“ I ’ ve been training all my life for this, ” says X Factor host Steve Jones. The dashing Welshman makes his U.S. debut this Wednesday when the show premieres, and it ’ s been a farseeing road getting there. Two years to be accurate, during which time he turned down early television gigs in his native England on the off probability that X Factor creator and mind judge Simon Cowell would call him for duty. When did his earphone ultimately ring ? Two days before the Los Angeles auditions. Says Jones : “ It got a little hairy towards the end, but it paid off thankfully. ”

Or has it ? America will come to know Jones and his dry feel of humor soon adequate, but The Hollywood Reporter has your pre-show flat coat with six things you should know about the 34-year-old charmer .

He’s only been mistaken for a Sex Pistol once.
“ It happened at the NME awards in London. A guy from a ring called Hard-Fi was told he was co-presenting an award with Steve Jones and he was, like, ‘ Fantastic, I ’ ll do it ! ’ He turned up and said, ‘ So when ’ s Steve Jones arriving ? ’ And I was like, ‘ He ’ sulfur here, backbite ! ’ He was, like, ‘ I thought it was the guy from sexual activity Pistols, ’ and I was, like, ‘ Deal with it, it ’ south me ! ’ ”
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He hasn’t studied Ryan Seacrest nor does he have Seacrest-like mogul aspirations.
“ Ryan is very placid, sharp and doesn ’ triiodothyronine scram flustered. He ’ s a big host — very firm and likable… But I ’ ve never analyzed hosts, to be honest. I didn ’ t evening watch the last series of british X Factor because I wanted to do what I want to do. Doesn ’ metric ton mean I didn ’ thyroxine obedience these guys, but I needed to be me… I don ’ t have a lot business acumen. I think I ’ megabyte better in front of the camera than behind it and I ’ thousand happy being creative and hosting. obviously I ’ d like to put my own ideas onto the american television landscape but at the moment, it ’ randomness all about X Factor and focused on that 100 percentage. ”
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He never saw his own Welsh-ish accent as a liability, even in light of Cheryl Cole’s exit.
“ Fox wasn ’ t concerned, Simon wasn ’ metric ton concerned, I wasn ’ triiodothyronine concerned. This is not my beginning rodeo, as they say. I ’ ve been back and forth to America for years. Working at networks like east !, no one has had a problem with my stress ever…. Living in London for 10 years kind of Anglicized me. It ’ south authoritative if you ’ re on a countrywide television receiver show, that people in Scotland, Ireland, England understand what you say. You can ’ triiodothyronine risk them saying, ‘ What the hell is this guy talking about ? ’ ”

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The initial two-host concept didn’t bother him one bit.
“ When they said, ‘ Would you like to host american X Factor ? ’ I said, ‘ Yeah ! I ’ five hundred do it with a co-host, with 3 hosts, next to a domestic ass, I just want to host that show ! ’ And when he said with Nicole Scherzinger, I was doubly sold. We ’ ve become very well friends. Logistically, it would have been baffling to continue with two hosts. There ’ randomness a fortune going on backstage, you ’ ve got, like, 30 kin members, and the auditioner and the two hosts. Don ’ metric ton get me wrong, if me and Nicole continued, we would have ironed out any possible problems. It would have worked in the end but I think it ’ s a solo mission, decidedly. It ’ randomness about besides much for one person. ”
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He’s currently “gorging on American TV and loving it.”
“ It ’ s Always Sunny In Philadelphia — I then want to be on that appearance. I love all those guys. And if they don ’ triiodothyronine want me on the display, I ’ ll just come along and clean up after them. I ’ ll drive them to the plant. I ’ ll do anything they need done. All the comedies, I ’ m obsessed with… like Curb Your Enthusiasm, and Seinfeld. From the moment we ’ ra born, we ’ re heed to American music, watching american sitcoms, watching drama, growing up on Dallas and Falcon Crest. Fingers crossed, and Cat Deely ‘ s proven it works. that british presenters can come across to America because we know all your cultural references. ”
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His favorite band: Rage Against the Machine, which made their 2009 Christmas No. 1 in the UK — a coup after five years of X Factor winners topping the charts — both ironic and bittersweet.
“ I went from glitter and Duran Duran to Oasis, who exploded in 1993 and put the bollocks back into rock normality hustle. I loved Liam [ Gallagher ] and Oasis was one of the first concerts I ’ ve went to see. then Rage Against the Machine and Nirvana came along, and I felt that was for me. I remember seeing Rage on a testify called The Word. I was 13, possibly 14 at the clock time and the lyrics resonated with me — I was quite an angry, angsty youth. The adjacent day, I made this 35-mile travel and bought the Rage Against the Machine and Nirvana albums and got heavily into that. I would give my justly arm for Zack [ de la Rocha ] to write another rage Against the Machine album… As for the Christmas No. 1, the irony was not lost on me, but it was all a bit of fun wasn ’ thyroxine it ? ”

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