The X Factor: Celebrity is a british celebrity limited edition of The X Factor, which premiered on 12 October 2019 and concluded on 30 November 2019 on ITV. It was won by 27-year-old world television ace and singer Megan McKenna, who competed as part of the Under 31s class mentored by Louis Walsh .


due to dwindling ratings for the original series, it was announced in September 2018 that the prove would be put on hiatus. It was by and by revealed that a fame adaptation of the testify would be screened. Simon Cowell judged aboard Louis Walsh and Nicole Scherzinger, with Dermot O’Leary presenting the serial.

Among the celebrities participating was ex-footballer turn actor Vinnie Jones who in the first place withdrew due to the death of his wife. He was invited to sit out the auditions but was put straight through to the survive shows .



Auditions: The audition process for this version differed to the common format of a room/live arena audience. The celebrities sang for the three judges at Simon ‘s mansion in Malibu vitamin a well as an audience of industry professionals. Category Change: The Boys and Girls categories were replaced by the “ Under 31s ” category and the Over 31s were replaced by the “ Overs ” category. Bootcamp: Bootcamp was replaced by a judge eliminating one dissenter in their class. Six Chair Challenge: The Six Chair Challenge was axed in this serial and was not replaced by any new rounds. This is the first fourth dimension a series did not feature the Six Chair Challenge since series 10. Judges Houses: The judges houses was besides axed in this series and was not replaced by any round of golf like the Six Chair Challenge. This is the second series to not feature Judges Houses with the first being The X Factor : Battle of the Stars. Results Show:  For the first base time since Series 5 in 2008, there was no results show on Sundays with two acts being sent home on Satuday night. After two acts were eliminated in Week 3, Cowell announced that there would be a public vote to allow the most democratic eliminated act to enter the deluxe final .


choice process


The celebrity auditions were held in the garden of Simon ‘ s mansion in Malibu. There were two episodes of the auditions. After the auditions the judges categories were revealed. Each judge had to eliminate one dissenter from their class .

celebrated returnees

celebrated celebrities who had previously auditioned included The Only Way is Essex star Megan McKenna, who had auditioned for both Series 11 and Series 12 of the original usher, before being eliminated at bootcamp both times. Her appearances were never aired .

live Shows

The live shows spanned across 6 weeks. Each week results in a double elimination. Each evaluate had one “ Safe Seat ” to advance a dissenter immediately thought to the following workweek .


Episode Air date Duration (minutes) Total viewers
Weekly rank
Auditions 1 October 12,
90 6.29 7
Auditions 2 October 19,
90 5.15 11
Live Shows 1 October 26,
140 6.21 Over 15
Live Shows 2 November 2,
125 4.63 Over 15
Live Shows 3 November 9,
110 4.93 Over 15
Live Shows 4 November 16,
95 4.99 Over 15
Live Shows 5 November 23,
TBA 5.15 Over 15
Live Shows 6 November 30,
TBA 6.46 Over 15
Series average N/A TBA N/A

criticism and controversies

The X Factor : fame was one of the most criticize and controversial series always in The X Factor history. It was deemed “ fixed ” respective of times thought the series and due to heavy criticism, the “ Safe Seat ” sport was removed from the live shows.

Jenny Ryan’s elimination During episode two elimination process, Jenny Ryan was among the three celebrities eliminated despite receiving a standing ovation. Her elimination attracted heavy criticism across social media which lead to the decision of bringing her back into the show. Martin Bashir Celebrity Martin Bashir survived being in the bottom three for the first base two live shows. His first survival was decided by estimate Simon Cowell. His second survival was by surviving deadlock after Simon Cowell refused to choose who to eliminate. Viewers later called the show a “ localization ”. Simon Cowell Simon Cowell was criticised after he decided Martin Bashir would go through to the next exist shows. He was besides criticised after he decided not to choose who would be eliminated during the third alive shows. Nicole Scherzinger Judge Nicole Scherzinger was accused of “ motorboat ” evaluator Louis Walsh by pressing her breast on Louis ‘s head. Pussycat Doll’s performace The Pussycat Doll ‘s performance recieved over 400 complaints with some declaring it as “ besides full-bodied ”. Nicole Scherzinger said that the performance was n’t meant to upset any viewers however she said “ Our genuine fans know our intention. Our veridical fans know we ’ rhenium endow and we come from a place of persuasiveness as singers and dancers. “.

team Rankings

1.Groups ( mentored by Simon Cowell )
2.Under 31s ( mentored by Louis Walsh )
3.Over 31s ( mentored by Nicole Scherzinger )


  • This was the final series to feature Louis Walsh on The X Factor UK. He was the longest standing judge, appearing on every series except for Series 12 and Series 15.
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