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Access Denied

I login to a waiter and get a Access Denied Prompt but I intelligibly lets me into the prompt with Putty. I do a sudo -s enter my password tells me Access Denied but I am clearly now Root Just wondering why this is so ? what is misconfigured ? I mean its not prohibiting me from anything, this is more …

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Discussion started by: gkelly1117

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Access Denied

Hi All, I have a solution entree for one of the server. But, when one try to cd one particular directory i will get the access denied message. even though that particular directory is created under root. What would be the lawsuit for this ? I actually wonder if any one have answer for my …

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Discussion started by: Sricharan21

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Windows & DOS: Issues & Discussions

seteuid access denied – openSSH installation

Hi, I have installed openssh in one of my windows servers following SUA community guidelines. I can successfully install and generate RSA DSA keys. But I can not SSH to server from my Solaris machine. Below is the end product from ssh -v . Also I tried to SSH from the K-shell to localhost…

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Discussion started by: vkk

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Red Hat

Adduser -> Access denied

hawaii, I have a problem with any user one created on a linux server RH. With the drug user root one did : adduser toto passwd toto ( to give it a password – message : “ all authentication tokens updated successfully ” ) I can do a “ su – toto ”, but when I try to connect it directly by ssh i have the message …

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Discussion started by: Castelior

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Why access to the servers is denied?

There is one aix waiter, IP is, the exploiter IP is, The user is able to get access briefly then all access is denied from the whole subnet a short while subsequently access is granted and the same thing happens all over again. The customer is able to …

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Discussion started by: rainbow_bean

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Access denied for user at localhost

Hi guys. We can can connect to mysql server from command line with some user. but when using mysql_connect ( ) it says : access is denied for drug user ‘someuser ‘ @ ‘localhost ‘ ( using password : yes ) what should i do ?

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Discussion started by: majid.merkava

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root access denied

Hi, I have installed solaris 10 on my local system. iodine want to connect with remotely using putty. it works when iodine connect remotely with telnet. but when one connect using ssh. it gives access denied error. i have comment the CONSOLE=/dev/console in /etc/default/login but it however do n’t work Plz …

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Discussion started by: malikshahid85

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“scp” access denied:/etc/security/access.conf

Guys i have 2 SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 SP1 ( i586 ) boxes.if i take a look into /etc/security/access.conf, iodine see following lines at the eof # All other users should be denied to get entree from all sources. # – : ALL : ALL – : myID : ALL now earlier i had written scripts where files …

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Discussion started by: ak835

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Red Hat

New RH User – Access Denied

Hi, We were barely recently given a new VM example with Red Hat linux. The entirely exploiter account that can log in successfully is the root account. I made certain that the exploiter z021407 has access to their directory and the bill can read the home directory, but I ca n’t log in with the new bill …

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Discussion started by: edrichard

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Ftp access denied

Hello, I must plowshare file from Linux machine to Solaris.I ‘ve enabled ftp with svcadm enable file transfer protocol, when I connect from Linux box I have this ” identify ( : settle ) : anonymous 331 Guest login o, send your complete electronic mail address as password password : ( I give my electronic mail address ) 530 Login incorrect …

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Discussion started by: bgf0

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