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Are you a PhD candidate or a postdoctoral student looking for an opportunity to enhance your public speaking skills, expand your network, and share your research with like-minded individuals? Look no further because the Stanford Bio-X Travel Awards Program is here to support you.

The Stanford Bio-X Travel Awards Program is designed to empower PhD candidates and postdoctoral students by providing them with funding for travel, networking opportunities, and a platform to present their research. By participating in this program, you not only have the chance to enhance your own research but also contribute to the advancement of others in your field.

Travel Awardees Matthew Bieniosek, Cesare Jenkins, Chen-Ming Chang, and Kristen Lurie
Travel Awardees Matthew Bieniosek, Cesare Jenkins, Chen-Ming Chang, and Kristen Lurie in 2015.

About the Travel Awards Program

The Stanford Bio-X Travel Awards Program offers a $500 travel subsidy for PhD candidates and postdoctoral fellows who are selected to deliver oral presentations at scientific conferences. This generous subsidy aims to support students who are actively engaged in interdisciplinary research.

To be eligible for the award, applicants must be PhD candidates or postdoctoral students conducting interdisciplinary research under the guidance of a Stanford Bio-X affiliate. Additionally, applicants must be accepted to deliver a lecture-style oral presentation that lasts for a minimum of 10 minutes at a scientific meeting.

In light of the ongoing global pandemic, Bio-X understands the challenges posed by travel restrictions. Therefore, the Bio-X Travel Award may also be used to cover virtual conference registration fees. However, for those who choose to present in person, it is important to adhere to the travel policies set by the international, local, university, and department levels. Applicants are advised to communicate with their faculty advisors and department administrators to ensure compliance with all policies at the time of travel.

Bio-X approves the award prior to the student’s event, and after the completion of travel, the finance administrator verifies that all Stanford travel policies were followed. The reimbursement process is initiated by the student and the departmental administrator responsible for submitting the request, ensuring that all travel-related expenses were in full compliance with policies and regulations. Once the reimbursement is confirmed, Bio-X approves the reimbursement request.

Students have the opportunity to apply for the travel subsidy once every calendar year. It is highly recommended that applications are submitted well in advance to allow for timely processing. Please note that applications will not be reviewed on weekends or University holidays.

Since its inception in 2006, the Stanford Bio-X Travel Awards Program has provided travel awards to over 630 students. This remarkable achievement demonstrates Bio-X’s commitment to supporting and nurturing the future generation of researchers and innovators.


If you are interested in applying for the Stanford Bio-X Travel Awards Program, you can find the application here.

Come and join our community of travel awardees, and let us help you make a difference in your research journey.

MEET OUR TRAVEL AWARDEES! View the 2019 Travel Awards brochure.

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