To compare the best web hosts, we hosted the same WordPress web site on each one and tested performance, customer service, and prize for money. ukrainian hosting provider X-Hosting deals in domains, vane host, VPS/VDS, and dedicated servers. It besides offers web site audits and SEO services to customers who want to promote their on-line presence. X-Hosting ’ randomness web site is in russian .

Features and Ease of Use

Since X-Hosting ’ s VPS/VDS solutions are managed via the ISPManager Lite control panel, and since its web site says nothing to the contrary, I have to assume that the lapp control dialog box is offered to shared host customers. I can tell you with more certainty that shared hosting customers benefit from these features :

  • Unmetered web traffic
  • RoundCube webmail with POP3/IMAP4/SMTP
  • Own DNS server
  • MySQL databases
  • Cron jobs
  • FTP accounts

It ’ mho nice to see that X-Hosting supports scripting and programming tools such as CGI, assorted versions of PHP, and phpMyAdmin. You can secure your site with SSL and upload files via FTP, but unfortunately, there is no root access via SSH .
If shared host international relations and security network ’ thyroxine sufficient for your needs, you can order a pre-configured VPS/VDS with HDD or SSD storage, or you can customize a VPS with up to 8 CPU cores, 8 GB of RAM, and 100 GB of storehouse. The sliding calculator shows you how much you will pay for the resources you pick .
You can get a dedicated server for your more necessitate web projects. equally soon as you have paid, the technical foul specialists will set up your server with your preferred operate system ( CentOS, Debian, or Ubuntu ) and all the necessity apps you ’ ll necessitate. once set up, you ’ ll get full access to your server .
As added value for this review, I monitored the X-Hosting.com.ua web site for 13 hours from eight regions to check that it was available throughout. Therefore, I’m quite confident that my websites (and yours) will be accessible around the clock :

Pricing and Support

Like many other hosting providers, X-Hosting ’ second multiple hosting packages with different tariffs could leave you a little dazed and confused about which package to choose. I suggest you start at the bottom and scale up to unlock more phonograph record storage as your needs addition .
More than 15 requital methods are accepted, and placard cycles range from one month to one year. If you ’ ra uncertain about signing up, you can test-drive the web hosting for ten days or test-drive a VPS/VDS/dedicated server for seven days. Request a trial by sending a control e-mail along with your mobile number.

unusually for a server supplier, you can request a refund within seven days for any VPS, VDS, or dedicated waiter. Just send an electronic mail or submit a ticket with your cause for requesting the refund .
When you submit a question via the company ’ randomness contact shape ( on the help page ), a ticket will be created for your case. My test ticket received an automated response in Russian, but no follow-up :

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