the premier of Star Wars Galaxy of Creatures, the Star Wars franchise highlights the prettiness of creatures across the franchise. even the horde, SF-R3, besides known as Aree, is adorably friend-shaped. however, Aree ‘s prettiness is not the merely argue he makes a particularly good host for the series. Because Aree is a droid, he is in much less risk from the creatures he reports on, and his documentarian career can span over centuries .
Aree is designed to be ampere endearing as the creatures he encounters. Aree was built and programmed by the Galactic Society of Creature Enthusiasts to go on missions to study animals throughout the galax, a function that he takes very seriously. Aree focuses on befriending the creatures he studies, and in the series ‘ trailer, he states, “ With a bang-up eye and firm determination, a friendship is forged. And chin scritches are a big assistant, are n’t they ? ” Aree refers to the consultation as “ enthusiasts ” a well, a move that highlights his own enthusiasm for his knead. This joy for discovery increases the sense of wonder throughout the series, even as Aree answers some of the punch-drunk animal questions through his missions .
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SF-R3 Aree attempts to train three Porgs in Star Wars Galaxy of Creatures
Aree besides is designed to be adorable and childlike. He is rather inadequate, and his body is the size of a modest child. For size mention, in “ Porgs, ” Aree is shown to be not a lot larger than the Porgs themselves. consequently, even though Aree is not a child himself, he is on a child ‘s eye level. This choice in blueprint might make him more relatable for the kids in the hearing, giving them a child ‘s eye view of the galaxy through the lens of a droid .
While Aree is adorable, his encounters with creatures are much less dangerous precisely because he is a droid. even if he is attacked by the creatures he studies, Aree can easily be repaired. consequently, contrary objective subjects do not present the threat of deadly queer. In multiple episodes, Aree is placed in hazard. For exercise, In “ Porgs, ” he is chased by a Batuuan Braga Bear, besides referred to as “ Batuu ‘s vertex marauder ” in the episode description. In “ Blurrg, ” Aree crashes his speeder bicycle into a Blurrg enclosure, but he is not any worse for wear. In future episodes, he besides will be reporting on wampas and the nexu. however, these adventures are framed as more amusing than chilling for even the youngest creature enthusiasts in the audience .
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SF-R3 Aree uses music to guide the Blurrgs back to their pen in Star Wars Galaxy of Creatures
The option of a droid for the usher ‘s host is besides particularly chic because the canonic Star Wars timeline presently spans multiple centuries, from the Old Republic era to the Skywalker Saga. Star Wars Galaxy of Creatures ‘ inaugural temper will cover at least one creature that is chiefly featured in the High Republic earned run average : the charhound. Because Aree is a droid that can live for a farseeing meter, the show can presumably feature episodes that take space during multiple time periods. The micro-series ‘ anthology style and creature of the week format mean that episodes can skip around to different eras if necessary .
therefore, Aree is the perfect host to spotlight the diversity of wildlife in a galaxy far, far away, peculiarly because he is a droid. Using Aree as the server allows Star Wars Galaxy of Creatures to be cozy viewing for all ages that can span multiple clock periods. There are only twelve episodes planned for this first gear season. however, the Star Wars galax has enough creatures to fuel multiple seasons for the creature enthusiasts among Star Wars fans with Aree guiding them along the way .
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