mexican singer ( bear 1971 )
Rubio and the second or maternal family name is Dosamantes. In this spanish mention, the first or paternal surname isand the second or maternal family identify is
Paulina Susana Rubio Dosamantes ( spanish pronunciation : [ pawˈlina ˈruβjo ] ; born 17 June 1971 ) [ 3 ] is a mexican singer. She first achieved realization as a extremity of the successful pop group Timbiriche from 1982 through 1991. After leaving Timbiriche, she embarked on a solo career. Referred to as the “ Queen of Latin Pop “, [ 4 ] [ 5 ] [ 6 ] Rubio has sold over 15 million records, [ 7 ] making her one of the best-selling Latin music artists of all-time.

Rubio ‘s beginning two studio albums, La Chica Dorada ( 1992 ) and 24 Kilates ( 1993 ), were commercial successes [ 8 ] and made her then EMI Latin ‘s best-selling Mexican female artist. [ 9 ] In the mid-1990s, she adopted a more mature and electronic vogue for her future two albums, El Tiempo Es Oro ( 1995 ) and Planeta Paulina ( 1996 ), and made her feature film debut with a starring role in Bésame en la Boca ( 1995 ). Following a serial of concerts with Timbiriche and ending her contract with EMI Latin, Rubio ‘s career was interrupted before the free of her fifth album and first gear with Universal Music Group, the homonym Paulina ( 2000 ), which is critically referred to as her best album. Paulina was an external achiever and made her the best-selling Latin music artist of the Billboard Year-End ( 2001-2002 ). [ 10 ] She returned to the lead of the charts again with her sixth and seventh albums, the crossing over Border Girl ( 2002 ) and Pau-Latina ( 2004 ), respectively. Rubio garnered critical praise, including nominations for the Grammy Award and Latin Grammy Award. Her next album, Ananda ( 2006 ) and Gran City Pop ( 2009 ), were besides critically and commercially successful. She followed it with Brava! ( 2011 ), which delved into american english dance-pop. early of 2010 ‘s years, Rubio stood out for participating as a coach in the most important endowment shows in America and Spain. In 2012, she served as a bus on the second base season of La Voz… Mexico. In 2013 ; Rubio became a bus on La Voz Kids, and besides became a judge on the american interpretation of The X Factor. In 2019, during the promotion of her eleventh studio album, Deseo ( 2018 ), she returned on La Voz… España and La Voz Senior. Rubio has scored three number one album on the Billboard Top Latin Albums. Five of Rubio ‘s singles have reached number one on the US Billboard Hot Latin Songs : “ Te Quise Tanto “, “ Dame Otro Tequila “, “ Ni Una Sola Palabra “, “ Causa Y Efecto “, and “ Me Gustas Tanto “, making her the fifth best performing female artist on the chart. early singles, “ Mío “, “ Y Yo Sigo Aquí “ and “ Do n’t Say Goodbye “, topped the charts in most spanish american countries. Rubio has earned numerous awards and accolades, including seven Billboard Latin Music Award ; five Lo Nuestro Awards ; three MTV Latinoamerica Awards ; and two Telehit Awards, including the Trajectory Award ; and a special award as “ mexican artist with the greatest international projection ”. Rubio is regarded as a pop icon and is credited latin pop era-defining during the 2000s. [ 11 ] As one of the most influential female mexican artists, [ 12 ] she was included doubly in 2012 and 2013 among the “ 50 Most mighty Women in Mexico ” by Forbes Mexico. [ 13 ] Additionally she was included in their “ Celebrity 100 : chirrup ‘s most-followed superstars ” list in 2015. [ 14 ] In 2008, Univision ranked her among the most herculean latin celebrities in the United States and as one of the Greatest Latin Artists of All Time by Billboard in 2020. [ 15 ] [ 16 ] According to a 2021 rate by YouGov, Rubio is the 26th most democratic latin music artist and the 17th most celebrated. [ 17 ]

Life and career [edit ]

1971–1981 : early life and career beginnings [edit ]

Paulina Rubio was born in Mexico City. Paulina Susana Rubio Dosamantes was born on 17 June 1971 in Mexico City. [ 18 ] Her founder, Enrique Rubio González ( 1943-2011 ), was a Spanish-born lawyer ; Her mother is Susana Dosamantes, a ordain Mexican actress. [ 19 ] Dosamantes had lived in Guadalajara, Jalisco until adolescence when she decided to become a film actress and, just before Rubio ‘s birth, she became one of the most popular sex symbols of the 1970s in Mexico. [ 20 ] Rubio ‘s younger brother, Enrique Rubio Jr., is an significant lawyer and socialite, while her half sister Ana Paola Rubio keeping out of the foreground. Her musical bequest comes from his grandma and great-grandmother, who were a mezzo-soprano singer and pianist, respectively. [ 21 ] Her great-grandparents were originally from Spain and Portugal, and from a very young old age she used to spend two or three months a year in Europe, visiting relatives. The rest of the year she resided between Mexico and Los Angeles. [ 22 ] As a little female child “ grew up in the middle of an aesthetic world surrounded by cameras, lights and sets. ” [ 23 ] As Rubio has stated of herself : “ I ‘ve been celebrated since I was born ”, [ 23 ] due to the whirl that her birth caused, as she was the daughter of one of the most consecrate actresses in Mexico. According to her mother, Rubio grew up among arts media and the film locations, while she worked. First Rubio ‘s appearance in a film was the early 1980s, when accompanied by younger brother, she got a minor function in film El Día del Compadre. besides was taking scorch, acting, jazz, paint, and dance lessons while enrolled at what is immediately the Centro de Educación Artística ( CEA ) in Mexico in 1980. [ 24 ] After two years there, Rubio ‘s parents were contacted by producers Julisa and Guillermo del Bosque to they approval of Rubio ‘s joining on a musical band formed by children from the CEA. They were puzzled by Julissa and Guillermo del Bosque ‘s request. Later, Rubio told them “ I did the cast without notifying you ”. Despite Susana and Enrique ‘s dissatisfaction, they reached an agreement with their daughter to be part of the children ‘s musical band, with the condition she got “ a grade of nine in the educate. ” [ 25 ]

1982–1990 : Timbiriche [edit ]

Rubio began her singing career as a 9-year-old, when then children ‘s band Timbiriche made its official debut on 30 April 1982 on the mexican television show Siempre en Domingo, featuring spanish singer Miguel Bosé as its “ artistic godfather ”. [ 26 ] The beginning song they performed was “ Don Diablo ” with Bosé. [ 27 ] The band ‘s name refers to the a paper-and-pencil plot of mathematical structure ( known in the United States as Dots and Boxes ), and the idea of naming the musical group was a reply to the spanish children ‘s musical group Parchís, whose name is besides inspired by a table game. Timbiriche was initially made up of Mariana Garza, Alix Bauer, Diego Schoening and Rubio, and they were finally joined by Benny Ibarra and Sasha Sokol. Mexican actress and manufacturer Martha Zavaleta was in charge to recruiting the group of children, who were partially of the children ‘s area of the Centro de Educación Artística ( CEA ). The six children were formed by the major latin american mass media corporation Televisa with Televisa ‘s producers Victor Hugo O’Farril, Luis de Llano Macedo and María Eugenia “ La Gorda ” Galindo as part of Timbiriche ‘s team creative. Timbiriche ‘s first homonym albums ( Timbiriche and La Banda Timbiriche ) released through Fonovisa Records in 1982 was a success in Mexico. They were known as a children ‘s isthmus and songs like “ Somos Amigos ”, “ Hoy Tengo Que Decirte Papá ”, “ Mamá ” and “ México ” was successful on the radio. In 1983 Timbiriche went on their first international enlistment and released the inaugural live album En Concierto. [ 28 ] One of the selected songs was a cover interpretation of the song “ Mickey “ by Tony Basil. [ 29 ] The track was chosen because it was one of the most democratic in the tour ‘s performances. En Concierto was gold-certified and marked the introduction of the Timbiriche ‘s seventh member Erik Rubin. The third studio apartment album, Disco Ruido, released in December 1983, continued with the same concept argumentation of children ‘s songs, but rock ‘n’ roll -style influences. In 1984, Timbiriche participated in the musical Vaselina, a Spanish-language adaptation of the american musical Grease ; The band record a studio album inspired from the melodious, and is known to be the last “ child type ” record of the group. [ 30 ] It was the first base act of Rubio on a professional musical theater, she performed the rol of Licha, and sang solo a spanish translation of “ Freddy, My Love “. The band members became teenagers idols in Mexico, but for Rubio it implied blackmail to look much older than he truly was. Rubio has stated that at 13 years of age “ I wanted to grow up and look improbable, and have big eyelashes ” because unlike her groupmates she looked a lot flimsy and short. She confessed to having suffered blustery in Timbiriche and felt like “ the despicable duckling “ of the band. [ 31 ] Timbiriche Rock Show, released on 1 July 1985, marked the “ adolescent transition ” of the band, with lyrics more aimed at teenagers and sounds more pop-rock mainstream. The album contains Spanish-language covers of noteworthy popular hits during the 1980s. It was certified gold [ 32 ] and spawned respective strike singles, including “ Soy united nations Desastre ”, “ Corro, Vuelo, Me Acelero ”, “ Teléfono ” and “ Me Plantó ”, which established the group as a feasible act in the music diligence. Rubio wholly changed her picture during that time, leaving her innocent and childish style to a more “ rocking chair ” style, and sporting copious and large hair-dos. [ 33 ] When the forwarding of Timbiriche Rock Show ended in the summer of 1986, two founding members of Timbiriche left and two newly ones entered, which marked a change in the line-up. It was reflected in the album Timbiriche VII, released on 29 June 1987. The pop-rock expressive style record was a massive success in Latin America, selling 1 million copies and becoming one of the best-selling Mexican albums of all prison term. [ 34 ] The phonograph record features some of the group ‘s most widely known songs such as “ Mírame ( Cuestión de Tiempo ) ” and “ Con Todos Menos Conmigo ”. When the double-album Timbiriche VIII & IX was released in May 1988, Rubio become as one of the most ill-famed members and her voice exced [ check spelling ] in songs such as “ Rompecabezas ”, “ Soy Como Soy ”, “ Me Estoy Volviendo Loca ” and “ Acelerar ”, which was number one in Mexico charts. [ 35 ] The album sold 500,000 copies, [ 36 ] and the number-one reach, “ Tú Y Yo Somos Uno Mismo ”, appears in the total two position on the list of the “ 100 Greatest Songs of the 80 ‘s in spanish ”, count realized by VH1. [ 37 ] In summer 1988, while Timbiriche promotion the albums, Rubio landed a major function in the Televisa telenovela, Pasión y Poder, marks her debut on a television production. Timbiriche X, the concluding album of Rubio recorded as a member of Timbiriche was released in early on 1990 and despite the fact that she was already the leader of the group, she left the group to focus on a solo career .

1991–1994 : Solo career, La Chica Dorada and 24 Kilates [edit ]

During an interview to Mexican TV show Galardon a los Grandes in summer 1991, Rubio said would travelg to Spain to record her first solo album. She anticipated want to show “ fresh music for a very broad market. “, and besides announced she would film her moment telenovela at the goal of that class. [ 38 ] During that time, Rubio began a relationship with her ex-fellow from Timbiriche, Erik Rubin. The love story received intense care from the media, since Rubin had recently broken up with Mexican singer Alejandra Guzman, who said in different media “ he broke-up with me for she [ Rubio ]. ” [ 39 ] Guzman released the song “ Hey Güera “, and the media speculated that the song was about Rubio. finally, she confirmed it. [ 40 ] The Televisa ‘s telenovela Baila Conmigo was aired on 30 March 1992. It based in the late 50s and early 60s at the time of “ Rock and Roll era ”. She played the function of Andrea de la Reguera, a rich and capricious girlfriend who was used to having everything at her disposal. Her conduct function as an antagonist turned out to be very convincing to the press and hearing, earning positivist reviews for her performance. [ 41 ] The telenovela producer was Luis de Llano, who recruited a draw of youth stars who were just beginning their solo career in music and acting. [ 42 ] The success of Baila Conmigo gave the protagonists the possibility of recording a limited album and received 9 nominations for the 1993 TVyNovelas Awards, including “ actress revelation ” for Rubio. [ 43 ] besides a soundtrack was released under the Fonovisa Records label of ten-spot songs in some latin american countries. Rubio along with the shed of the telenovela appeared in different television receiver shows to promote the album. Rubio embarked recording studio apartment sessions in Spain in fall 1991 to early 1992 with the spanish producer Miguel Blasco and the songwriters José Ramón Flórez and Cesar Valle ; The last two began writing songs together. After her returned to Mexico, Rubio promoted the concept of her introduction album through marketing in the media and magazines. In June 1992, Rubio signed to a record shrink with Capitol Latin, and her first single was released on 30 August 1992. “ Mío “ spent several weeks at number one on the mexican singles charts and became one of the country ‘s best selling individual in the 1990s and was certified gold. [ 44 ] In United States, the song reached total three on the Billboard’s Hot Latin Tracks chart. Its success resulted in Rubio becoming Timbiriche ‘s first solo singer to enter Billboard charts with great success and repeated the convention at the release of her introduction album La Chica Dorada, who released in October 1992, and point at issue three on the Billboard Top Latin Albums graph on the workweek of 26 June 1993. [ 45 ] Rubio made her first television appearance performing on the fabled television prove Siempre en Domingo with Raúl Velasco to publicize his new stage in the music industry. The celebrated television receiver horde commented “ it was a great prerogative to have presented Paulina as a solo singer ”. In the midst of the success, “ Mío ” was the subject of controversy due the media speculated that the song was a reception to “ Hey Güera ” by Alejandra Guzman. several media rated the song as part a love triangle. [ 46 ] [ 47 ] As well, at the beginning her solo career, several media critics Rubio ‘s visualize style, comparing like a “ Madonna aspirant “, [ 48 ] [ 49 ] but with the polarize critics, Rubio was praised as the new youth start picture in Mexico. [ 50 ] La Chica Dorada yielded three top-ten singles on the Billboard Hot Latin Songs, “ Mío ”, “ Abriendo Las Puertas Al Amor “ and “ Amor De Mujer “. The album was certified ternary gold in Mexico and finally sold 450,000 copies in there. [ 51 ] In March 1993, Rubio received two nominations at the Lo Nuestro Awards for the categories Female Pop Artist and New Pop Artist of the Year. [ 52 ] The album promotion culminated with the fourth individual “ Sabor A Miel “ and a promotional tour throughout Mexico and Latin America. fall 1993, Paulina Rubio ‘s popularity continued to rise with the let go of of her moment studio apartment album, 24 Kilates. The pop-rock-oriented album sold 150,000 copies only before of its secrete. [ 9 ] It was certified platinum, [ 53 ] but did not appear on the Billboard charts. The album ‘s foremost unmarried, “ Nieva, Nieva “, topped Mexico top airplay graph and reached number twenty-seven on the Billboard Hot Latin Tracks. Beginning in January 1994, Rubio embarked on a concert tour in Latin America. She formed part of the invite estimate panel of Viña del Mar International Song Festival and made a short circuit performance, for which she received the Naranja Award. [ 54 ] At that clock time, she released two more hits, “ Él Me Engañó “ and “ Asunto De Dos “, making all three singles from the album acme inside the acme twenty on Mexico top airplay chart. “ Vuelve Junto A Mí “, the by demand-single, was released only in the U.S. and peaked inside the top twenty on the Billboard Hot Latin Tracks .

1995–1997 : El Tiempo Es Oro, acting and Planeta Paulina [edit ]

In March 1995, Rubio released her third studio apartment album, El Tiempo Es Oro, and was described as “ rhythmical and danceable ”, but “ in the lapp concept note [ of Golden Girl ] ” than her former albums. [ 55 ] The album managed to sell 300,00 copies cosmopolitan. [ 56 ] The go individual, “ Te Daría Mi Vida “, sold 140,000 copies between Mexico and United States, [ 57 ] subsequent singles “ Nada De Ti “ and “ Hoy Te Dejé De Amar “ both reached the exceed ten airplay in Mexico. The album was her beginning record released in Spain and Brazil, and Rubio did a do as a special guest in the Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. She appeared in different magazines in Spain to become known as a singer, but the media highly publicized her relationship with the spanish architect and socialite Ricardo Bofill, son of the Ricardo Bofill Taller de Arquitectura ‘s founder. [ 58 ] The romance received acute attention from the european media, [ 59 ] since Bofill had recently broken up with journalist Chabeli Iglesias ( daughter of spanish singer Julio Iglesias ) who was inactive marrie with him at the time. [ 60 ] Rubio returned to her acting career, and landed her first star character in the film Bésame en la Boca, released in June 1995. Rubio played Claudia Romero, a rich young girlfriend who dies in an accident while riding her motorcycle, and is later returned to Earth, but in other body, to make amends for her mistakes. Although her acting received critics shuffle, the film was a box office success and staying on the Mexican main billboard for six weeks. [ 61 ] As well, she starred as one of the chief characters on Pobre Niña Rica, her third gear telenovela, and recorded two versions of the opening song. In August 1995, Rubio guest-starred on the El Corazón de Emeteveo MTV Latino ‘s show. [ 62 ] In 1996, Rubio changed her conventional music manner to avant-garde sounds. She co-produced her fourthly studio album Planeta Paulina with Marco Flores. The music critics praised it “ a sensational album, full of feelings and exuberance ” inspired in dance-pop, euro-pop, disco, house, electronic and techno styles. Rubio assumed more creative control by writing and co-producing most of the material. The album did n’t matched the commercial success of its predecessors, despite it produced four singles : “ Siempre Tuya Desde La Raíz “, “ Solo Por Ti “, “ Miedo ” and “ Enamorada ”. She besides recorded english versions of several songs which did not appear on the album, but were included in the remixes or maxi-singles versions of the songs, such as “ Open Up Your Hear ”, “ only For You ” and “ I ‘m so In Love ”. EMI Music declined to release Rubio ‘s inaugural english crossover voter album, which was supposed to be the english version of the Planeta Paulina album ascribable to weak sales of the spanish adaptation. subsequently, she got into a legal conflict against the commemorate label for not fulfilling what they had already planned. Despite the meek success of Planeta Paulina, songs like “ Una Historia Más ” —a song about HIV/AIDS —and “ Enamorada ” was introduced Rubio to the homosexual community. [ 63 ] Especially due of the music video recording for “ Enamorada ”, which showed a homosexual couple and the rainbow flag openly on television. A theme that was still considered a taboo at that time. [ 64 ] The album ‘s forwarding spread throughout Latin America until 1997 .

1998–1999 : Timbiriche reunion and Vive el Verano [edit ]

In 1998, Rubio published a calendar, the funds of which went to the Teleton Foundation. [ 65 ] The photograph was shot by Mexican photographer José Quintero at locations in Rome, New York, Florence and Mexico. She was in charge of the production, focus and concept of the calendar. [ 66 ] During the presentation of the calendar, Rubio said in an interview : “ I have to define many things in my professional life, and I am mindful of it. ” [ 67 ] Despite the legal battle with EMI Music, she continued to work on new music. For the initial commemorate session for fifth studio apartment album Rubio worked first with Mexican composer and singer Armando Manzanero, and Mecano ‘s member Nacho Cano. Rubio met with the original members of Timbiriche in summer 1998, during a performance at the Acapulco Festival. [ 68 ] The display was received with success and became a historic consequence at the festival. After the success obtained, the record label Melody reissues the magnetic disk Los Clásicos de Timbiriche, immediately with the mention of Timbiriche Symphonic, accompanied by Mexico City Philharmonic Orchestra. It generated capital stir among the followers. The original members realized the magnitude and impact of Timbiriche, so they decided to go on a concert tour. [ 69 ] In November 1998 the band initiated a tour developed in Mexico and separate of Latin America. Timbiriche reunion established in the Auditorio Nacional a sold-out record of hearing with more than 20 consecutive concerts. On 23 February 1999, a two-disc live album was released through Fonovisa Records titled Timbiriche, El Concierto. The album was a success, and certified amber and platinum for sold 350,000 copies in Mexico. [ 70 ] While continuing with the read sessions for her fifth studio album, Rubio besides hosting the spanish summer diverseness show, Vive El Verano, which premiered in July 1999. The production was broadcast by Antena 3. [ 71 ] She recorded Richard Daniel Roman ‘s the root song to the television show. During the presentation of the television show Rubio said : “ here [ in Spain ] I am known for other circumstances ( her relationship with Ricardo Boffil ), but 20 years of professional life guarantee me. With this first job I want to show how far I can go in this world. ” [ 72 ] At the time, she signed a condense with Universal Music Group and Polydor Records to released her new music. Rubio and her boyfriend, Ricardo Bofill explained on the television usher Tómbola in an April 1999 “ would probably get married. ” They finally did n’t get marry, but on New Year ‘s Eve 1999, they held an african Rite wedding in Mali, Africa. [ 73 ]

2000–2003 : Paulina, Border Girl and modeling [edit ]

Rubio in 2000 In February 2000, Rubio performed her first single released by Universal Music, “ Lo Haré Por Ti “, at the Viña del Mar International Song Festival in Chile. The performance was highly criticed by wardrobe media, [ 74 ] but when the sung was released throughout the Americas and Europe, it received cocksure reviews. Leila Cobo from Billboard praised Rubio ‘s “ rejoinder ” and said “ [ the song is ] an edgy, catchy, wholly fresh runaway. ” [ 75 ] It reached the top 10 in Spain and circus tent 40 in Italy. The music video recording for “ Lo Haré Por Ti ” featured a new-Paulina in revealing bikini and mini skirts, and a hat cowgirl-style which came to be regarded as a crisscross of dash her own. [ 76 ] Rubio released her self-titled fifth studio album, Paulina, on 23 May 2000. She assumed the total creative see, unlike their first three albums with EMI Music, [ 77 ] and collaborated with colombian singer-songwriter and record manufacturer Estéfano to create a “ deduction of the end of the millennium ” in a good that blend through such genres as pop, ranchera, dance, rock candy, rap, bolero, house and wind. Rubio “ had a very clear theme of what I wanted to achieve and express and Estéfano was a capital lead in helping me develop and define that phone. ” [ 78 ] The album garnered critical acclaim, with Steve Huey from Allmusic calling it “ one of her best [ albums ] to date. ” Paulina was honored with four Latin Grammy Awards nominated—including Album of the year and Best Female Pop Vocal Album—and was honored for Premios Ondas for “ her means of applying spectacularity in Latin rhythm. ” [ 79 ] Paulina was a commercial achiever, becoming Rubio ‘s first number-one album on the Billboard Top Latin Albums and Latin Pop Albums. As well, becoming her first album on the US Billboard 200 and Music & Media European Top 100 Albums charts. Paulina became the first Latin pop record by a female mexican artist to receive a gold standard certificate by the Recording Industry Association of America ( RIAA ), for shipments of 500,000 units in United States, [ 80 ] and it was the best sell latin album in 2001 there, [ 81 ] selling over 1 million copies in the US entirely to 2002 [ 82 ] and sold more than 3 million copies worldwide. In Mexico, Paulina becomes in one of the best-selling albums all clock. follow-up unmarried from the album, “ El Último Adiós “, attracted the attention of music critics, who praised ranchera and hip-hop music manner fusion. [ 83 ] The “ ranchera moderna ” pop becomes a trademark of Rubio. [ 84 ] The third single, “ Y Yo Sigo Aquí “, reached number one in over 30 countries, becoming Rubio ‘s most successful individual to date. The one-fourth single, the feminist anthem “ Yo No Soy Esa Mujer “, is considered one of the best songs of the 2000, according to Spin, [ 85 ] while Billboard named it one of the 100 greatest songs of 2001. [ 86 ] The remaining singles— ” Vive El Verano “, “ Sexi Dance “ and “ Tal Vez, Quizá “ —all peaked in the top ten in Latin America and some Europe ‘s country. Rubio ‘s look and style of dressing that showed in her music video recording, and her performances influenced young girls and women. Her vogue became one of the female fashion trends of the 2000s in Latin America. [ 76 ] [ 87 ] She then embarked on a tour across North America and Europe to promote Paulina. [ 88 ] In early-2002, Rubio comeback at the Viña del Mar International Song Festival in Chile, and made a polemic performance. She said Antonio Vodanovic ( festival entertainer ) refused to award him the Antorcha de Plata despite the public ‘s request. Rubio accused him of being butch and explained “ I do n’t need anything material, but the ‘Antorcha ‘ means the burn fire. ” [ 89 ] [ 90 ] besides, performed at the Festivalbar [ 91 ] and Festival di Sanremo in Italy ; Top of the Pops in United Kingdom ang Germany ; Hit Machine in Paris and Wango Tango in U.S. EMI Music released two successful greatest-hits album compilations, Top Hits and I’m So in Love: Grandes Éxitos. The albums entered on the Billboard Top Latin Albums charts and spanish Albums charts .
Rubio released her sixth studio apartment album, Border Girl, in her birthday number 31. The album her beginning foray into English-language pop. Like its harbinger, received acclaim from critics. Jose F. Promis from AllMusic called it “ one of the most interest and international pop albums of 2002. ” In the U.S., Border Girl debuted at numeral eleven on the Billboard 200 albums chart, making her highest-charting album in the region, and was certified Gold by the Recording Industry Association of America ( RIAA ) for shipments of 500,000 copies in the nation. The first single “ Do n’t Say Goodbye “ peaked at number forty-one position on the Billboard Hot 100 and number nine on canadian Singles Chart, while the spanish translation reached number five on the Hot Latin Tracks. The accompanying music video ( directed by The Brothers Strause ) featured the singer riding a futuristic motorbike while look ill-famed leather costume bolshevik. It monetary value of $ 1 million, which makes it the inaugural Mexican to invest that sum in a music video. [ 92 ] “ The One You Love “ was released as the second single reaching number ninety-seven on the Hot 100 while the spanish version, “ Todo Mi Amor ”, reached number five on the Hot Latin Tracks chart, becoming her irregular top five hit from the album. besides, the spanish version of the single “ Casanova “ reached act thirty-seven on the Hot Latin Tracks. Rubio she co-headlined the North America dates of Do n’t Turn Off the Lights Tour mate Latin pop star Enrique Iglesias. [ 93 ] She was honored as the “ mexican artist with Greatest International Projection ” at the Premios Oye ! in Mexico, and the Houston, Texas radio station 104.1 KRBE declared 21 June “ Paulina Day ” in Houston. [ 83 ] As modeling function, Rubio debuted at the fashion show for argentine graphic designer Jorge Ibáñez in Mexico. In late-2002, she signed Elite Model Management of New York, a modeling representation which is reasonably esteemed. Annabel Aucoin, then promoter of means, said “ Paulina is the only Mexican singer who is with us and, in truth, she is an international fame [ … ] But she besides has the smasher and the personality to be in our fame division. ” [ 94 ] For spring 2003 Bacelona ‘s Fashion Week ( Pasarela Gaudí ), Rubio walk at the runways for Totón Comella collection for TCN. [ 95 ] She besides return her host function at the smasher pageant Miss Spain 2003. [ 96 ] Rubio provided guest vocals on Ronan Keating ‘ re-recorded one “ When You Say Nothing at All “. The song was re-title “ When You Say Nothing at All ( Nada Más Que Hablar ) ” due Rubio ‘s spanish whistle, and released in March 2003 .

2004–2008 : Pau-Latina, Ananda, marriage, and controversies [edit ]

After Rubio ‘s separation with Ricardo Bofill in early 2004, [ 97 ] she began dating Mexican actor José María Torre. During that time, she released her seventh studio album, Pau-Latina. The “ futuristic folklore ” record included contributions from Emilio Estefan, Chris Rodríguez, Sergio George, Gaitanes, Marco Antonio Solís, Coti, Jorge Villamizar, Los Tetas and Reyli. [ 98 ] Rubio explained that she “ wanted to do it step by step and identical calmly ; hence the album title ” which means “ latin peace ” in Catalan. [ 99 ] Besides that it is a play on words : “ Pau ”, as all her friends margin call, and “ Latina ”, in honor of his roots. Sarah Bardeen from Rapsody felt that Pau-Latina is “ brilliant ” specially for “ Rubio incorporates elements of blame, reggaeton, flamenco and ranchera while maintaining her own systematically feathery dad sensitivity ” [ 100 ] while Matt Cibula from PopMatters included it in her tilt of the “ best however-many-it-ends-up-being albums of 2004. ” [ 101 ] It became her second album to debut at the clear of the Top Latin Albums chart, and peaked at number 105 on the Billboard 200. Pau-Latina won several awards—including Billboard Latin Music Awards [ 102 ] [ 103 ] and Lo Nuestro Awards —and was nominated for a Latin Grammy for Best Pop Female Vocal Album, and nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Latin Pop Vocal Album. “ Te Quise Tanto “ was released as the jumper cable one from Pau-Latina, and reached number one on the Billboard Hot Latin Songs ; became her biggest single to date, and her first single to reach the top stead on the chart. “ Algo Tienes “ followed as the second single, peaked at phone number one on the Latin Pop Airplay. “ Dame Otro Tequila “ was released as the album ‘s third individual, and became her second number-one single on the Hot Latin Songs. In 2005, “ Mía “ and “ Alma En Libertad ” followed as the album ‘s one-fourth and one-fifth singles, [ 83 ] and reached act eight and number thirty-nine on the Hot Latin Songs, respectively. Rubio ‘s one-third headlining go, the Pau-Latina Tour, began in September 2004 [ 104 ] and concluded in June 2005. [ 105 ] She besides performed at the Viña del Mar International Song Festival in Chile, where last won the Antorcha de Plata at the request of the populace, and after three performances in the past years. Her performance received polarize critics from respective media. Some journalists argue that due to the Rubio ‘s feminist speech when she interpreted “ Yo No Soy Esa Mujer ”, she got the Antorcha de Plata. [ 106 ] Rubio gave a provocative operation as host at the 2004 MTV Video Music Awards Latinoamérica. In a sarcastic speech during the ceremony, she said “ There are many people who believe that I only want to provoke conservatives [ … ] Because I am conservative, identical conservative ” and immediately opened the back of her little mini dress exposing her butt, and showing precisely a crimson g-string t-back. [ 107 ] [ 108 ] The incident was highly publicized. respective media assumed it was a reception by Rubio to those of conservative political orientation in Mexico due few months before, politics leaders in Queretaro, censored a Rubio ‘s dramatic where she posing completely naked on a flannel cavalry and wearing entirely loss sandals from the Andrea, brand whom she had an sanction. [ 109 ] The Chilean press cited the moment as “ [ Rubio ] claiming women ‘s underwear ”. [ 110 ] Some of Rubio ‘s authoritative television performances during Pau-Latina era attracted media attention due her fashion expressive style, specially her provocative skirts tutu-style. Rubio and her personal designer released trade inspired by her skirts through her web site, and title it “ Tutu Pau ”. [ 111 ] She received the Voz del Momento award at the 2004 Premios Juventud, and besides was named People en Español’ ‘s 2005 Star of the Year. [ 112 ] At that time, Rubio appeared on two singles from Coti ‘s album, Esta Mañana Y Otros Cuentos ; she was featured on a duet with Coti, “ Otra Vez ”, and on a collaboration with Coti and Julieta Venegas entitled “ Nada Fue Un Error ”, it concluding was a achiever in Spain and Latin America. After her relationship with José María Torre ended in early 2005, good a few months after, Rubio began dating her future husband spanish entrepreneur Nicolás “ Colate ” Vallejo-Nájera. [ 113 ] The couple became engaged in November 2006. [ 114 ]
Rubio performing on the ASICS Music Festival in Barcelona, 2007 In July 2006, Rubio released “ Ni Una Sola Palabra “, the contribute single from her eighth studio apartment album, Ananda. It became her third gear number one unmarried on the U.S. Billboard Hot Latin Songs ( entered on the Billboard Hot 100 chart ) and reached the atop on iTunes ‘ digital song sales chart in Spain, earning finally it was certified triple platinum by the Productores de Música de España ( PROMUSICAE ). The second and one-third single released from the album, “ Nada Puede Cambiarme “ and “ Ayúdame “, both reached top ten on ¡Tunes digital charts, and “ Nada Puede Cambiarme ” received certified amber in Spain for digital downloads. [ 115 ] [ 116 ] other singles released from the album include “ Que Me Voy A Quedar ” and the digital single ” Me Siento Mucho Más Fuerte Sin Tu Amor ”. Ananda was released on 19 September 2006. [ 117 ] Album ‘s deed is a Sanskrit password which in English means “ Happiness ”, appoint of Rubio ‘s Miami home, where Ananda was recorded. The album reflected a change in her spiritual perception and image. On Ananda, Rubio worked with newfangled producers as Cachorro López, Toy Hernández, Áureo Baqueiro, Ric Wake, Tricky Stewart and Gustavo Santaolalla at the Rubio ‘s dwelling studio in Miami, Florida. The album retakes rock-pop style for Rubio, and incorporates genres such as Latin pop, dance-pop and folk. Ananda garnered critical acclaim, with Jason Birchmeier from Allmuic calling it “ an exceptionally solid collection of 13 manque hits, each concern and please in its own fashion. ” [ 118 ] The album reached at number one on the Billboard Top Latin Albums and Latin Pop Albums. [ 119 ] besides reached at number forty-four on the Billboard 200. The album earned several accolades, including two awards at the 2007 Latin Billboard Music Awards. It was a success in nordic countries. Rubio performed at the Nobel Peace Prize Concert in Oslo, Norway to honor the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize recipient role, Muhammad Yunus. [ 120 ] In early 2007, Rubio recorded the song “ Nena “ as a couple with singer Miguel Bosé, from his album Papito. [ 121 ] It was besides nominated for commemorate of the year at the 8th Annual Latin Grammys. Rubio embarked on her Amor, Luz Y Sonido tour February to September 2007. It was her longest enlistment in Spain. While promoting her enlistment, she married her then fiancé Nicolás “ Colate ” Vallejo-Najera in Xcaret, Mexico. The wedding received several media coverage. It was considered “ the marry of the year ” and they covered the May 2007 exit of ¡Hola! magazine. [ 122 ] [ 123 ] In October 2007, the spanish edition of Cosmopolitan magazine featured her obviously naked underneath a loss, white, and green sheet. A government probe was afford about whether or not she had desecrated Mexico ‘s pin. The Secretariat of the Interior said she may have violated an article in the National Flag, Shield and Anthem Law, which states that “ individual individuals will give the appropriate respect to the national symbol and handle it with wish ”. The offense can be punished by fines ranging from $ 45,000 to $ 50,000 MXN ( Mexican colombian peso ) and imprison time of up to 36 hours. [ 124 ] however, in a publish report, Rubio ‘s mother, said that the artist did not authorize such photos. finally, in February 2008, the mexican Government imposed a fine on Rubio “ l considering that he has disrespected the patriotic symbols. ” [ 125 ] In the meanwhile, Rubio participated in a mega benefit concert event by ALAS Foundation, developed simultaneously in Mexico and Argentina. She performed in Buenos Aires in front of 180,000 people, along with other latin artists. [ 126 ]

2009–2010 : Gran City Pop and motherhood [edit ]

Rubio at Premios Juventud red carpet in July 2009 Rubio performed the sung “ Causa y Efecto “ at the 2009 Latin Billboard Music Awards on 23 April. It was released as the tip single from her ninth studio apartment album, Gran City Pop. The Rubio ‘s rejoinder individual atop on the Billboard Hot Latin Songs for 5 consecutive weeks ; becoming her one-fourth number-one single on the number of her career. As well, “ Causa Y Efecto ” was act one on the Mexican Monitor Latino Chart and spanish Airplay Chart, where certified platinum. Rubio released Gran City Pop, on 23 June 2009. The album is a concept album of a utopian city, “ very earthy and very organic where everything is an amalgam ; a assortment that allows to unite alternatively of divide ”, and was inspired by Miami, Mexico and Madrid. [ 127 ] Mussically, Gran City Pop embrace from pop rock and dance pop, containing influences of Latin styles, electropop, eurodisco and stadium rock ‘n’ roll. The songs were autobiographical in nature and saw Rubio collaborating as songwriter with Coti, Fernando Montesinos, Rafael Vergara, and went back to work with Estefano, after about ten years of working with him on Paulina. Rubio developed as the album ‘s executive manufacturer, along with producers such as Cachorro López, Lester Mendez and Chris Rodriguez. Gran City Pop debuted at number two on the Billboard Latin Albums and number one on the Latin Pop Albums ; and debuted at number forty four on the Billboard 200. Dan Kimpel from Broadcast Music, Inc. complimented the sound of the album, [ 128 ] while Jesús Rodríguez de El País panned as a “ party and woo tailor ‘s draftsman ; pop rhythms, Latin airs, rock guitars, rancheras and tequila, melodious song and disco reasoned. ” [ 129 ] Gran City Pop received certify gold and platinum in different regions for shipments of over 300,000 copies worldwide after one calendar month of released. [ 130 ] [ 131 ] It received a nominating speech at the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards for Best Latin Pop Album, and at the Lo Nuestro Awards for Pop Album of the year. “ Ni Rosas Ni Juguetes “, described as being ranchera/pop with a hip hop beat ( like “ El Último Adiós ” ), was released as the moment single from Gran City Pop on 17 August 2009. It reached top ten the Billboard Hot Latin Songs ; arsenic well in Mexico and Spain. Rubio performing the birdcall in a medley with Cobra Starship ‘s song “ effective Girls Go Bad “, singing along with american dance-pop band at the Los Premios MTV Latinoamérica 2009. The acting won for Best Live Performance at “ Los Premios 2009 ”, voted by the public ; the same night Rubio won the prize for Best Solo Artist. An official remix of “ Ni Rosas Ni Juguetes ” was realized by Pitbull, and was released to mainstream radio receiver. The song made a crossing for early music markets, with a collaboration for the banda genre with Jenni Rivera ; and another for format EDM with Juan Magán. The final single from the album, “ Algo De Ti “, was released on 22 March 2010 in Spain and on 19 May 2010 in the U.S. however, Universal Music Latino subsequently declined to continue forwarding of the song to radio outlets, as a consequence it was unable to chart ; rather released a remixes series by Junior Caldera and Juan Magán to impact the EDM market. Rubio embarked on her Gran City Pop Tour hunt from September 2009 to August 2010. While offering a serial of concerts in Spain in May 2010, she and her husband, Nicolás “ Colate ” Vallejo-Nájera, announced an exclusive for ¡Hola ! that they expected they first child. “ I ‘m going to be a ma … Life has a raw mean. They have merely confirmed the best news program of our lives and by the end of the year we are going to be parents, ” Rubio told the publication. [ 132 ] Rubio stated that if the child was a son, he would be named after his father, Nicolás. If it was a female child, she would be named after Rubio ‘s great-grandmother, Micaela. [ 133 ] On 15 September 2010 Paulina announced on her Twitter page that she was expecting a son. [ 134 ] On 14 November 2010, Rubio and her conserve welcomed their first child, a boy named Andrea Nicolás Vallejo-Nájera Rubio in Miami, Florida. [ 135 ] Prior to the birth, Rubio had planned on having a water birth at home, but was rushed to the hospital and spent the weekend with doctors working to stabilize the health of the baby. hospital staff tried to send Rubio home plate so that she could realize her dream of a natural home birth, but the complications led her aesculapian team to schedule a cesarean delivery. [ 136 ]

2011–2012 : Brava!, and La Voz [edit ]

On 11 January 2011, Rubio ‘s father, Enrique Rubio González, died at the senesce of 67 in a Mexico City hospital. [ 137 ] A consensus of assorted newsworthiness sources attributed his death to kidney bankruptcy. [ 138 ] In February 2011, was confirmed that she would participate on MTV Unplugged : Los Tigres del Norte and Friends, a live album by Los Tigres del Norte. [ 139 ] Rubio and the norteño band performed “ Golpes en el Corazón ”, which was released as the first single off the album on 19 April 2011. [ 140 ] It became in a successful in Mexico, peaking atop the Monitor Latino general charts and the Mexican Airplay Chart from Billboard International. [ 141 ] [ 142 ] At the prison term, she was besides featured in Gloria Trevi ‘s album, Gloria, on the track “ No Al Alguacil ” that expected as the third base single off Trevi ‘s album, but failed to get a released. [ 143 ] Rubio resumed recording sessions on her tenth studio album. [ 144 ] She announced that she wanted to do a Spanglish album is that she wanted to mix the terminology of her home Mexico and the United States. “ I grew up in Mexico, but I ‘ve constantly been between the United States and my nation. This is all done with a wink and a nod to ‘Spanglish ‘ culture, which continues to grow and has a animal foot in both worlds. ” [ 145 ] She stated that this album would be different from all her other albums because being a beget and the death of her church father had inspired her enormously. She besides said that 70 % of the album ‘s songs would be in spanish, while only 30 % in English. [ 146 ] On 15 November 2011, Rubio released her one-tenth studio album, Brava!, and saw collaboration with respective producers, including RedOne and Julio Reyes [ 147 ] The album entered within the top five on Mexico and United States charts, and sold 100,000 copies in these regions. The album ‘s lead single, “ Me Gustas Tanto “, [ 148 ] peaked at number one at the Billboard Hot Latin Songs, becoming Rubio ‘s fifth number-one individual on the chart and making her the five Latin female artist in history to have more number one singles, after Gloria Estefan, Shakira, Selena and Ana Gabriel. The second individual “ Me voy “ was re-worked version featuring the mexican singer-songwriter Espinoza Paz, and released on 14 February 2012, while the promotional single “ Heat Of The Night “ reached issue sixteen on the Billboard Dance Club Songs chart. The postdate months, Rubio released a new deluxe edition of Brava!, reissue entitled Bravísima!, which includes newly songs, and the previously released unmarried “ Boys Will Be Boys “. [ 149 ] The first English-language Rubio ‘s birdcall since “ Do n’t Say Goodbye ” was acclamaid as the “ hymn of the summer ”, [ 150 ] and commercially was a success in Spain, where was certified gold. The music television for the song was directed by Yasha Malekzad and received plus reviews. Latin Magazine mentioned it as one of the 30 sexiest music videos of all time. [ 151 ] The albums was by and large promoted by Brava ! Tour, which lasted from February to October 2012. Rubio performed at the Telehit Awards where she was recognized for her twenty-year career as a solo artist with an award. [ 152 ]

In March 2012, Rubio ‘s husband, Nicolás “ Colate ” Vallejo-Nájera, confirmed their separation, disclosing had been living apart since four months. “ Colate ” filed for divorce from Rubio, [ 153 ] citing irreconcilable differences. [ 154 ] Rubio and “ Colate ” reached a legal agreement to plowshare custody of their son, Andrea Nicolás. [ 155 ] During that fourth dimension, she had started a kinship with the dissenter of La Voz… México, Gerardo Bazúa, whom she met while serving as a coach in the second temper of the contest television receiver series. [ 156 ] [ 157 ] During the second season of La Voz… México’, she participated as a passenger car along with Miguel Bosé, Jenni Rivera, and Beto Cuevas. [ 158 ]

2013–2017 : La Voz Kids, The X Factor, and disassociate court battle [edit ]

In early 2013, Rubio was included on a remix of Juan Magan ‘s song “ Mal De Amores ”. [ 159 ] In the lapp time, Rubio was one of the three coaches for La Voz Kids, the tattle contest for kids from seven to fourteen years old on Telemundo. Although she was initially slated to return for the series ‘ second temper, Telemundo announced that Rubio not return. She then sued Telemundo for alleged breach of contract. [ 160 ] While serving as a coach at La Voz Kids, Rubio appeared in court hearings Miami-Dade Clerk of Courts to meet at court celebrations with her former partner, Nicolás “ Colate ” Vallejo-Nájera. At foremost, Rubio claimed that he did not want to plowshare 50/50 joint custody with “ Colate ” because of his mismanagement as a parent, [ 161 ] but the judge did not relent. [ 162 ] In May 2013, Rubio was hired to replace Britney Spears as a judge for the third season of the U.S. version of The X Factor, joining Simon Cowell, Demi Lovato, and fellow modern judge Kelly Rowland, who replaced L.A. Reid. She became the first Mexican artist estimate on an american cantabile competition serial. Rubio mentored the Boys category ; her final examination work, Carlito Olivero, was finished 3rd in the contest of the temper. [ 163 ] Universal Music released to fall 2013 the first compilation album by Rubio, Pau Factor, spanning greatest hits from her 2000 homonym album to album project Bravísima! The album was ailing promoted, but managed to reach number thirty-seven on the Billboard Top Latin Albums, and total thirteen on the Latin Pop Albums. Rubio beginning teased a raw individual on Valentine ‘s Day in 2014, playing a “ La Bamba “ -esque song “ Cuanto Te Quiero ” with producers in the studio apartment. even though she performed it be several times, the song ‘s dismissal as the album lead individual was cancelled. In an single interview with Mario Lopez in June, Rubio spoke for the first time publicly about his legal divorce battle with “ Colate ” Vallejo-Nájera, and revealed, “ I ‘m not divorced yet. It ‘s been hard to struggle for thus long to sign the papers. It ‘s been heavily for the baby, but hopefully things will be more quieten and more in balance. ” [ 164 ] finally, the divorce was “ made official ” in November 2014, according to a Miami-Dade County Family Court estimate, who replied to Rubio, “ their marriage has been dissolved. ” In the statement at a listen, she asserted that “ Colate ” refused to sign the divorce because she demanded an increase in the pension, [ 165 ] [ 166 ] and it was stipulated that Rubio would pass “ Colate ” a three-year pension of $ 6,750 per calendar month. In December, Rubio guest starred as a novelize version of herself on The CW series, Jane the Virgin. [ 167 ]
In January 2015, Rubio released a new single, “ Mi Nuevo Vicio “ featuring colombian group Morat. It reached phone number one in Spain, [ 168 ] and attained a double platinum certificate for sales of 80,000 copies, [ 169 ] making her the mexican female artist with more streams on Spotify. [ 170 ] Although “ Mi Nuevo Vicio ” was her rejoinder single, and was a success in Latin America, it took Universal Music to give the green unhorse to the singer ‘s eleventh studio album. Rubio ‘s legal battle with “ Collate ” continued in June 2015, when he sued her for non-payment of three months of maintenance, which would break the disassociate regulative agreement they reached in the Miami courts. [ 171 ] That same summer, Rubio co-wrote and collaborated on Juan Magan ‘s song “ Vuelve ”, featuring DCS. [ 172 ] [ 173 ] The birdcall was an unprecedented success in Spain, placing it as number one on Los 40 Principales, [ 174 ] while in Mexico it was certified triple platinum. [ 175 ] In December 2015, Rubio announced in an exclusive for ¡Hola ! she was expecting her moment child, and the first one in common with her partner Gerado Bazúa. The publication was accompanied by photograph of the couple with Rubio ‘s son, Andrea Nicolás. [ 176 ] Following the acquittance of her individual “ Si Te Vas “ in early 2016, Rubio featured in an exclusive for ¡Hola ! to her second child, Eros Rubio Bazúa, who was born on 5 March 2016. She revealed, “ I am writing a new chapter of my life in which family is the most important thing. ” [ 177 ] She stayed away from the phase and media attention for two months, until she reappeared at the Latin Billboard Music Awards. She besides performed at the 3rd Platino Awards, were announced the name of her raw individual, “ Me Quema “. The song was released on 11 November, tentatively as the first unmarried from Rubio ‘s eleventh studio apartment album, [ 178 ] but again Universal Music postponed the turn of the album. Rubio performed “ Me Quema ” at the Telehit Awards 2016 for the first time ; her setlist consisted in do other three hits, and when finished her performance she confused Telehit with MTV. The moment went viral on social media, and was widely criticized by the media. [ 179 ] besides, during the lapp fall of that year, was confirmed that Rubio had ended her relationship with Gerardo Bazúa. [ 180 ] In prediction of releasing a new album, Rubio presented a enlistment of some cities in Mexico in 2017. Universal Music once again cancelled the passing date of the singer ‘s eleventh album .

2018–2020 : Deseo, La Voz Spain, passing from Universal Music, and viral video [edit ]

“ hope ( Me Tienes Loquita ) “ featuring Nacho, the lead individual from her eleventh studio album, [ 181 ] was released on 25 May 2018. [ 182 ] Its irregular unmarried “ Suave Y Sutil “ followed four months later. The album, titled Deseo, was released on 14 September 2018. The album received assorted reviews, [ 183 ] and debuted at numeral thirteen on the Billboard Latin Pop Albums. [ 184 ] Rubio further promoted the album with a reissue. These “ especial edition ” were followed by the single “ Ya No Me Engañas ” in April 2019. additionally she promoted Deseo in several television receiver shows and specials concerts. [ 185 ] The album was certified gold in Chile. [ 186 ] Rubio returned to the talents shows as a judge and coach in January 2019 in the sixth season of spanish version of La Voz ; her concluding act, Ángel Cortés, was finished 4rd in the rival of the season. Rubio distinguished herself by being the lone womanhood on the coach team. [ 187 ] She was considered a right guess in La Voz, [ 188 ] because the rate of Antena 3 ‘s production rose well compared to late seasons. The newspaper of La Razón mentioned “ [ Rubio ] is the face that most contrasts with the rest of the members of the jury of the program. The moost external character gives big effect to the evaluations and makes ‘La Voz ‘ delaware España have much more travel outside of our nation. ” [ 189 ] In the play along months, she continued as a coach in La Voz Senior, a version for people over 60 who are facing a new opportunity in their lives in which music has constantly been deliver. [ 190 ] [ 191 ] Rubio besides embarked on Deseo Tour, which began in June and ended in December 2019. After releasing her promotional single “ Si Supieran “, respective media announced that Rubio and his 20-year-old record pronounce, Universal Music, had signed a reciprocal employment termination agreement. indeed, “ Si Supieran ” was released outside of Universal Music. The rumors intensified after a Rolling Stone article was published citing Rubio ‘s words as the headline : “ I Am My own Boss nowadays ”, [ 192 ] therefore confirming the rumors. But that was not the only controversy that accompanied “ Si Supieran ”, the birdcall was a reception to what her early partners, Nicolás “ Colate ” Vallejo-Nájera and Gerado Bazúa, talked about her in the media ; evidencing that both conspired to tarnish Rubio ‘s public trope. [ 193 ] [ 194 ] A alike message was displayed on her irregular single released without the Universal Music label, “ De Qué Sirve ”. The independent sung is a trap -ranchera marriage proposal with pop overtones. [ 195 ] In March 2020, Rubio joined with Mexican musician Raymix in the song “ Tú Y Yo “. It reached number one in Mexico, giving Rubio her first number one on the Monitor Latino graph since “ Golpes En El Corazón ” nine years ahead. “ Tú Y Yo ” was certified platinum for sold 60,000 copies and won Cumbia Song of the Year – regional Mexican at the 33rd Lo Nuestro Awards. [ 196 ] On 16 April 2020, Rubio performed a solo some of her hits as separate of the One World: Together At Home virtual concert, a benefit event by Global Citizen to raise funds for the World Health Organization ‘s COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund. [ 197 ] Her performance received far-flung negative critics due to her strange behavior that developed during the performance, forgetting the lyrics of her own songs and wearing a very tousle trope. several media and viewers attributed her hapless coordination of the virtual concert and her strange behavior to the abuse of alcoholic beverages or drugs. The video recording was viral on social media, and two days subsequently Rubio posted a video recording on her Instagram account mocking the here and now. But the controversial video prompted her children ‘s parents to take steps to request hands of their children. [ 198 ] [ 199 ] [ 200 ] however, the Miami court judge refused to proceed because it could not be proven that Rubio had been under the influence of drugs. [ 201 ] On 7 October 2020, Rubio shared a television on Instagram talking about the controversial viral video, she explained that “ what started as a live concert to participate in a social enterprise, turned out to be one of the worst days of my liveliness. It was hideous, but I learned from it. ” [ 202 ] [ 203 ] She besides addressed rumors as to whether she was under the influence of any drugs while singing, confirming that “ much of what has been said about me is a lie. ” [ 204 ] Despite media scrutiny and public public opinion about the viral television, some respect journalists empathized with Rubio. The spanish writer Lucía Etxebarría said that Rubio “ has not known a normal childhood or a normal adolescence and that she has been overextended all her biography. ” She besides examined the dislocation of Britney Spears in 2007 using it as an exemplar as a case of dangerous media exposure. “ If we have understood that Britney had a collapse because she could not bear all the blackmail, we probably understand that Paulina Rubio has been subjected to pressure all her life that no one should impose on a child, ” Etxebarría explained. [ 205 ]

2021–present : New music and touring rejoinder [edit ]

On 18 September 2021, Rubio rejoinder to the stage at the Miami Beach Pride where headlining that festival. [ 206 ] [ 207 ] She performed some of her hits and was crowned as “ Gay Queen ”. [ 208 ] The same day, Rubio announced her fresh single “ Yo Soy “ on her social media. It was released 14 October 2021 through Sony Music, her raw record pronounce. [ 209 ] Throughout the media, she has become known as “ La Reina Dorada ” ( “ The Golden Queen ” ), with which she wishes to assert herself in the music industry as a mature artist. [ 210 ]

art [edit ]

music critics considered Madonna as Rubio ‘s bigger influence .

Influences [edit ]

Rubio explained that she first became concern in entertainment during her childhood, chiefly influenced by the fame of her mother, iconic actress Susana Dosamantes : “ I did not become celebrated for being in a group Timbiriche, I have been celebrated since I was born. ” [ 211 ] She has besides commented that when her mother offered interviews, she always was the beginning to look smasher for receive the reporters. Rubio claimed that she “ sing in presence of the mirror ” songs by Daniela Romo, Camilo Sesto, Juan Gabriel, José José, Mecano and Miguel Bosé. In a special television show for Univision, she claimed that “ my first association to music was with The Beatles “ and her first base connection with the rock and roll was with Queen when they first base performed in Mexico in 1981, during a concert with her dad in Puebla. She said that “ To see Freddie Mercury go out ( on stage ) with his sequin capes … I dreamed of going out like him and doing that operation. ” [ 212 ] Various music critics have denoted the strong rock charm on Rubio ‘s music. The american media has cited Madonna as being major Rubio ‘s influence in her career, specially for her imagen and tour concepts. [ 213 ] flush though she claims to have invented the “ far west ” aesthetic before Madonna in 2000s, Music & Media assured, “ Rubio is in fact a latin replica of Madonna, complete with a picaresque face, blond hair, cowboy hat, and mini -skirt that is in fact a broad belt-indeed. ” [ 214 ] In a HuffPost Live consultation in 2014, Alyona Minkovski asked him what he thought about the media and fans calling her “ latin Madonna ”, Rubio replied “ I love Madonna [ … ] she is firm, she is a warrior and she is an inspiration. ” [ 215 ] however, Rubio has formed her own identity and musical style throughout her career. Luca Villa from Rolling Stone rectified that “ like America ‘s Madonna, she has reinvented herself with every new release. ” [ 192 ] Rubio has been inspired by and compared to Madonna and Marilyn Monroe throughout her career. She received negative comments when she posted a position on Instagram where she sported the same look from the movie Gentlemen Prefer Blondes that starred Monroe in 1953 and former Madonna recreated in the video recording for her single “ Material Girl “ in 1985. [ 216 ] Writing the revue of Rubio ‘s 2004 appearance at the Auditorio Nacional ( Mexico ) of his Pau-Latina World Tour, spanish diarist Jesús Quintero suggested that like Madonna Rubio overflows with sensuality on degree “ always in ménage à trois. ” [ 217 ] The Inflooenz web site has cited respective female artists who have influenced Rubio ‘s music as Ana Gabriel, Gloria Estefan, Selena, Lucía Méndez, Verónica Castro, María del Sol and Janet Jackson. [ 218 ]

musical style and themes [edit ]

While Rubio incorporates an “ eclectic ” melodious proposal, [ 219 ] in different points of her discography has been described as Latin-style toss off, [ 220 ] dance-pop, [ 221 ] pop-rock [ 222 ] and electronic. [ 223 ] She is known for giving Latin music a raw avant-garde healthy, as in her song “ El Último Adiós ”, where she set a new criterion in her melodious career by combining mariachi and ranchera stylus with pop music and hip hop. She has commented that “ in music, there are no rules. Like painting, you can mix colors and textures. I feel very detached to perform dance, rock candy and whatever else I want. ” [ 224 ] Rubio has besides experimented with genres such as folklore, regional Mexican and urban. [ 225 ] Rubio has described her music as “ fun ” and “ cover girl ”. Through her songs, she involves themes of everyday life and feminist hymn, but always inspired by sleep together. She told ¡Hola ! : “ In my music you can find cattiness, nostalgia, joy, euphoria, but constantly inspired by love, the only feel that makes me live, breathe. ” [ 24 ] She has besides stated that although the lyrics of her songs “ are simple, ” she tries to offer a bit of poetry. [ 226 ] Mexican writer Zeth Arellano considers that both Rubio ‘s music and lyricality “ encompasses all the extremes of emotions ”. [ 227 ]

Public persona [edit ]

On social media, Rubio was most follow Mexican person on Twitter between 2011 and 2019. She was included in Forbes number “ Celebrity 100 : chirrup ‘s most-followed superstars ” tilt in 2015. [ 14 ] Since 2021, she is the third gear most stick to Mexican person on Twitter. [ 228 ] Rubio ‘s shows are besides known to be expensive. In 2005, her operation at the Viña del Mar International Song Festival was considered one of the most “ expensive ”. [ 229 ] Her performance at the Santa Cruz de Tenerife gala in Spain in February 2020 became the most expensive performance ever paid by an artist at the event. The carnival councilor disclosed that “ the Mexican singer was offered 103,000 euros for an 8-minute performance. ” [ 230 ] [ 231 ]

fashion and media [edit ]

Throughout her career, Rubio has chosen team who attempt to create a new “ expression ” for her, and the resulting have appeared in a diverseness of magazines, from the cutting edge in the music entertainment Rolling Stone to the more traditionally sophisticated Vogue and Vanity Fair, making the Rubio face and name known to a broad compass of people in unlike sectors. [ 232 ] In 2002 was chosen the year ‘s “ most beautiful ” cover girlfriend of People En Español. She was having a crossover voter moment with her English-language album Border Girl [ 233 ] and in 2005 Rubio decked up with others female celebrities of white and diamonds from Tiffany ‘s for the “ 50 most beautiful ” cover. [ 234 ] By 2000, Rubio was considered to have achieved a degree of melodious credibility for having reinvented both musically and aesthetically as pop picture. She then became a more sophisticate performer with a coquettish and playful persona attracted fresh fans all around the world. Alberto Pinteño, of the spanish edition of Vanity Fair, described the singer as “ that halo of a star that becomes an icon, for better or worse. ” [ 235 ] Midi dresses became an substantive separate of her wardrobe and she was already encouraged to be more sensual in front of her viewers. Her Paulina era led to some media outlets referring to her as “ Latin Madonna “ for the big influence of the american artist in her video recording, and like her, sensuality became a stronger element in her music video recording and shows. [ 236 ] The staff of the Mexican edition of Vogue wrote that “ [ her ] eminent heels, miniskirts, sun-kissed skin and curl up that billowed in the scent were separate of her personal trademark. ” [ 237 ] The spanish magazine Hola! wrote that “ with her usual cowboy hat and miniskirts, [ Rubio created ] a style among the youngest girls. ” [ 76 ] At that time, she began to associate with the feminist drift and press out it through her music and concerts. The spanish diarist Igor Cubillo by El País wrote that her music is a “ fresh rule ” in cohesion to “ good overwork physical attractiveness, to her exaltation of feminine pride and the aforesaid latin fashion ” that made her a crop up leading that all the girls “ want to look like her. ” [ 238 ] Writing for the Houston Chronicle, Chuy Varela described “ Every generation has its symbols and icons, prophets and elders. Rubio is to her generation what Maria Felix was to hers. But during Felix ‘s day, mexican women were expected to be more subservient and bourgeois. Rubio represents a more endow, self-determined Mexican womanhood who is proud to be glamorous. ” [ 23 ] In 2006, she was ranked 12 on E! Entertainment’s 25 Sexiest Pop Divas in the world list. [ 239 ] She was besides named one of the Latina’s The 60 Sexiest Mexicans in Hollywood in 2018. [ 240 ] Rubio was defined as a arouse symbol after posing half naked or scantily clad in men ‘s magazines like GQ, Maxim and MAN. In 2007, she was ranked sixty seven on FHM Magazine Spain ‘s 100 Sexiest Women list. [ 241 ] The media at the time attributed Rubio ‘s arouse invoke as a double-edged sword to sell an album and attract attention. In September 2021, Hard Rock & Casino Hotel Punta Cana in Dominican Republic unveiled its exhibition of fame items, in which it includes a feature Rubio costume. [ 242 ] For their separate, many journalists and critics have assured that Rubio ‘s great achiever has besides been influenced by the events of her personal life sentence. Since she began her career, the public had a bang-up interest in exploring her personal life. El País diarist Elena Reina says that her success has been thanks to a “ brilliant commercialize scheme based on her private animation. ” [ 243 ] Rubio is regarded as a gay picture. The staff of the spanish women ‘s cartridge holder MujerdeElite wrote “ [ Rubio ] was one of the first singers in the 1990s to incorporate gay images in her music video ” referring to the music video for “ Enamorada ”, where she shows a homosexual couple. The issue quoted, “ Since then, she has been the prima donna of option for her cheerful, infectious music, full of amorousness and sex. ” [ 244 ] She has been crowned “ Gay Queen ” in different cities in the United States and Latin America. [ 245 ]

impact and bequest [edit ]

Rubio has been recognised with many honorific nicknames. When she released her debut alone album La Chica Dorada in the early 1990s, several media gave her the entitle of the album. Since then, she has been known as “ La Chica Dorada ” ( “ The Golden Girl ” ), particularly in Mexico and Latin America. By 2000, Rubio achieved internationalization in Europe with her album Paulina, then the spanish crush named her “ El Huracán Mexicano ” ( “ The Mexican Cyclone ” ). [ 214 ] During that time, the media besides called her “ Madonna Latina ” [ 246 ] [ 247 ] specially in United States and Mexico, ascribable to the great similarity of her music video and provocative shows with the american english artist. Rubio was consecrated as an international music star in 2000, and was referred as the “ Queen of Latin Pop ”. In 2014, while serving as a coach on the third season of The X Factor, the Fox television network cemented her title as “ Queen of Latino Pop ” referring to her as “ the Mexican ace who has sold millions of records, she ‘s blue. ” [ 248 ] According to the critic José Noé Mercado, Rubio is an icon of start culture in Latin America, and thanks to the achiever of her career “ she helps us understand the now of our musical status in the pop and flush rock world. ” [ 249 ] Los Angeles Times’ s Alicia Civita included her in her article on “ Latina Women on the War Foot in a Male-Dominated music industry ” and said that Rubio along with her three other countrywomen of her coevals “ have managed to beat time with their proposals in order to maintain a certain cogency with collaborations with exponents of the newly generations. ” [ 250 ] Rubio identifies as a feminist, and is considered a “ feminist icon ”. [ 251 ] On feminist movement in Mexico she has mentioned to Los Angeles Times in 2002, “ the stereotype of the Mexican charwoman as delicate, full of children and powerless has completely disappeared. I believe I am a charwoman with a potent character who knows the measure of discipline and finality. ” [ 252 ] spanish journalist Lorena Maldonado from on-line newspaper El Español wrote “ The Mexican, by dint of a summer birdcall and playful music, has more than once put the points on the one ‘s with brawny lyrics ”, cite Rubio ‘s most feminist songs like “ Yo No Soy Esa Mujer ”, “ Causa Y Efecto ” y “ Ni Rosas Ni Juguetes ”. [ 253 ] In 2002 Premios Oye ! recognized Rubio as “ mexican artist with Greatest International Projection ”. [ 254 ] Univision included her in their list of “ Most potent Latinos ” and “ 25 most influential mexican musicians ” en 2008 and 2011, respectively., [ 255 ] She is the fifth female Latin artist on the Billboard Hot Latin Songs chart with the most number-one singles. [ 256 ] Rubio ‘s work has influenced artists as Eiza Gonzalez [ 257 ] and Taboo. [ 258 ] [ 259 ]

other ventures [edit ]

Rubio in the Koleston 2014 campaign

intersection and endorsements [edit ]

In 2002, Rubio signed a promotional consider with Dr Pepper ‘s “ Be You ” advertising campaign. She filming a 30-second spot with Celia Cruz. [ 260 ] In 2003, she signed a batch with Mexican shoe company Andrea to be their expression for at least three years. The promotional deal extended until 2007. [ 261 ] In 2007, she launched her own lipstick in partnership with MAC Cosmetics titled “ Rubia ”. Paulina stated, “ I love wearing makeup and use MAC products on stagecoach and off, it ‘s suitable for all occasions. I was thrilled when M.A.C approached me to create a newly shade of lipstick and I immediately thought it should be a boldface, vibrant flat lipstick that will look sexy on all women. ” [ 262 ] Rubio launched her own aroma titled “ ORO ”. [ 263 ] The bouquet was released and created in concurrence with Oracle Beauty Brands. Rubio was the first base Latin artist to partnered with the caller in a aroma. [ 264 ] ORO is a “ bouquet is for women like me who believe in themselves ; are impregnable, fun and irregular, yet tender and loving. I put so much creativity and love into this bouquet, I feel as if a drop of me is in each and every bottle to be shared with my fans and all women. ” [ 265 ] ORO was put on sale in on-line stores in June 2009, a well as in large commercial chains such as Walmart and CVS Pharmacy in most of America countries and Spain. [ 264 ] In October 2013, Rubio designed and launched an exclusive line of “ animal, modern and casual ” maxi bags, heels, eminent boots and booties in collaboration with JustFab. The collection inspired by the artist ‘s own stylus [ 266 ] sold more than 10,000 pairs in equitable three weeks. [ 267 ] The collaboration lasted until 2014. [ 268 ] Rubio has besides ventured out into modeling. She has walked on runways of events and the New York Fashion Week from designers such as Alvin Valley, [ 269 ] Gaudí, Roberto Cavalli, Kiff-Kiff, Hernán Zajar [ 270 ] among others. The singer is besides signed under Elite Model Management, a model agency. [ 271 ] [ 272 ] Rubio was the “ boldness ” of the opening campaign for the french fashion house Louis Vuitton in Latin America in 2006. [ 273 ] She besides has a restaurant in Miami Beach called L’Entrecote de Paris. [ 274 ] In August 2010, when Rubio was five months meaning with her beginning child, she was separate of a campaign to promote the consumption of Got Milk ? in Latin America. She appeared aboard her mother, Susana Dosamantes, in the photograph of the ad campaign. [ 275 ] In February 2006, Rubio starred in an ad for Ron Pomalca, for which there was an expensive contract of around $ 150,000. A commercial was filmed in Miami, and for the musicalization the hit “ Algo Tienes ” was covered. [ 276 ] [ 277 ] Since 2021, she has once again been a post ambassador for an alcoholic beverage stigmatize, Get Hot Tequila, produced in the lands of Jalisco, Mexico. [ 278 ]

Philanthropy and human-centered work [edit ]

In 2007, Paulina joined the Latino Commission on AIDS, an organization in the crusade against the spread HIV/AIDS in the Latino residential district. Paulina became the first “ mexican Madrina ” to partner with the organization. Paulina stated, “ It is important to make our voice hear and try to bring back some of the care that the community shares each day ”. [ 279 ] On 17 May 2008, Paulina performed at the ALAS concert ( América Latina en Acción Solidaria ). The organization ‘s mission is to strengthen and expand public and private sector confirm for early Childhood Development in Latin America. [ 280 ] In 2009, the singer received realization from the American Heart Association for her work with the organization. Rubio besides performed at the event to raise funds. [ 281 ] On 3 December 2009, Paulina held a press league announcing the creation of an constitution in partnership with the Lili Claire Foundation to provide aid to children living with neurological disorders and their families. [ 282 ] Fundación Paulina Rubio is a project inspired by children in pain as a result of homelessness, birth defects, and miss of education among early baneful plights that many front today. By directing funds through other preexistent organizations, such as The Lili Claire Foundation, children will receive a singular and comprehensive blend of support services including checkup and behavioral genetics clinics, psychosocial rede, advocacy services, information libraries, and community outreach that will ultimately help improve the lives of families and children living with neurogenetic disorders. [ 283 ] In 2010, Rubio hosted the Paulina & Friends exclusive benefit concert for The Lili Claire Foundation which showcased musicians such as Luis Fonsi, Aleks Syntek, Noel Schajris, Reik and Fanny Lú. The purpose of the event was to raise funds to build a family resource center. “ My friends mean everything to me and I am happy to have the opportunity to share the stage with them to support this big induce. All of them are excellent musicians and I know that as constantly, they ‘ll do their best to make this an unforgettable night ”, said the singer. Jeff Simmons, residential district relations coach for The Lili Claire Foundation said, “ I ‘m in truth surprised to see the act of artists who continue to join in on this big event, it ‘s in truth a consecrate. Their contribution to the Paulina & Friends concert is dramatic and the Lili Claire Foundation will be constantly grateful ”. [ 284 ] In 2018, Rubio appeared in a PETA television reminding people not to leave animals or children in parked cars. [ 285 ]

discography [edit ]

Tours [edit ]

Solo tours
As supporting act
  • Enrique Iglesias’ Don’t Turn off the Lights Tour (2002)

Filmography [edit ]

  • El Día del Compadre (1983)
  • Noche de Terrock y Brujas (1987)
  • Bésame En La Boca (1995)
  • Nietzsche (2003)
  • Pledge This! (2006)

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