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The X Factor is a british television receiver music contest to find fresh singing endowment ; the winner of which receives a £1 million recording shrink with the Syco Music criminal record label. The first gear series was broadcast from 4 September to 11 December 2004. The competition was split into several stages : auditions, bootcamp, judges ‘ homes and alive shows, with Louis Walsh, Sharon Osbourne and Simon Cowell as judges. Kate Thornton presented the show on ITV, whilst Ben Shephard presented the by-product picture The Xtra Factor on ITV2.

Auditions were held in Dublin, Newcastle, London, Leeds, Birmingham and Glasgow. Steve Brookstein won the series, with Cowell as the winning mentor. [ 1 ] Brookstein went on to have some chart success, with runner-up group G4 achieving two platinum albums before splitting up in 2007, but reuniting in 2014 .

excerpt action.

Applications and auditions.

Before the auditions, advertisements appeared on ITV, newspapers, and trade magazines, promising that the new display would encourage groups to join, and while the stress was on spill the beans, would welcome those who played musical instruments and wrote their own songs. The picture would differentiate itself from its harbinger, Pop Idol. For the first base sequence of auditions, which aired on 4 September 2004, the judges visited Leeds and London. The second episode aired on 11 September 2004 in which the judges visited Newcastle. The third aired on 18 September 2004, the one-fourth on 25 September 2004 and the fifth on 2 October 2004 .

Bootcamp and judges ‘ houses.

After the auditions, each evaluator was allocated a class at random :

  • Simon Cowell: Over 25s
  • Sharon Osbourne: 16-24s
  • Louis Walsh: Groups

Each judge chose 12 acts from their category to go through to round two. After bootcamp, each judge selected five acts to progress to the judges ‘ homes round. The bootcamp episodes aired on 9 and 16 October 2004. In judges ‘ homes, the 15 acts went to the homes of their respective judges, where they were interviewed and performed again. Each evaluator then chose three acts to go through to the survive shows, making a total of nine finalists .

Bootcamp Tasks per Category

16-24s : location : Hackney Empire tax 1 : do “ Is n’t She cover girl “ by Stevie Wonder in lines of 10. tax 2 : Giving a solo performance of one of these two chosen songs below :
task 3 : Interviews in battlefront of the press and talking about their personal lives. undertaking 4 : Choose one song from The Beatles back-catalogue and perform it in front of their competitors and Sharon. Groups : location : Angel Recording Studios undertaking 1 : Perform an song of their own choose in battlefront of Louis and his team. job 2 : Write an original song entitled ” right immediately ” that must contain all these five words :

  • Dreams
  • Hope
  • Anticipation
  • Chance
  • All the Way

tax 3 : Learn a new birdcall overnight tax 4 : Sing a song that they think that showcases all of their members voices to the best of their ability. Over 25s : localization : The Landmark London job 1 : Both the females and males perform one birdcall of their choice individually one at a time with the reverse sex watching their operation. job 2 : Learn a new song nightlong with another member of the category to perform as an duet. job 3 : Perform an song that will convince Simon and his panel that they are capable of moving on to the following round .

Judges Houses Performances (Groups and 16-24s)

16-24s :
Groups :


Key :

– Winner
– Runner-Up

live shows.


Two populate shows were broadcast each Saturday evening during the contest. Until week 5, each act performed once in the first show, then the public voted for the act that they wanted to remain in the show. In the other results show, the two acts with the fewest votes were revealed. These two acts then had to sing again before the three judges decided whom to eliminate.

The format changed in the sixth week : each act performed twice in the foremost show and performed one of their songs in the results show. The act with the fewest votes was eliminated at the end of the moment express. The live shows started on 23 October 2004 and ended on 11 December 2004 .

Results compendious.

Colour key

Act in team simon Act in team Sharon Act in team Louis

 – Act was in the bottom two and had to sing again in the final showdown
 – Act received the fewest public votes and was immediately eliminated (no final showdown)
 – Act received the most public votes
Weekly results per act
Act Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Quarter-Final Semi-Final Final
Steve Brookstein Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Winner
G4 Safe Safe Safe Bottom Two Safe Safe Safe Runner-Up
Tabby Callaghan Safe Safe Safe Safe Bottom Two Safe 3rd Eliminated
Rowetta Satchell Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe 4th Eliminated
Cassie Compton Safe Safe Safe Safe Bottom Two Eliminated
(week 5)
Voices with Soul Bottom Two Safe Bottom Two Bottom Two Eliminated
(week 4)
2 to Go Safe Bottom Two Bottom Two Eliminated
(week 3)
Verity Keays Safe Bottom Two Eliminated
(week 2)
Roberta Howett Bottom Two Eliminated
(week 1)
Final Showdown Howett,
Voices with Soul
2 to Go,
2 to Go,
Voices with Soul
Voices with Soul
No final showdown or judges’ votes; results were based on public votes alone
Walsh’s vote to eliminate (Groups) Howett Keays 2 to Go Voices with Soul Compton
Osbourne’s vote to eliminate (16-24s) Voices with Soul Keays 2 to Go Voices with Soul None (abstained)
Cowell’s vote to eliminate (Over 25s) Howett 2 to Go N/A G4 Compton
Eliminated Roberta Howett
2 of 3 votes
Verity Keays
2 of 3 votes
2 to Go
2 of 2 votes
Voices with Soul
2 of 3 votes
Cassie Compton
2 of 2 votes
Rowetta Satchell
Public vote
to save
Tabby Callaghan
Public vote
to save
Public vote
to win

^1 Cowell was not required to vote as there was already a majority .

Live display details.

week 1 ( 23 October ).

  • Best Bits song: “Beautiful”
Judges’ votes to eliminate
  • Walsh: Roberta Howett – backed his own act, Voices with Soul.
  • Osbourne: Voices with Soul – backed her own act, Roberta Howett.
  • Cowell: Roberta Howett – based on the final showdown performance, but felt that neither act deserved to be in the bottom two.

workweek 2 ( 30 October ).

  • Best bits song: “Over The Rainbow”
Judges’ votes to eliminate
  • Walsh: Verity Keays – backed his own act, 2 to Go.
  • Cowell: 2 to Go – backed his own act, Verity Keays.
  • Osbourne: Verity Keays – gave no reason.

week 3 ( 6 November ).

  • Best bits song: “Endless Love”
Judges’ votes to eliminate
  • Osbourne: 2 to Go – gave no reason.
  • Walsh: 2 to Go – said he did not want to send either of his acts home. He asked to vote last but Thornton pressed him for his decision.
  • Cowell was not required to vote as there was already a majority.

week 4 ( 13 November ).

  • Best bits song: “That’s What Friends Are For”
Judges’ votes to eliminate
  • Osbourne: Voices with Soul – based on the final showdown performance, and believed that G4 had a future in a recording career.
  • Cowell: G4 – gave no reason.
  • Walsh: Voices with Soul – said he did not want to send either of his acts home, saying the result was worse than last week; he tried to back out but Thornton forced him for his decision.

workweek 5 ( 20 November ).

  • Best bits song: “Goodbye”
Judges’ votes to eliminate
  • Walsh: Cassie Compton – believed Callaghan could win the competition.
  • Osbourne abstained from voting as both acts were in her category. Thornton tried to remind her of her duty to vote between her acts as Walsh did in the previous two results shows, but Osbourne still refused to send home either of her acts, citing her loyalty to both of them. Following this, Thornton warned Cowell that if he voted to send Compton through to the quarter-final, the result would revert to the public vote to decide who would be eliminated.
  • Cowell: Cassie Compton – wanted to win the competition and believed Callaghan was his biggest threat but after deliberating on whether to send home either Callaghan or Compton, who he felt was the weakest, opted to send Compton home.

workweek 6 : Quarter-Final ( 27 November ).

  • Best bits song: “She”

The quarter-final did not feature a final confrontation and alternatively the act with the fewest public votes, Rowetta Satchell, was mechanically eliminated

week 7 : Semi-Final ( 4 December ).

  • Best bits song: “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing”

The semi-final did not feature a final confrontation and rather the work with the fewest public votes, Tabby Callaghan, was mechanically eliminated .

week 8 : Final ( 11 December ).



This series achieved an average of 7.4 million viewers per episode .

Episode Air date Official ITV1 rating[2]
Weekly rank[2]
Auditions 1 4 September 5.25 21
Auditions 2 11 September 6.53 17
Auditions 3 18 September 7.08 14
Auditions 4 25 September 7.24 16
Auditions 5 2 October 6.71 18
Bootcamp 1 9 October 6.69 21
Bootcamp 2 7.89 17
Judges’ houses 16 October 7.32 17
Live show 1 23 October 7.18 17
Live results 1 7.83 15
Live show 2 30 October 6.53 20
Live results 2 7.26 17
Live show 3 6 November 6.89 19
Live results 3 7.02 18
Live show 4 13 November 7.42 15
Live results 4 6.88 18
Live show 5 20 November 7.91 16
Live results 5 7.98 14
Live show 6 27 November 8.06 22
Live results 6 8.01 23
Live semi-final 4 December 7.79 20
Live results 7 7.52 23
Final 11 December 8.62 15
Final results 9.96 8



It was reported in tabloid newspapers that the indicate ‘s hearing process was unfair after Walsh was accused of cheating. He was thought to have advised the group Co-Ed on things such as song choices, which caused controversy after it was revealed that he had actually previously managed Co-Ed after they appeared on the irish version of Popstars in 2001. besides, footage of Cowell and Osbourne coaching contestants to argue spinal column to the judges was being auctioned over the Internet. [ 3 ]

Claims of Rigging.

Before the first be express, Osbourne accused Cowell of “ rigging ” the show by editing footage to make the contestants in his category more appeal to viewers. [ 4 ] Osbourne attracted criticism again following the final in December 2004 when she was forced to make an apology after attracting what Cowell referred to as “ record complaints ” over an outburst by Osbourne in which she criticised eventual winner Steve Brookstein. This left her place on the show uncertain, [ 5 ] although she returned for the second series in 2005 .


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