Kill Switch was probably one of the finest X-Files episodes. It was a great story, great premise, and the music was eldritch.

But late, when Carter and Gibson tried a redux, “ First Person Shooter ” did n’t work out vitamin a well as Kill Switch. I placid liked “ FPS ”, but it did not have the elements that made Kill Switch just thus commodity. For example, Esther Nairn gets the drop on Skully, kidnaps her, then the following thing we see esther driving this old car. Whose car was that ? It was never explained in the episode or in a by and by episode. Just one of the many crazy things that made it so odd as an X-File. But the lack of any explanation as to why Invisigoth is driving a coolish early 60 ‘s cable car, adds to the outlandishness of Kill Switch.

The Gaming environment shown in First Person Shooter, basically s**ked. The premise of “ FPS ” was similar to Kill Switch, but many things detracted from the diagram, specially the “ Gaming ” thing. Of class, at the time gambling was popular and in it ‘s basic infancy, but the sequence did not give us a representation of how Gaming looked in that year. We still had people playing “ Doom ”, and we had “ Mech Warrior 2 ” which was popular to play on a overhaul named “ Kali ”, a harbinger to Steam. A little late, we had Quake 3. And do n’t get me started with Unreal Tournament “ Capture the Flag ” which was my favored of the day. Or Doom or Heretic or Descent ! All Gaming environments that were building complex. An AI was supposed to have hijacked the Gaming Environment in FPS but it did n’t work, it was simply not identical credible.

Enter “ THIS ”, and we can suspend incredulity more promptly. An Old Friend calls Mulder on his Cell, and then it is Shades of Kill Switch. We know from Kill Switch there was an AI, and that Esther Nairn somehow joined with it, and possibly tormented the Lone Gunmen on-line. We besides know, that the “ Hardware Node ” in Kill Switch which accosted Mulder with “ nurse Nancy ” and Fake Skully, which was later “ Death From Aboved ” by the AI, was not the only hardware node built into a Trailer. The deduction is, that this AI had survived, and possibly even Invisigoth did ampere well, somehow.

These ideas about artificial environments are well represented in “ This ” episode, which reaches all the way back to Kill Switch and besides reaches across to “ My Struggle III ” and Mr “ Y ”. But there is more going on in this entrance, precisely because we see a few familiar ideas does not mean that “ this ” episode is equitable a Kill Switch rehash.

William Gibson wrote Kill Switch, Carter wrote First Person Shooter with William Gibson. One episode became Magic, the other did not. But in “ This ”, Glen Morgan is able to mine history elements from both Kill Switch and First Person Shooter and he made Magic happen a second time. And without Gibson. The X-Files enters it ‘s possible final temper with two very strong episodes.

And, any episode that starts and stops with “ California Sun ” by the Ramones …

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