It cuts prices, is the second most sold theme on ThemeForest, anphod presents itself as the “ best ” theme on the market. All this without having a big headway .
This confident specimen is X. Who is it? I repeat, this is theme X.
What?But what are you telling me now? His name is original, I agree with you, but it ’ s its real number appoint. Yes, you read it right .
What is behind this simple letter ? Is this WordPress composition very worth its slant in aureate, as it ’ randomness trying to say ? And in the end, do you have to jump on it to create your future site ?

A little read is waiting for you to form an opinion .
initially written in July 2016 by Nicolas, this article was updated in October 2020. The version of X used is 7.2.3 .
This article contains affiliate links : if you buy the deliver themes and plugins through these links, WPMarmite will get a commission. This way, we can reward our writers and buy other themes and plugins to test them here. The price won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate be different for you and, as you will see, this does not mean that the article is biased !

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What is the X theme?

Logo of the X theme on WordPress Released in November 2013, X is a bounty composition sold on the ThemeForest platform that allows you to create a variety of different sites with demos and templates, as well as with the use of an in-house page builder .
At the clock time of this publish, it had 215,000 sales on ThemeForest. This makes it the irregular best-selling root of all time on the platform, behind the large Avada ( 625,000 sales ) and merely ahead of Enfold ( 214,000 sales ) .
On its display page, Themeco, its graphic designer, evening states that X is the fastest selling merchandise on ThemeForest .
Six months after its launch, it had already generated more than a million dollars in sales!
furthermore, for Themeco, no doubt about it. Its in-house merchandise is THE “ ultimate WordPress root ”. With such a commercial success, the team in care of its development and care takes caution of it about entirely .
Themeco besides offer another composition, called Pro. On the other hand, they don ’ t sell it on ThemeForest, but only on their web site .
With a lot of marketing taglines, Themeco praises the merits of X, and it ’ second rather legitimate so army for the liberation of rwanda. They ’ ra not going to pass it off as snake anoint : they have to sell it .
Based on user reviews, X seems to be a relatively effective subject. In any subject, it pleases. Its customers gave it an excellent rating of 4.76/5.
After that, it remains to be seen whether it is deserved. first elements of answer with the sketch of the interface, good below .

Getting started with the X theme on WordPress

Installation of the theme

I won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate linger very farseeing on the initiation of the root, which remains classical. After purchasing it, upload the consociate nothing file to WordPress, and activate it .
You will be asked to enter your License, and that ’ s it. In club to access the subject settings, you will first be asked to activate the Cornerstone plugin .
This is the homebuilder used by X, we ’ ll come back to this in detail former .
once this has been done, you will have the pleasant storm of discovering a very uncluttered Dashboard .
On your presidency side column, X only adds a menu with several settings, as well as a custom post type called Portfolio .
The custom post type Portfolio on X themeThanks X for this not too overloaded menu, it changes… All this makes it easier to get started and prevents the user from getting drowned. If you use other themes from ThemeForest, you ’ re credibly used to Rube Goldberg machine menus broad of settings. here, none of this, and it ’ s a pleasant surprise .
Another steer to note : you are not asked to install this or that plugin that are necessity for the composition to work by rights. You have to deal with Cornerstone, and that ’ s it .

What about the settings menu, how does it look?

In detail, you should know that the X theme settings menu offers the play along options :

  • Validation: here you will find links to documentation and support, direct access to install one of the 30 plugins embedded with the theme, or a link to the Design cloud, which offers templates that can be activated in one click.
  • Status: provides information about your WordPress environment, theme status, server configuration, and more.
  • Settings: essentially allows you to set theme usage rights based on user roles.
  • Cornerstone: launches the interface associated with the Page Builder of the same name.
  • Theme Options: gives access to the style options of the theme, so you can set up its components (header, footer, typography, colors, buttons, blog etc.).
  • Templates: will help you to manage and edit the created templates.
  • Global Blocks: is a tool that allows you to create content (e.g. a popup window) and implement it in different places of your site.
  • Design Cloud: This is where the site templates proposed by X are stored.

To find out what ’ s in truth under the hood of WordPress ’ X composition, there ’ mho nothing like taking a hard look at its customization options. Let ’ s see that in detail in the future character .
For inspiration, take a count at X WordPress web site examples on BeautifulPress .

Customizing the X Theme

The concept of “stacks”

When you discover the theme and its design, you ’ re at first disconcerted by what its designers call “ stacks ” .
thus, how to define this concept ? Well let ’ s say that they are sub-themes included in X theme. Each batch has its own options and features ( e.g. unlike web log, portfolio and layout options ) .
You can use them to start from an already preconceived al-qaeda in order to build the design of your choice .
When you buy X, it can take the characteristics of one of the 4 existing stacks :

  • Integrity, rather intended for professional sites and the “business” niche:

Integrity stack on X theme

  • Renew, which offers a Flat Design i.e. something quite minimalist:

Renew stack on X theme

  • Icon, suitable for blogs:

Icon stack on X theme

  • Ethos, for magazine and newspaper sites:

Ethos stack on X theme These stacks are accessible from the hierarchical menu X > Theme Options > Stack .
Stack options from the X theme settings You can see that several elements change as you switch from one stack to another : colors, layout, header, buttons, sidebar constitution etc .
All in all, if we summarize, it ’ s a bit like having 4 looks for the monetary value of one. Each one has its strengths and weaknesses… but most importantly, none of them are truly sexy .
You really have to think of them as a starting canvas that you can build on to save time. then, to build a more aesthetically please page, you can rely on site demonstration, besides proposed by the theme .

Site demos

Beyond the stacks, the X theme besides offers ready-to-use site templates that you can activate with one suction stop .
They are accessible from the X > Cloud Design hierarchical menu .
Design Cloud from X theme settings
The interface is divided into 3 main categories. The first, Sites, offers 28 site templates in different niches ( sports, hotels, restaurants, marry, business, photography, news ) .
Bed & Breakfast demo of X themeOverview of the Bed and Breakfast demo
Bamboo demo of X themeBamboo demo preview
Nicolas, who had written the first version of this article, had been categorical about it : the show didn ’ metric ton “ seduce ” him .
Four years late, has the situation changed ? not very. Personally, I wasn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate thrilled either. The demos are functional, of course, but above all they are very classic. Using them as they are, it’s hard to stand out from the crowd with them .
not enough to get me a big, enthusiastic “ Woooow ” behind my screen .
other themes such as Salient, for exercise, stand out more by their originality and their effects, at this horizontal surface .
Compared to the contest, still, the option ( 28 templates ) is still quite small, and the second category is called Presets .
These are ready-to-use sections ( 11 in total ) to be integrated into your contentedness. For model, you will find a tribute, different types of buttons, or accordions .
The Testimonial Preset Quote from the X themeThe Testimonial Preset QuoteAccordion item from X theme here again, nothing crazy at this charge, both in terms of choice and design. All this remains quite authoritative .
last class to be addressed : the one called message. Given its name, you can imagine that we ’ ra dealing with content, right ? You ’ ve got it all veracious !
Here you’ll find much more creative and ready-to-use blocks of content to create contact forms, price tables, calls to action, etc.
This is much better, aesthetically speaking. Check it out :
Creative Contact Forms 3 template on X theme When importing these different elements ( templates, presets and message ), nothing to report. The march can take a fiddling time ( about 2 minutes at my place to load a whole locate demonstration ), but it makes sense, as you have to import all the content, layout, images etc .
other than that, I didn ’ thyroxine notice any bugs : no missing images or text, and no weird things to report. 😉
ultimately, I end this part on a good note : I appreciated the possibility to preview a template in real time in a new tab. A simple chink is adequate to make it work and the picture is immediate. not bad to get a first mind about a design .

The Template Manager

Another item to customize the X theme is the Template Manager, accessible from the X > Templates hierarchical menu .
As Themeco explains in its documentation, the purpose of the Template Manager is to store all the contents created with the root ’ randomness page builder, in particular Presets and Contents .
Template Manager on X theme You find everything in one identify and can use the element of your choice on different pages of your locate .
It ’ s a thoroughly idea, but it ’ s still hard to find your way around when you first look at it. fortunately, you can still filter by content type and preview their appearance .

The Global blocks

After the Template Manager, go to the Global blocks. Themeco ’ mho documentation gives an enlighten presentation : “ Global Blocks are a great way to layout and invention something ( content ) once and then use it multiple times in different areas of your web site .
Whenever you want to do a change in retrospective you can do indeed on a ball-shaped base meaning that it will affect every section where you ’ ve used the ball-shaped element even though you only need to change it in one plaza. ”
To entree this tool, go to the X > Global Blocks hierarchical menu. once your block has been created, you can modify it using the subject ’ randomness page builder .
A Global Block example with an address on X themeA Global Block with an address
finally, all you have to do is add it to your page using either the shortcode provided or the haul and fell sport .

Customization tool, where are you?

final break, in this region on Customization : the well named Customizer .
It’s a WordPress native feature that essentially allows you to change the appearance of a theme (colors, layout, typography, CSS) without leaving the administration interface. You can access it through the Appearance > Customize hierarchical menu .
identical practical, the Customizer besides allows you to view the changes made in real number meter, without reloading the page. Except that not all themes use it, the blue ones !
What about x on this national ? Four years ago, when Nicolas wrote the first interpretation of this article, X was using the Customizer tool, check it out :
Case Studies from customizer on X theme By the room, Nicolas told you that it was “ a veridical pleasure ” to get started with the theme using this tool .
On the handiness side, however, he was calm hungry : “ customizing the theme is virtual but frustrating, he said. There aren ’ t that many settings and you have to get your hands into the CSS to get the attend you want ” .
That was in 2016. Four years late, we can assume a draw of progress and changes must have taken place. At this level, Themeco has changed its focus .
No more use of the customization tool. If you go to it, you will see a button inviting you to go and customize the subject on another options page :
Customization tool WordPress from X theme In the end, you will find yourself in a modality quite exchangeable to the Customizer. All the settings are condensed in a side column. The changes remain visible in real time .
In a scramble, you can act on the stacks, the layout, the typography, the colors, the header, the footer, the web log style, the portfolio, the summation of buttons on social networks. authoritative, but the essentials are here .
Theme Options from the X theme
The options are numerous and rather complete. If you are used to the menu of the customization tool, you will have to get used to a fresh interface. Nothing excessively bad, but personally, I find it less clear than the default option WordPress interface .
For example, the explanatory text are very small on the ten options, and don ’ t make it easy to read .
Typography small text X theme Before moving on to discover the X foliate builder, a promptly debrief on customization. If the proposed settings are numerous and interesting, I found the handling preferably confusing.
It ’ s comfortable to lose your bearings in the middle of the menu. An example : the Design Cloud concentrates access to Templates, Global blocks and Theme Options.
Functionalities that are besides accessible from the general menu of X on your government interface.
In this case, why not have everything in one position ?

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Cornerstone: the in-house page builder

The early significant contribution of a composition is its daily use through its page builder .
A page builder is a joyride that allows you to create rich and building complex page layouts for your content, without touching a single line of code, particularly through the use of ready-to-use templates. Editing is frequently done by drag and drop and in real meter .
Themeco decided to deliver its WordPress X subject with its own page builder, called Cornerstone .
This is quite rare for themes sold on ThemeForest. The huge majority of them work hand in hand with a third base party page builder : very often WPBakery ( adapted or not ), but besides Elementor .
ten besides works with the WPBakery page builder ( former Visual Composer ), besides included in the overall theme software.

Operation and handling

In principle, Cornerstone works like most of the major page builders on the market ( e.g. Elementor, Divi ) .
Your customization options are available in a sidebar on the leave side of your screen, while changes are visible in real time on the right side :
Cornerstone presentation on X theme
cornerstone is said to work as a front-end ( the interface visible to your visitors ). All your changes are visible in real time on the screen : this is called the WYSIWYG interface ( What you see is what you get ) .
You can also add the contents of your choice by drag and drop and it is possible to edit your texts online :
Cornerstone X theme online text editing however, unlike Elementor Pro, Divi, or Beaver Builder, to name a few, it is not possible to customise the ocular appearance of your heading and pedestrian using Cornerstone .
overall, Cornerstone seems to me to be a good page builder. It has all the classic features you would expect from a page builder, such as a library for saving or loading page templates .
This way you can import integral page layouts from the demonstration and adapt them by and by .
You may be put off by its interface, but with a page builder, it ’ mho basically a matter of habit. For model, I have mine with Beaver Builder and I don ’ triiodothyronine see myself using Elementor or Divi, despite their success and countless options .
One interrogate remains, when using a foliate builder : what happens if you want to change the root : will you have to start all over again ?
well here, since cornerstone can be purchased independently of the theme, the trouble is circumvented. Basically, by keeping the plugin active voice, you ’ ll be able to keep your layouts .
But in case you want to change the foliate builder, a thorough cleanup will be necessary since you ’ ll hush have batch of shortcodes in your message. For this, you can use the Shortcode Cleaner Lite plugin .

Design: more than 80 elements

While Cornerstone has its own operation, it besides offers you more than 80 elements, including ready-to-use contented modules .
Cornerstone elements on X themeSome of Cornerstone’s Elements at a glance Each page builder has its own little name to designate them. For example, Elementor calls them widgets .
With about a hundred modules, you ’ ve got plenty to do. While the classics are there (image, text, video, button, testimonial, icon, map, breadcrumb trail, etc.), you’ll also find more creative modules such as the ability to create a drop-down menu, a search bar that highlights, or an alert insert.
That ’ south all good for these two big areas of customization and Cornerstone .
now I ’ ll move on to the integration of the theme with plugins, one of its independent deal points .

Plugin Integration

A $1000 gift, really?

If you go to X ’ s selling page, you ’ ll see that it insists on one thing : the plugins included with the subject .
And here, it has to be said that they played their trick well. There are 27 of them, both developed by Themeco and available through partnerships .
You will besides find them on your WordPress administration interface, through the menu X > Validation .
Some plugins from the many ones of X themeSome of the many extensions delivered with the theme.
The proposed range is wide and eclectic. In the excerpt, you will find plugins to :
however, wear ’ t believe the “ unblock ” note posted by X on its sales page. You certainly have access to the updates of the plugins through the theme updates, but you don’t have a license for each plugin .
You will therefore not have the right to support from each developer, you will have to report your problems to Themeco ’ s support… but they will answer them. It ’ mho brave of them to ensure a semi-support of indeed many third party plugins .
On the other hand, the designers of X claim to spoil you. According to them, the whole of the proposed Licenses represents the sum of 1,000$ .
I didn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate do the plugin by plugin count but at beginning glance, we can ’ triiodothyronine be far from this sum, indeed .

Do you need so many plugins?

The commercial gesticulate is admirably, but do you need as many plugins ? Because if you look at it more closely, it adds complexity to the handle of the subject .
Do you need to install them ( good point for the page loading accelerate : you have control over the installation of each plugin ) ? Can we do what we imagined without them ?
It is not comfortable. specially when you have respective different solutions to make slideshows, your menu ( not counting the stacks ), or display your articles in a grid .
This abundance of choice is oppressive. You don’t know which direction to go in.
If you ’ re afraid of running out of technical solutions to achieve what you have in mind, all these included plugins will help you. But honestly, this “ good intention ” becomes an ordeal because there are besides many choices .
only those who already know in which direction they want to go will be able to take advantage of these “ offered ” plugins. For the others, it will merely be useless, even embarrassing .
To finish, all the same, I add that X is compatible with WooCommerce, bbPress, BuddyPress, Contact Form 7, Gravity Forms or WPML. But hey… all agio themes are, in the end .

User experience

For the rest of this test, let ’ s stress on the user feel, i.e. the quality of the experience lived by visitors on a web site .
We will focus on 3 major areas : operation, SEO and responsive .


By performance, we refer to the loading speed of your pages. A standard to be taken identical seriously .
If your pages take too much time to display, your visitors will not hesitate to go elsewhere, increasing your bounce rate . A very badly signal mail to Google, the front-runner search engine worldwide .
not forgetting that page loading speed is a criterion taken into history by Google to rank content in its search results .
however, this standard has little system of weights compared to other more important ones such as backlinks .
The reason I ’ thousand talking to you about this is because the way a composition is coded can have an impact on load clock
ten specifies on his presentation page that it uses “ clean code ” that respects “ best practices ” and “ WordPress standards “ .
Statements that reassure the client. But in practice, what about it ? In his initial test, Nicolas pointed out that X had “ the particularity of having show that take a hanker time to load… and even then, when they work ! I had to redouble my solitaire to proceed with the compose of the article ” .
personally, I didn ’ t meet this type of trouble on my machine. For the rest, Nicolas added : “ however, I silent did some tests and in reality X adds about nothing to the load times. ”
For the purposes of this article, I tested the loading rush of the Education demonstration to get a beginning mind, using the Pingdom Tools tool. The result was not tip-top :
Speed test of X theme with the Education demo
I specify that these results do not refer to my facility, since I worked locally for the needs of this article ( impossible to do a travel rapidly test, therefore ). The URL tested is the one stage on the Themeco web site .
Moreover, don’t stop on these raw and imperfect numbers. If you are experimenting at home, you might have completely different data (e.g. better performance) depending on your hosting, or the plugins you use with the theme.


SEO is the acronym for Search Engine Optimization .
It designates all the techniques that allow a locate to rank in the results of a search engine. The goal being to be ranked equally high as possible, to get more traffic. 😉
SEO is a technical playing field and, for your pages to have a opportunity to appear in a good military position on Google, it is necessary that your composition respects the best practices in this airfield ( among others ) .
once again, on its display page, the X theme is there to reassure the customer. According to it, “ X was designed with the help of SEO experts ” .
For model, it is specified that the tag and semantic tags used are in accordance with what a search engine expects .
While testing the composition, I noticed for model that the demos used several h1 flush titles within the pages .
In rationale, it is recommended to use only one h1 tag per page, at the level of its main title .
however, this SEO “ custom ” is no longer very necessary, as explained in this video recording. then, finally, nothing traumatize in there .
If you wish, nothing prevents you from acting on your hydrazoic acid tags using Cornerstone. The page builder has native functionality to do this :
Hn tags settings on X theme personally, I prefer to keep a absolved hierarchy of my headings ( from h2 to h5, from the most important to the least important ) .


We end this part on the user experience by addressing the responsive design separate .
This term refers to a technique for making your site readable, regardless of the size of the screen used by your visitors who consult it.
here again, don ’ thymine decamp over it. The smartphone is the most secondhand device to connect to the Internet. Your site must be perfectly displayed on this character of device .
To find out what it looks like when you use it, the X page builder offers a preview of your locate on 5 riddle sizes, thanks to dedicate icons :
Responsive test on X theme Another hypothesis to know if you are in the nails : use the Google Mobile Optimization Test .

Documentation and support

Whether on WordPress or elsewhere, discovering a product is not always easy. With a new theme, you ’ re likely to struggle to find this or that feature, make this or that setting, and so on .
In this case, well-defined, accurate and comprehensive documentation is frequently helpful. This is the case of the documentation proposed by Themeco for its composition ten .
It must be acknowledged that it addresses the majority of topics related to the use of the theme.
It goes from its installation to its customization, through the use of the page builder.
In summation to the text, ocular screenshots are present to promote cosmopolitan understand .
If you are a television learning fancier, Themeco offers about 80 videos dedicated to the theme on its YouTube channel :

This video explains how to use the Global blocks
User back besides includes support in the form of a public forum ( reserved for Themeco customers ) with about 100,000 entries .
Themeco forum website page
We can see that the Themeco team is very reactive and solves tickets quickly (usually in less than 24 hours). furthermore, they claim to help you 7 days a workweek and 24 hours a day, so it ’ second better that they take care of that .
She besides doesn ’ t hesitate to take control on the clients ’ sites in order to see the problems by herself .

How much does X cost?

After all this lecture, there is still one main wonder : how much will it cost to get the WordPress X theme ?
This premium theme is sold for $29. The license is valid for a single site and you also get 6 months of support.
X theme price on ThemeForest
Among the top-selling themes on ThemeForest, X is simply the cheapest by far .
By way of comparison, the other flagship themes on this platform are priced at $59 or $60, twice as much as Themeco’s flagship product.
Price knowing, it is consequently invincible. not to mention that it besides includes $ 1,000 deserving of extensions. personally, I don ’ triiodothyronine remember seeing a composition with indeed many options that cheap .
Why switch off prices like that ? Themeco explains that this is “ its mission ”. According to them, “ a well-coded theme with excellent support should not cost an arm and a stage ” .
That ’ mho why they want to offer a root that is “ the best value in the integral WordPress ecosystem, now and constantly ! ”

Verdict on X theme

On its official web site, Themeco states that adam can be desirable for any hearing, “ from beginners to government agencies ” .
But if you are a founder, can you in truth use this root ? It must be recognized that it has serious assets :

  • It is much more affordable than the competition.
  • Its options are legion, whether they are native or present in its extension pack.
  • Its in-house page builder is far from being catastrophic.
  • The support seems to be up to the task.

however, I wouldn ’ t recommend it to beginners. If its marketing is very good, the theme is not that fantastic from my point of view .
I didn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate find it that easy to get started with, and I wasn ’ thymine thrilled with the demonstration sites.

As Nicolas summed up in the first translation of this article : “ if you think that the total of sales is the strongest signal to take into account when choosing a subject, I am deplorable to say that it is not enough ” .
But after that, it ’ s all a matter of taste. And since they ’ re all in nature, you may not have the same one as me. In this case, x may have seduced you :
If this is the case, and if you have any thoughts to partake with us, let us know how you felt by posting a remark .

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