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Tumblr media
✖️✖️✖️✖️ 2×02 The host
The matchless with … the flukeman .

Best : authoritative MOTW – indeed silly but besides gross and creepy .
Worst : –

✔️ Flashlights
❌ Woods
❌ Slideshow
✔️ Autopsy
❌ Evidence Disappears
❌ Scully Misses It
❌ Mulder Ditch
✔️ Sunflower Seeds
✔️ Voiceover : Scully report
❌ Catch Phrase
❌ Scully is a medical doctor
❌ Mulder is Spooky
❌Scuuullllaaaaayy ! Muullllderrrr !
❌ Fox/Dana
❌ Inappropriate Touching ( although ampere common personal quad means nothing )
❌ Casual Scully
✔️ Casual Mulder
✔️ Trench Coats
✔️ Bad Tie Watch
✔️ Glasses Watch : Scully

50 States : DC x5 & NJ x2 ( 17/50 )
investigate : Together & Apart
Solve rate : 69 %

❌ Bechdel Test : No conversation between two women
MSR : 🐝🐝🐝
Goriness : 👽👽👽
creepiness : 👽👽👽
wit : 👽👽👽

Rewatch Thoughts :
This is the foremost sequence of The X-Files I ever heard about – person described it around the campfire at my summer camp when I was 12 and freaked everyone out thus much that we peed in the woods rather than use the porta-potty that night 🤣 ( good thing no one told me about the bugs in Darkness Falls ! )
Mid-Episode Thoughts :
Meeting out in the open ! The only reason he can think of to stay at the FBI is to work with Scully .
They ’ re trying to hide bantam GA ’ sulfur pregnancy under GIANT trench coats lol .
Mulder, don ’ metric ton be shitty to everyone merely because you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate think this is an interesting case .
Mulder has a supporter at the FBI … ten is that you being cryptic AF ?
Felt like old times there for a second ! They ’ re indeed cunning and happy to be arguing over the plausibility of one of Mulder ’ s crazy theories .
Scully wouldn ’ thymine fail a confidence. She ’ second earnest and Mulder believes her .
Ugh, this guy trying to get rid of the bad taste in his mouthpiece with a hale tube of toothpaste before vomiting up a fluke worm …
The expect on Mulder ’ s expression when he sees the flukeman – in awe but besides wholly grossed out. Love that they catch it in the middle of the sequence and have to figure out what to do with it .
Scully would consider it more than a professional passing if Mulder were to leave the FBI. Mulder can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate process that right nowadays – he ’ randomness got a flukeman to deal with .
Skinner keeps Mulder ( and us as viewers ) on our toes – he knows this is an X-File .
Why wouldn ’ t the Marshall just keep driving ? Why would he go in there when intelligibly it was lying in expect ! ?
And here we are at the ill-famed porta-potty .
How could they forget that worms can survive being cut in half ? !
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10 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The Host ( 2×02 ) — Neck Tie # 1
When Mulder is sprung from his wiretap duties by AD Skinner for what he initially considers a simple gang body plunge in the gutter, he is wearing the lavender necktie with the rhombus rubies design, last seen in ‘ Deep Throat ’ which besides happened to be the moment episode in the temper, paired with a light blue apparel shirt and a united states navy courtship, with pinstriping weaved into the fabric .
Fox Mulder Tie Index Rating : 7/10
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a class ago
so I ‘m finally Watching
Chernobyl on HBO and dear God in heaven I remember when this happened but never truly thought about the poor men and women who were in the nuclear reactor when it happened. I ‘m distillery only on the first episode but shit what would go through your mind if you were there and saw this disaster .
Tumblr media
As atrocious as all of it is and it rightfully is horrifying … I ca n’t stop thinking about that X-Files episode The Host. I still have nightmares about this episode and watching Chernobyl is equitable freaking with my mind .
And to make it even worst hera ‘s a photograph of The Host … .not certain how long I ‘ll keep this up since it truly does give me nightmares and I cemented my belief that orifice potties are evil .
Tumblr media
#chernobyl#x files#x files the host

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