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Season of television receiver series
The X Factor is a british television receiver music rival to find new singing endowment. The second series ran from 20 August to 17 December 2005. [ 1 ] Shayne Ward became the winner and Louis Walsh emerged as the winning mentor. The second gear series was longer than the first, with seven acts in each of the three categories going to the judges ‘ homes, and 12 acts in the finals alternatively of 9. Kate Thornton returned as presenter of the chief show on ITV and Ben Shepherd presented the by-product show The Xtra Factor on ITV2, while Simon Cowell, Sharon Osbourne and Walsh returned as judges. 75,000 people auditioned for the series.

On the back of their performances and popularity in the competition, Ward ( winner ), Andy Abraham ( runner-up ), Journey South ( third base place ) and Maria Lawson ( 8th place ) landed recording contracts. Chico Slimani ( fifth topographic point ) besides released a single which topped the UK Singles Chart. Aired on 24 September 2005, the mentor selection was made, with Cowell in charge of Groups, Osbourne with the 25 and overs and Walsh managing the 16–24s. The bootcamp stages were shown on 1 October 2005, and those who got through were taken to the “ judges ‘ homes ”. [ citation needed ]

Judges, presenters and other personnel.

Simon Cowell, Sharon Osbourne and Louis Walsh returned as judges, quashing rumours that Osbourne and Walsh might not return for fiscal reasons. Kate Thornton besides returned as presenter of the main display on ITV and Ben Shephard returned as donor of by-product express The Xtra Factor on ITV2. Yvie Burnett joined the appearance as vocal music coach .

excerpt procedure.

The auditions episodes were broadcast on 20 August 27 August 3 September 10 September 17 and 24 September 2005. The first base two episodes of Bootcamp aired on 1 October 2005 and the concluding two the following week on 8 October 2005 .

Bootcamp Tasks per Category

16-24s : localization : artsdepot task 1 Songs :
tax 2 Songs : The 21 remaining contestants in the 16-24s category were divided into three groups of 7 with one birdcall in each of the groups. Each contestant then performed their choose birdcall solo in presence of Louis and his team. The songs were .
Groups : localization : An Manor House within the Oxfordshire countryside. job 1 : Perform both an uptempo and a boring sung to show versatility. job 2 : Learn one birdcall of their choice within an hour and then perform it to Simon and his team. Over 25s : location : Café de Paris job 1 : Perform a song of their choice to Sharon and the rest of the contestants. task 2 : Choose a sung from an number of five and learn it overnight to perform for a place in Judges Houses. The songs performed during this round were :

Judges Houses Performances
  • Contestant highlighted in bold advanced.

Over 25s :
Groups :

Summary of judges’ houses[ citation needed]
Judge Category Location Acts Eliminated
Cowell Groups Marbella 4th Base
Eskimo Blonde
The Brothers
Osbourne Over 25s Beverly Hills Richie Glynn
Joanne Hindley
Haifa Kayali
Walsh 16-24s Dublin James Bellamy
Alexandra Burke
Trevor Hodgson


Key :

– Winner
– Runner-Up

alive shows.

The bouncy shows began on 15 October 2005, and the final was air live on 17 December 2005 .

Results compendious.

Colour key

Act in team simon Act in team Sharon Act in team Louis

 – Act was in the bottom two and had to sing again in the final showdown
 – Act received the fewest public votes and was immediately eliminated (no final showdown)
 – Act received the most public votes
Weekly results per act
Act Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Quarter-Final Semi-Final Final
First Vote Second Vote
Shayne Ward Safe 1st Safe Safe Safe 2nd Safe Safe Safe Safe Winner
Andy Abraham 1st Safe 1st Safe Safe 1st Safe Safe Safe Safe Runner-Up
Journey South Safe Safe Safe Safe 2nd 4th Safe Safe Safe 3rd Eliminated
Brenda Edwards Safe Safe Safe Safe 3rd 5th Safe Safe 4th Eliminated
Chico Slimani Bottom Two Safe Bottom Two Safe Safe 3rd Bottom Two 5th Eliminated
The Conway Sisters Safe Safe Safe Safe 8th 7th Bottom Two Eliminated
(week 7)
Nicholas Dorsett Safe Safe Safe Bottom Two 1st 6th Eliminated
(week 6)
Maria Lawson Safe Safe Safe 1st 7th Eliminated
(week 5)
Chenai Zinyuku Safe Bottom Two Safe Bottom Two Eliminated
(week 4)
Phillip Magee Safe Safe Bottom Two Eliminated
(week 3)
4Tune Safe Bottom Two Eliminated
(week 2)
Addictiv Ladies Bottom Two Eliminated
(week 1)
Final Showdown Addictiv Ladies,
The Conway Sisters,
The Conway Sisters,
The Conway Sisters,
No final showdown or judges’ votes; results were based on public votes alone
Walsh’s vote to eliminate (16-24s) Addictiv Ladies 4Tune Slimani Zinyuku Lawson The Conway Sisters N/A
Osbourne’s vote to eliminate (Over 25s) Addictiv Ladies 4Tune Magee Dorsett The Conway Sisters Dorsett The Conway Sisters
Cowell’s vote to eliminate (Groups) Slimani Zinyuku Magee Zinyuku Lawson Dorsett The Conway Sisters
Eliminated Addictiv Ladies
2 of 3 votes
2 of 3 Votes
Phillip Magee
2 of 3 votes
Chenai Zinyuku
2 of 3 votes
Maria Lawson
2 of 3 votes
Nicholas Dorsett
2 of 3 votes
The Conway Sisters
2 of 2 votes
Chico Slimani
Public vote
to save
Brenda Edwards
Public vote
to save
Journey South
Public vote
to save
Andy Abraham
Public vote
to win

^1 For the merely clock time in The X Factor history, a estimate made an unforced decision to eliminate one of their own acts over another judge ‘s act.
^2 Walsh was not required to vote as there was a majority.
^3 In Lawson ‘s 2008 autobiography, Life Starts Now, she revealed she had topped the vote the workweek before her elimination.
^4 According to vote figures published in the Sunday Mirror, Lawson turned out to have received doubly deoxyadenosine monophosphate many public votes as the Conway Sisters.
^5 Some of the vote results were besides published in the like edition of the Sunday Mirror, the full vote results of the one-sixth week, Dorsett turned out to have topped the fifth week, Abraham topped the inaugural, third base and sixth weeks and Ward topped the second workweek.

Live show details.

week 1 ( 15 October ).

  • Best bits song: “That’s What Friends Are For”
Judges’ votes to eliminate
  • Cowell: Chico Slimani – said that the judges had to pick the real talent over a “joke act”, effectively backing his own act, Addictiv Ladies.
  • Osbourne: Addictiv Ladies – backed her own act, Chico Slimani, whose performance she said was more exciting.
  • Walsh: Addictiv Ladies – said that Slimani had the all-round entertainment package.

week 2 ( 22 October ).

  • Best bits song: “You Are Not Alone”
Judges’ votes to eliminate
  • Cowell: Chenai Zinyuku – gave no reason, though effectively backed his own act, 4Tune.
  • Walsh: 4Tune – gave no reason, though effectively backed his own act, Chenai Zinyuku.
  • Osbourne: 4Tune – said that Zinyuku had a better chance of selling records.

workweek 3 ( 29 October ).

  • Best bits song: “Amazed”
Judges’ votes to eliminate
  • Osbourne: Phillip Magee – gave no reason, though effectively backed her own act, Chico Slimani.
  • Walsh: Chico Slimani – gave no reason, though effectively backed his own act, Phillip Magee.
  • Cowell: Phillip Magee – said that he was gradually getting used to Slimani’s “entertainment factor”.

workweek 4 ( 5 November ).

  • Best bits song: “Wishing on a Star”
Judges’ votes to eliminate
  • Osbourne: Nicholas Dorsett – said that Zinyku deserved her place in the competition more.
  • Cowell: Chenai Zinyuku – said that Dorsett had not been in the bottom two previously and deserved a second chance.
  • Walsh: Chenai Zinyuku – said that it was a tough decision to choose between his own acts.

workweek 5 ( 12 November ).

  • Best bits song: “Didn’t We Almost Have It All”
Judges’ votes to eliminate
  • Osbourne: The Conway Sisters – gave no reason, though effectively backed her own act, Maria Lawson.
  • Cowell: Maria Lawson – gave no reason, though effectively backed his own act, The Conway Sisters.
  • Walsh: Maria Lawson – went with his heart.

Walsh ‘s decision to eliminate Lawson caused controversy when Osbourne accused Walsh of being partially of the “ irish Mafia ”, since both he and The Conway Sisters are Irish. Cowell, though backed his own act to eliminate Lawson, said that if he had to go with his affection, he would have sent his own act home. He felt they would not have a prospect to win, and that Lawson had more talent and her elimination would be the first one that the public would disagree with. however, voting statistics revealed that Lawson received more votes than The Conway Sisters which meant that if the leave went to deadlock, The Conway Sisters would have been eliminated .

week 6 ( 19 November ).

  • Best bits song: “End of the Road”
Judges’ votes to eliminate
  • Walsh: The Conway Sisters – gave no reason, though effectively backed his own act, Nicholas Dorsett.
  • Cowell: Nicholas Dorsett – backed his own act, The Conway Sisters.
  • Osbourne: Nicholas Dorsett – gave no reason.

however, voting statistics revealed that Dorsett received more votes than The Conway Sisters which meant that if the consequence went to deadlock, The Conway Sisters would have been eliminated .

workweek 7 ( 26 November ).

  • Best bits song: “You Raise Me Up”
Judges’ votes to eliminate
  • Osbourne: The Conway Sisters – gave no reason, though effectively backed her own act, Chico Slimani.
  • Cowell: The Conway Sisters – said that both acts deserved to be in the bottom two, but felt Slimani had an entertainment value and voted to eliminate The Conway Sisters despite them being his own act. This became the first time ever in the history of the show that a mentor decided to eliminate his own act over the act from another category.
  • Walsh was not required to vote as there was already a majority.

week 8 : Quarter-Final ( 3 December ).

  • Best bits song: “Hero”

The quarter-final did not feature a concluding confrontation and alternatively the act with the fewest public votes, Chico Slimani, was automatically eliminated. After his elimination, Slimani reprised his performance of “ Time Warp ” as his die song .

workweek 9 : Semi-Final ( 10 December ).

  • Best bits song: “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me”

The semi-final did not feature a final confrontation and alternatively the act with the fewest public votes, Brenda Edwards, was mechanically eliminated. After her elimination, Edwards reprised her performance of “ Without You ” as her passing sung .

week 10 : Final ( 17 December ).



Episode Air date Official ITV1 rating[2] Weekly rank[2]
Auditions 1 20 August 6.72 13
Auditions 2 27 August 7.48 10
Auditions 3 3 September 7.75 9
Auditions 4 10 September 7.29 12
Auditions 5 17 September 9.79 5
Auditions 6 24 September 10.04 8
Bootcamp 1 1 October 8.93 9
Bootcamp 2 8.96 8
Judges’ houses 1 8 October 9.09 10
Judges’ houses 2 9.96 7
Live show 1 15 October 7.87 14
Live results 1 8.96 11
Live show 2 22 October 8.47 12
Live results 2 9.02 8
Live show 3 29 October 8.60 9
Live results 3 9.52 6
Live show 4 5 November 7.76 13
Live results 4 7.51 14
Live show 5 12 November 9.09 10
Live results 5 8.99 12
Live show 6 19 November 8.95 12
Live results 6 8.76 13
Live show 7 26 November 8.45 21
Live results 7 9.13 14
Live show 8 3 December 10.00 9
Live results 8 8.95 18
Live show 9 10 December 7.80 16
Live results 9 8.48 14
Live final 17 December 9.65 7
Live final results 9.90 6


elimination of Maria Lawson and “ irish Mafia ”.

After the final examination confrontation in workweek 5, controversy was created around the judges ‘ vote process when Walsh cast the deciding vote to keep The Conway Sisters, who are irish, in the show at the expense of Maria Lawson. Osbourne by and by claimed that Lawson was the victim of the “ irish Mafia ” after Walsh chose to keep The Conway Sisters in. When the vote statistics were revealed at the end of the series, Lawson was revealed to have received doubly a many public votes as The Conway Sisters. [ 3 ] Osbourne ‘s “ irish Mafia ” remark resulted in an investigation by media regulator Ofcom over Osbourne ‘s “ irish Mafia ” remark, however on 9 January 2006, Ofcom cleared Osbourne of any error. [ 4 ]

Louis Walsh.

rumor by and by circulated that Walsh had quit the show after being humiliated and “ bullied ” by Osbourne and Cowell. In summation to the media scandalization at his choice to eliminate Lawson, there were verbal assaults. furthermore, on 19 November, during the one-sixth live read of the series, Osbourne threw water over Walsh live on breeze after he asked her, “ Are you on drugs ? Are you taking Ozzy ‘s drugs ? ” at the start of her ( positive ) review of Journey South ‘s operation of Robbie Williams ‘ 1997 hit individual “ Angels “. [ 5 ] Cowell apparently “ begged ” Walsh to come back and, in the event, Walsh did turn up for the adjacent show ; it was stated that he had indeed leave office wednesday but had been persuaded to return. He explained how he had felt he could not take the press any more, and denied that the sequence was a publicity stunt. [ 6 ]


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