How to Watch X-Files in 2022 : stream All the Episodes Online From Anywhere With a VPN

If you want to binge-watch all seasons of The X-Files or the X-Files movies, there are a few stream platforms you can turn to. That said, they ’ re alone available in certain countries, so you might need a VPN to entree it. This guide will show you how to watch X-Files episodes .
The X-Files FBI couple of Fox Mulder ( David Duchovny ) and Dana Scully ( Gillian Anderson ) are constantly on the quest to find the truth that ’ s out there about aliens. The first sequence of The X-Files aired on Fox closely 30 years ago and it ended up with a cult following. If you want to see the FBI especial agents in action again, read this guide as we ’ ll appearance you how to watch X-Files on-line .

Key Takeaways:

  • Disney-Plus Star content is streaming all seasons and both movies of The X-Files.
  • Hulu is showing season 1 through season 11 of X-Files.
  • HBO Max is only showing both the X-Files movies.
  • If you live outside the countries where it’s available, you will need to use a VPN — we recommend ExpressVPN.

Chris Carter created the television drama series TheX-Files for television, which aired a full of 217 episodes, with the finale, “ My Struggle IV, ” being shown on Fox in 2018. somewhere in between making all those episodes for television receiver, main characters Mulder and Scully made it onto the boastfully screen with two X-Files movies .
sadly, there are no plans for an X-Files boot, with season 11 being the last matchless. So whether you want to see particular appearances from actors such as Bryan Cranston or you ’ re a fan of FBI agent Fox Mulder ’ s arch bane the cigarette smoke world, here ’ s how you can watch the serial or films online.

  • Disney Plus ’ Star contented is showing all seasons ( 1 through 11 ) and both X-Files movies. asterisk is alone available on Disney Plus in certain countries, though. In the U.S., Hulu is showing seasons one through 11 of The X-Files and you can watch both of the X-Files movies on HBO Max. You will need a VPN to access The X-Files if you ’ re outside those countries .
  • unfortunately, you can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate watch X-Files on Netflix anymore. Netflix did not renew its agreement to stream it, so it was removed from the chopine on April 1, 2017 .

How to Watch X-Files: Series & Movies Viewing Order

Viewers can get confused with the timeline of the X-Files with many asking where in the timeline the two films fit in. This one is reasonably easy to explain, and we ’ ve provided a watch order below .

  • Seasons one through five 
  • The first X-Files movie: The X-Files: Fight the Future 
  • Seasons six through nine
  • The second X-Files movie: The X-Files: I Want to Believe 
  • Seasons 10 and 11

That ’ s the order in which you should watch all of the television receiver serial episodes and movies. The wonder is, can you watch them all on the same stream chopine ? We ’ ll speak about that in the next section .

Where to Watch X-Files Online

At the time of writing this article, the best place to watch the X-Files series on-line is Disney Plus. however, it ’ randomness included with Disney ’ s Star subject, which is only available in certain countries like the U.K., Australia and Canada .
All 11 seasons are on there, ampere well as the two X-Files movies. If you live outside the countries that include Star message, you will need a VPN to access it, but we will explain more about VPNs late .
how to watch x-files disney plus star
There are two streaming sites in the U.S. that are showing The X-Files, but neither of these platforms is showing both the movies and all seasons together. Hulu is presently showing all television episodes, seasons one through 11 .
how to watch x-files hulu
additionally, HBO Max has the two movies in its library. This means that you will need to pay for two subscriptions if you want to watch both the movies and seasons, but they ’ re dependable options if you only want one or the other .
how to watch x-files hbo max

How to Watch X-Files Online With a VPN

You can watch The X-Files in the U.S. via Hulu or HBO, and on Disney Plus with Star in countries like the U.K. If you are external any of these countries, then you will need a VPN to access the services .
eminence, though, that you ’ ll need an ad-free account with HBO Max if you want to use a VPN and access other countries ’ streaming options. You can read more in our article about how to watch HBO Max.

We will guide you on how to install ExpressVPN so you can start streaming X-Files .

  1. Sign Up to a VPN Sign up to a VPN — we recommend ExpressVPN — and install it on your device .
    expressvpn get started
  2. Connect to a Server Find a server you want to connect to. In this case, we ’ ll practice a U.K. waiter .
    getting a uk ip address expressvpn servers
  3. Go to Disney Plus Go to Disney Plus and click on “search.” Type in “ The X-files and press enter.
    how to watch the x-files disney plus search
  4. Start Streaming X-Files Click on the movie or temper that you want to stream and have fun watching the narrative unfold with Mulder and Scully .
    how to watch x-files disney plus

Final Thoughts

now that you know what decree to watch X-Files in, grab some snacks and sit binding because you ’ re in for a marathon of X-Files viewing. Whether you are a Gillian Anderson or David Duchovny sports fan, want to believe in the extrasensory or want to rewatch your favorite episodes from the beginning — such as “ Clyde Bruckman ’ s Final Repose, ” “ Fallen Angel ” or “ Deep Throat ” — a VPN will help you steam from around the universe .
Using ExpressVPN makes sense due to its fast speeds and ability to navigate through geoblocks regardless of what streaming chopine you use. It ’ s the best VPN HBO Max if you want to watch Full house or other HBO shows. At the like time, it ’ ll keep your data guarantee .
Do you know any other places where you can play X-Files that we haven ’ metric ton mentioned ? Did you need to use a VPN in order to watch the X-Files series ? Let us know in the comments below and, as constantly, thanks for understand .

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