Faktor A ( in Russian Фактор А ) is the second russian adaptation of The X Factor television endowment appearance franchise. Having broadcast on Rossiya 1from 2011 to 2013, the display is named Faktor A ( rather than Faktor X ), with the letter “ A ” choose in honor of Alla Pugacheva, head of the jury. Faktor A debuted in 2011 as a modern season 1 .

Sekret Uspekha ( 2005, 2007 ).

Faktor A is considered a sequel of an earlier russian show Sekret Uspekha that was broadcast on Russia ‘s RTR television station in contrast to Faktor A, courtesy of Russia-1. There were two seasons of Sekret Uspekha. The first was in 2005 [ 1 ] and title was won by Vladimir Sapovsky. A moment season was broadcast in 2007, and title win by Nikolay Timokhin. The show was cancelled after two seasons because of insufficient number of viewers. Although like in format, the modern prove Faktor A was considered a hale fresh series with season 1 startle in April 2011.

Series Summary.

Contestant in “ 15-25s ” category
Contestant in “ Over 26s ” category
Contestant in “ Groups ” class

Series overview.

  • Contestant in team Roman (Groups)
  • Contestant in team Lolita (ages 16–24)
  • Head of jury Alla Pugacheva
  • Contestant in team Boris Krasnov (25 and older)
  • Contestant in team Igor Nikolaev (ages 16–24)
Season First aired Last aired Winner Runner-up Third Place Winning mentor Hosts Chairs (order)
1 2 3 4
1 April 1, 2011 June 11, 2011 Sergei Savin Erkin Holmatov Artyom Kacharian Boris Krasnov Philip Kirkorov Volodymyr Zelensky Roman Lolita Alla Boris
2 March 10, 2012 May 27, 2012 Alexey Sulima Ekaterina Leshcheva Alexandr Balykov Igor Nikolaev Alexey Chumakov Igor
3 February 9, 2013 April 21, 2013 Mali Yuliya Yaroslav Dronov Philip Kirkorov Igor Roman

Season 1 ( 2011 ).

The newfangled Faktor A display ; s whose chief aim is to find modern singing talent. Contestants are chosen through public auditions. The show was hosted by Philipp Kirkorov and Vladimir Zelenski. The jury was made up of Lolita Milyavskaya, Boris Krasnov and Roman Emelyanov. Alla Pugacheva served as chair of the jury. Milyavskya was the mentor for contestants aged 16 to 24, Krasnov for contestants over the old age of 25, and Emelyanov for couple groups.

The auditions were held on 23 and 24 March 2011 in Moscow ‘s Malaya Luzhniki Sports Arena. then each evaluator selected his best three performers after trials from 25–27 March 2011 .


The competition is split into three categories :

  • Singers aged 16 to 24
  • Singers over 25
  • Groups (including duos).

Each pronounce assigned a particular class and entrusted to mentor the competitors in that specific category


– Winner
– Runner-up
– Third Place
Category (Mentor) Acts
16–25s (Lolita Milyavskaya) Victoria Cherentsova Erkin Holmatov Artyom Kacharian
Over 25s (Boris Krasnov) Philip Kruzhkov Sergei Savin Vladislav Tumanov
Groups (Roman Emelyanov) Mark Twain DaKi Sixth Sense


  • Show 1 (1 April 2011) – first stage of auditions
  • Show 2 (8 April 2011) – second stage of auditions and deciding the 9 finalist
  • Show 3 (15 April 2011) – first live show (Theme: “Soviet Popular Songs”)
  • Show 4 (22 April 2011) – second live show (Theme: “Songs from the movies”). Vladislav Tumanov originating from Ekaterinburg was eliminated finishing 9th
  • Show 5 (19 April 2011) – third live show (Theme: “World Hits”). Philip Krishkov originating from Moscow was eliminated finishing 8th
  • Show 6 (6 May 2011) – fourth live show (Theme: “Songs of Love”). Group Шестое чувство (“The Sixth Sense”) from Moscow eliminated finishing 7th.
  • Show 7 (13 May 2011) – fifth live show (Theme: “Songs about cities and countries). The duo ДаКи (“DaKi”) from Kaluga were eliminated finishing 6th.
  • Show 8 (20 May 2011) – sixth live show (Theme: “Modern Hits”). Through public vote, “Mark Twain” and Victoria Cherentsova were voted bottom two by the public. But Alla Pugacheva decided to keep both in competition.
  • Show 9 (27 May 2011) – seventh live show (Themes: Favorite songs” and “Author’s songs”). After the decision of the previous week to save both bottom 2 from elimination, it was agreed that two contestants would be eliminated at the end of show 9 from a bottom three announced. The bottom three were: Group Mark Twain, and contestants Sergei Savin and Victoria Cherentsova. Then it was announced that Mark Twain had received the fewest votes and was eliminated first 5th. Eventually Victoria Cherentsova was eliminated finishing 4th. Sergei Savin moves to Final 3.
  • Show 10 (3 June 2011) – eighth live show (Themes: “Candidate’s most successful song during all stages of competition” and “Duet with famous Russian pop singers”. As a result of public vote, Erkin Holmatov was considered “safe”. In the danger zone were the other two Top 3 finalist Sergei Savin and Artyom Kacharyan. As a result of a jury vote, Artyom Kacharyan was eliminated finishing 3rd overall in the competition.
  • Show 11 (10 June 2011) – the final show. After all the participants opened the show with a collective song, the two finalists Erkin Holmatov and Sergei Savin sang a duet, as well as two solo songs each. The winner of the project was determined by public voting and by voting by judges Boris Krasnov, Lolita and Roman Emelyanov (1 vote each) and Alla Pugacheva (2 votes) and the audience (2 votes). As a result, on the final results show on June 11, 2011, Sergei Savin (in Russian Сергей Савин) was announced winner of the inaugural season, and Erkin Holmatov (in Russian Эркин Холматов) as runner-up.

final classification.

  1. Sergei Savin – Winner
  2. Erkin Holmatov – Runner-Up
  3. Artyom Kacharyan
  4. Victoria Cherentsova
  5. Group Марк Твен (“Mark Twain”)
  6. Duo ДаКи (“DaKi”)
  7. Шестое чувство (“Sixth Sense”)
  8. Philip Kruzhkov
  9. Vladislav Tumanov


Sergei Savin, who won the inaugural season, received a record deal for a solo album, a shoot of a music video and appearing on rotation on russian radio receiver station Avtoradio ( “ Авторадио ” ). The runner-up Erkin Holmatov received a cash trophy of 30,000 Euros, the particular trophy “ Golden Star of Alla ” from main pronounce Alla Pugacheva, a 5-year eruditeness to a music school in Gnessin .

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