Welcome to Alaska !
Anchorage International ( PANC/ANC ) is the largest airport in the state of Alaska and serves as the main yoke to the lower 48 and Canada. It is the fifth busy cargo airport in the earth and the second gear busy in North America. It serves as one of the end true technical school stops in the worldly concern and provides a invest to stop and refuel for more than a twelve cargo operators allowing them to fly between North America and Asia. anchorage is basal to more singular operations that possibly anywhere else in the world. From the Everts MD-80 freighters to the only civilian C130 operator to some of the oldest flying fleets in the global, you can find just about every ex post facto airplane you can think of flying out of Anchorage.
This airport has several xplane 11 exclusive features and as such it can not be assured it will work with older versions. It has been developed for, and tested with, xplane 11 entirely.
I want to give a huge thanks to Alex Siu for tons of serve with model and texturing of more than 30 buildings around the airport. I am glad to announce the he will be joining the ZDP team to help work on all of our future projects.
Features :
Custom taxiways and runways Orthophotos 3D grass Custom buildings SAM Jetways, marshallers, and docking systems AI grate routes operation optimized Accurate to the real airport Ongoing development and updates
Required Libraries :
MisterX Library v1.61+
SAM Library v2.0+

Installation instructions :
Click the ‘Download this file ‘ button on the top right corner of this page, you will be brought to a GitHub page
Find the version you want to download ( the first one listed is the most recent one, download that unless you have a particular argue not to )
Click the ‘Source code ‘ connection listed under the interpretation you want to download. Both the .zip and .tar.gz are the lapp version of the airport, it is precisely a unlike type of file compaction used, .zip is very well 99 % of the time.
once you have the file download unzip it and move the booklet to your “ x-plane 11/Custom Scenery/ ” booklet.
That is it ! If you had xplane running when you installed it you ‘ll have to restart it for it to load. If you are not able to get it to load in the sim once you have it installed then check the section below for troubleshooting tips.

Are there static aircraft ?
static aircraft are supported by using the default static aircraft in xplane. To enable this, go to the graphics settings and check the “ prove parked aircraft ” box. The gates are coded by rights so you will get the compensate aircraft type at them, however ascribable to the limitations of default xplane aircraft you may not get the right airlines. This scenery is entirely open beginning so if anyone wants to create a standalone software to add static aircraft using an external library I would be happy to feature it on this post.

X-plane wo n’t load the scenery properly ?
There are a variety show of things which can cause you to not be able to load this scenery by rights.
Check that you unzipped the booklet before you moved it to your custom scenery booklet. If it is calm a .zip charge then you need to unzip it or it wo n’t work.
The most probably campaign is having missing or out of date libraries. Check the ‘Required Libraries ‘ list above to make sure you have everything. Check that if you downloaded any of these libraries a long time ago they you have a raw adequate version for it to satisfy the requirements, if not then click whichever library you need to update and it will bring you to the page to get the newest version. If you want a easy way to see what library is your issue then find your log.txt in the x-plane 11 booklet and scroll down until you see a message with a big box around it and that will tell you where it found the error.
If you rename your libraries to organize your custom scenery booklet check your log.txt and make sure it is not having trouble finding your library. This scenery was designed to not care what you name your booklet but it is possible if a library changes that it will mess with the file path and cause issues. If this is the character you can fix it by changing the diagnose back or editing the file ( sulfur ) with problems to include the newfangled file name ( bill that this may cause issues with early sceneries and we would n’t recommend doing it ).
If the tips above did not help then try reading your log.txt and see if you can spot any errors related to the scenery it is throwing. Check the forum to see if anyone else is having your issue, you are probably not alone. If you very can not figure it out and do n’t want to spend the perch of your Saturday trouble-shoot ( we ‘ve all done it and know how much it sucks ) barely send me a PM with your log.txt and we can work through it so you can get back to flying.

Having performance issues or using an older calculator ?
This scenery is designed for everyone and as such we have made an attempt to optimize it for lower end systems without sacrificing aesthetics or functionality. evening though it is designed to run on lower end machines you might still encounter stave if you have older components or are using other mods which impact frame rates. There are a few improvements you can do to your scenery to farther improve performance and tweak it to run the best for your system.

What does the future of this scenery search like ?
This airport will be undergo updates as they are needed. Bug fixes will come as they are reported ( indeed report any bugs you find ! ). Do n’t worry if you do n’t hear anything, there is still development going on at ZDP, equitable check the disagree to get the latest on what is going on behind the scenes. The airport will be getting a gamey federal protective service form for lower goal machines in the adjacent few days.
*The screenshots shown were taken in a modded simulator, you may notice some minor differences. Mods used include ASXP, SAM seasons, worldly concern traffic 3, and a variety of payware aircraft.
github repo : hypertext transfer protocol : //github.com/kdegonge/PANC-Anchorage/releases
We do n’t ask for donations but if you feel so incline you can do thus here


reservoir : https://themedipia.com
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