To compare the best world wide web hosts, we hosted the same WordPress web site on each one and tested performance, customer service, and prize for money. Founded in 2003, XServer is a vane hosting company based in Japan. They presently serve over 1.5 million operational websites and stand as one of the exceed providers of vane host in the country. They grocery store chiefly to a japanese customer base, so their web site and service are only available in japanese .

Features and Ease of Use

x Server offers web hosting for both individuals and businesses. While they offer a kind of different packages, here are a few features included in all X server packages :

  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • Automatic daily backups retained up to seven days (14 days for databases)
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • Free SSL certificates
  • SSD RAID 10 storage
  • NGINX web server

What I liked about XServer is that they provide reallyhigh-qualityy technology to regular website owners. For exercise, all plans come with SSD RAID 10 configuration as standard. This is basically the latest in high-performance servers, with disk reading speeds improved by up to 48 times from HDD. In addition, XServer boasts a high-spec server environment equipped with the latest 24-core CPUs.

I besides appreciated their planning of a one-click installer, which enables users to quickly and easily install popular programs such as WordPress. For beginners, this feature is very helpful .
Since XServer is a japanese web hosting company targeting chiefly japanese users, they don ’ t have data centers located in other countries at award. Given their apparent miss of a CDN, this may be problematic for Japanese webmasters wishing to reach out to an international customer base. furthermore, they only seem to offer basic shared hosting services — albeit shared host with identical high gear storehouse outer space allocations — so user hoping for a VPS or dedicated server option will be left disappoint. however, for the most depart, XServer is a highly reliable platform for those who are satisfied with their high-capacity shared hosting plans.

Pricing and Support

XServer is quite expensive compared to international and japanese host providers. however, you do get a draw of features for your money, such as the SSD RAID 10 shape and NGINX optimized web servers. For me, these value-added features make the extra cost viable .
In terms of condense length, they only list annual rates along with an initial server setup fee. It was disappointing to see that they charged for setup, considering that most host providers would waive this ; however, this seems to be the average with japanese and korean vane hosting providers. They don ’ thymine offer a monthly placard period or free plan, but they do offer a ten-day free trial and as a limited time offer, a free domain registration .
One major downside is their customer service options, which are pretty limited. They offer email and phone support between 10AM and 6PM on weekdays ; there ’ s no exist chew the fat or Facebook messaging option. In fact, they ’ ve disabled the message release on their Facebook page. Ideally, I ’ five hundred in truth like to be able to contact them much more handily. For me, excellent service requires some form of blink of an eye messaging plus much longer business hours .

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