Meet Ramona Bruland ( above, during nowadays ’ second “ Car Wash ” at ESPN in Bristol, Conn. ), your new ten games host. You ’ re going to like her :
Do you remember when you first watched ESPN or knew you wanted to be on TV?
I grew up in Australia deprived of ESPN, therefore for me I would watch shows like Getaway and The Great Outdoors and wish I was a television host like [ popular Australian television receiver personality ] Catriona Rowntree traveling the world to alien destinations doing adrenaline-filled activities .
It wasn ’ triiodothyronine until I moved to Colorado in 2002 and started following football and watching the X Games did I discover the earth of ESPN. All those years of rolling up my sleeves, coiling cable television and build rundowns have paid off. This problem is a dream come true !
If you had the chance to compete in any X Games event (summer or winter), which would it be?
Ten years ago I would have given anything to compete at the X Games in the women ’ second one-half pipe event. now I ’ megabyte more than happy to be watching from the bed, living vicariously through the talented women that shred it. besides to run the Enduro X course on my dirtbike would be epic.
But I ’ five hundred probably call “ Uncle ” somewhere near the matrix !

What would be the ideal “action sports” day for you?
Oh, I ’ molarity salivate at the possibilities !
Okay, Winter first : an endless day of heli skiing with a massive powder kicker to launch back flips off ; a few snowmobiles to play around on and a bunch of like-minded friends to push me to try new things.

Or if it was summer : trail-riding on my CRF 250X at Peach Valley/Flat Top in Colorado with my soil bike friends all day long earlier kicking back at our pimped out Toy Haulers/RV ’ s around a customs made communal deck with swimming pool and fire pit ( presently imaginary but we ’ rhenium working on it ) .
Favorite action sports athlete?
Australian snowboarder Torah Bright. Gretchen Bleiler is besides an amaze woman, function model and one-half shriek rider. I guess I love the chicks that rip !

Favorite band?
For me it wholly depends on the where and the when of music. I am a huge fan of music festivals so the pick would be between Cochella, Lollapalooza and Austin City Limits. At home in Aspen you will pretty much find me most nights at Aspen ’ s alive music venue, The Belly Up. It doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate matter who ’ south meet, I fair like to listen and dance .
Favorite food?
Easy one. Sushi .

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