Welcome to IGN ’ s walkthrough for yakuza : Like a Dragon. This part covers Chapter 6: Ignition. This chapter takes place primarily in an metro keep, and is comprised of many fights increasing in difficulty. Make sure you ’ re by rights leveled, geared, and stocked up before rise in .

chapter 6 : ignition

ad After the chapter ’ s opening cutscenes, you ’ ll have limited see over Kasuga. You ’ ll motivation to talk to each of the party members using the on-screen prompt to try and find a direction out of the shackles.

After exhausting all the options, you ’ ll have a new choice that allows you to break the chains by storm. But, you actually didn ’ thyroxine remember that would work, did you ? Another cutscene will play and Kasuga will get rescued by a mysterious individual. Afterwards, it ’ second time for a replay against Foreman Yan. Fight: Yokohama Liumang You ’ ll face off once more against Foreman Yan ( Lv. 17 ) american samoa well as two Lv. 16 Workers : Mo and Meng. Since Kasuga is weaponless, you ’ ll have access to his honest-to-god moveset. Focus on taking out each of the Workers with Tenacious Fist before turning your attention to Yan. He should fall after using a few Skills. Make certain to time your perfect Blocks to mitigate as much damage as you can, but all the enemies seem to do very little damage during this fight .

Escaping the Liumang Hideout

After the crusade is over, you ’ ll reorganize with your party and have all of your items and gear returned automatically. At this point, it ’ s time to find an scat. Note: The remainder of this chapter is basically one long dungeon. More so than the Seiryu Clan hideout, this is a linear burrow consist of a sequence of fights that increase in difficulty. Some general tips : function area attacks when the room is cramped, take out the weakest enemies first, and remember the locations of the Recovery Points to heal up for free. once you have control of the party, explore the room for some items including a Slapjack in the argent safe and a Spider on lead of the boxes. passing through the gate and you ’ ll find two Staminan X in a couple briefcases on the land just before a Recovery Point. Follow the corridor and you ’ ll run into the first fight of this floor. Fight: Yokohama Liumang This competitiveness is against three Lv. 15 Yokohama Liumang members : Ren, Ma, and Fu. ad As stated before, sphere attacks will be your best friend in much of this chapter as the corridors are very narrow and you ’ ll well hit multiple enemies with these attacks. besides, don ’ triiodothyronine concern about conserving MP here since you can heal up at the nearby Recovery Point. Continue down the corridor until you reach the manhole at the end. Enter the manhole to drop down to the future level .

Yokohama Underground B3F

When you foremost enter this degree, you ’ ll have a short conversation with your party members to increase everyone ’ south Bond flush. There ’ second besides a Save Point and Recovery Point here, besides. Remember their location so you can easily return to heal up and save, if needed. angstrom long as you don ’ thymine leave the floor you ’ re on enemies won ’ t respawn, so it ’ randomness smart to backtrack to this Recovery point when you need to heal HP or MP. For that reason, using Skills is highly recommended as you can recover all the MP immediately after each battle. Follow the corridor around the corner to your first competitiveness. Fight: Suspicious Men You ’ ll face two fresh foe types here : the Imp Patient and Automoburglar. This crusade consists of three Lv. 15 elf Patients Ando, Kusano, and Miyagi, arsenic well as two Lv. 15 Automoburglars Kawada and Takei. The Imp Patients are weak to fire attacks, while the Automoburglars are watery to blunt physical price, then use your Skills consequently. Fight: Threatening Men Continue on and you ’ ll streak into a group of five enemies, including more modern types. This battle is against three Lv. 17 Archvagrants : Okano, Takagi, and Oki. You ’ ll besides face Lv. 15 Smugglebug Matsuno and Lv. 15 Pro Pickpocket Hanada. The Archvagrants have the most health, so take out the other two enemies first here. Afterwards, focus on the Archvagrants who are weak to physical attacks, burn, and frost. You can besides find many items lying about hera for environmental attacks. Grab a nearby Nail and Toughness Light and heal up at the Recovery steer at the begin, if needed. Otherwise, continue through the corridor. ad Fight: Suspicious Men The following room has a massive group of seven enemies. You ’ ve got Lv. 17 Slugger Yokoi, four Lv. 15 eloquent yakuza : Seto, Iwata, Konno, and Imamura, american samoa well as two Lv. 15 Purger of Filth Tsuji and Minami. The chief enemy to watch out for is Slugger Yokoi, as he can deal big damage to your party members. Everyone else is relatively easy, just focus on using Skills here to maximize damage. Check the condom after the crusade for the pair of High Cut Shoes vitamin a well as the nearby High-purity Lead and Clear Pane. Fight: Suspicious Men continue on through the hallways and you ’ ll run into Clobberjack Arai ( Lv. 17 ), two Lv. 15 eloquent Yakuza Iwasaki and Kawamura, and Purger of Filth Suga ( Lv. 15 ) Clobberjack is weak to blunt physical attacks and Skills, then focus your energy on taking him down promptly with these. equitable past these enemies is a hallway heading down to a ash grey condom with an Embroidered Jacket. Follow the path to the forget and turn correct into another board with Dull Aluminum and a Silver Rhinoceros Beetle. retreat to the hallway and this clock time follow it neat until you hit a dead goal. Turn left and you ’ ll see a board with six care for items inside : Mysterious Mushroom (x3), Mysterious Fruit, Mysterious Leaf, and Mysterious Carrot. passing this room and follow the path straight into the board with enemies. Fight: Threatening Men You ’ ll be up against two Lv. 17 Escapists Morikawa and Goto, two Lv. 15 Imp Patients Honda and Kasahara, and Primal Psychopath Ishida ( Lv. 15 ). The Escapists are weak to fire attacks and can reduce your party members ’ evasion, but differently cipher here actually poses a threat. Don ’ thymine forget to grab the Comforting Medicine on the ground after the fight and continue through the corridor. At the adjacent overlap, turn left and open the safe for a Steel Frame. then, turn round and head towards the enemies in the opposite room. Fight: Mysterious Men In this fight, you ’ ve got to take down two Lv. 16 Technomancers Kawashima and Ishizaki, three Lv. 15 Automoburglars Mikami, Matsuura, and Masuda, angstrom well as Hostile Host Nakamoto ( Lv. 16 ). ad The Technomancer ’ second are weak to physical Skills, while the Automoburglars are unaccented to electric attacks. After the crusade, turn the corner and grab the Tauriner and Poseidon Power at the conclusion of the hallway, before heading to the bequeath. Around the corner you ’ ll find more enemies. Fight: Suspicious Men This is against three Lv. 15 Turncoat Titillators Shimura, Oishi, and Kobayashi. If you recall from the first time you encountered them, they are resistant to elementary abilities, but weak to physical attacks. Hit them with some wide-swinging area attacks and you should make quick exploit of them. Grab the Thick Hide behind you in the corner and continue on. Fight: Threatening Men In the future room you ’ ll contend Hostile Host Shoji ( Lv. 16 ), Technomancer Hosoda ( Lv. 16 ), two Lv. 15 elf Patients Ishii and Hayakawa, and two Lv. 15 Purger of Filth Komatsu and Ueda. Head down the farseeing hallway and turn right for another contend. Fight: Street Thugs This is the final fight of this area and you ’ ll have the ability to heal immediately in the following level, therefore go all-out. You ’ re up against three Lv. 17 Sluggers : Okada, Hirano, and Higa. Since they are decrepit to fire and tend to group up, you can get some full damage in with Nanba ’ s Pyro Belch here. Kasuga ’ s Mega Swing is besides a good choice if you ’ re even using his Hero classify. After the fight, grab the items in the room including a Staminan Light, Mysterious Stone, and Quality Lumber before heading up the stairs .

Yokohama Underground B2F ( Rest Area )

ad This area acts as a moment of a rest area and provides entree to a Recovery Point, Item Box, and Save Point. Do not open the safe earlier healing as it ’ randomness actually got a strong enemy inside that will pop out ( equitable like Mimics in traditional JRPGs ). Optional Fight: Mysterious Man If you ’ re ready for a slenderly tougher fight, examine the safe in the middle of the room and you ’ ll grimace Shaman Iwai ( Lv. 20 ). He ’ second unaccented to ice attacks and slashing forcible attacks like katanas and Saeko ’ s Card Shot if you ’ ve unlock either, but resistant to fire attacks. After you ’ ve completed the battle and healed up, head down the stairs and you ’ ll be back on the former floor .

Yokohama Underground B3F

While you can technically still backtrack to heal up after fights, enemies will respawn back in this sphere, so it may not be judicious to do so. rather, use your healing items as needed in this area. Follow the corridor to the future group of enemies. Fight: Menacing Men This fight is against three Lv. 17 Escapists : Yuasa, Ito, and Ohara. Utilize Nanba ’ s Pyro Belch to exploit their failing, deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as Ichiban ’ s bat attack Skills for extra damage. After the fight, grab the Mysterious Mushroom on the ground adenine well as the Longcoat out of the ( actually safe) safe. Continue through the corridor and grab the High-purity Lead in a humble area as you pass through anterior to the blue-lit room. Fight: Threatening Men In the blue-illuminated room, you ’ ll face two Lv. 16 hostile Hosts Shimomura and Tashiro, angstrom well as three Lv. 15 Purgers of Filth : Takemoto, Inoue, and Saito. once you ’ ve defeated them, there are three safe in this room to open ( if you wish ). On the far leave is a Nodachi, the in-between holds an Original Sparkling, and the far right is an Imitation Bag. Phew, I was nervous besides, don ’ t worry. ad Head into the adjacent room and grab the Mysterious Stone on your left before following the corridor to the justly, grabbing the Restorative Medicine fair before passing through the arch. As you pass through, there ’ sulfur another Mysterious Mushroom hidden behind a pile of three white trash bags on the right. Fight: Yakuza This fight is against two Lv. 17 Clobberjacks Yagi and Hozaka, arsenic good as two Lv. 15 eloquent Yakuza Ishizaki and Makino. The Clobberjacks are fallible to electric attacks, physical attacks, and Nanba ’ s pidgeon attack. Continue through the airy corridor after the fight until you reach the future fixed of enemies. Fight: Menacing Men In this battle you ’ ve got Clobberjack Yamane ( Lv. 17 ), Slugger Sugita ( Lv. 17 ), two Lv. 16 Technomancers Yamada and Irvine, and Twitchy Streamer Minagawa ( Lv. 15 )

As with other fights, take out the smaller enemies before focusing on the two larger ones. once you ’ re finished, heal up if needed using your items and head up the stairs to the next degree .

Yokohama Underground B2F

No mend station up here correctly away, so cook certain you ’ re healed up before jumping into this following fight. Fight: Street Punks In this fight you ’ ve got two Lv. 16 annoyed Punks Tomita and Ishiguro, vitamin a well as three Lv. 15 cardinal Psychopaths Nishimura, Horikawa, and Yamakawa. Afterwards, grab the Mysterious Carrot and Mysterious Leaf in the leave corner, arsenic well as a Felt Hat in the condom on the right. Continue down the corridor and grab the Trash on the correct. In the next big room after some more hoist hallways, grab the Apple Defense in the briefcase on the right. Keep moving towards the following group of enemies. ad Fight: Mysterious Men This crusade is against Twitchy Streamer Matsuura ( Lv. 15 ) and four Lv. 15 deserter Titillators : Takeda, Oikawa, Kamata, and Sugihara. Take out the Twitchy Streamer inaugural as he is the merely matchless that truly poses a menace, followed by the remaining enemies. Continue down the hallway past the flame barrel into the future boastfully room. Fight: Threatening Men This conflict is against two Lv. 17 Beefcakes Yanagizawa and Kai, two Lv. 16 hostile Hosts Arai and Kikuchi, and Twitchy Streamer Shimizu ( Lv. 15 ). once more, take out the Twitchy Streamer first ahead focusing on the Hostile Hosts and last the Beefcakes. The Beefcake enemies are unaccented to ice attacks, but resistant to physical attacks, then focus on using any Skills you might have that aren ’ t physical. once these enemies fall, grab the Beautiful Cloth in the corner adenine well as the Silver Mantis future to the cardboard boxes. Follow the way around a few more corners and grab the Silver Ingot adjacent to the blue tent. Fight: Street Punks This future fight is against two Lv. 17 Sluggers Okazaki and Miyashita, a well as two Lv. 15 Automoburglars Irie and Nakazato. Take out the smaller enemies before focusing on the Sluggers. Grab a Tauriner+ in the corner and continue through the corridor. On your entrust is an optional tunnel that takes you to a dependable holding a Wonky Hammer. Grab this, then proceed to the pinko marker on your map and down the step, where you ’ ll immediately be thrown into a bizarre battle .

Yokohama Underground B3F

When you arrive on this floor, you ’ re immediately surrounded by fishy looking folderol bags … Fight: Suspicious Men This fight is against four newfangled Lv. 16 enemy types called Pseudotrash – which are basically just men wearing pan bags for clothes. You ’ re up against Toyama, Okano, Goto, and Kawakami. ad They are weak to fire attacks a well as blunt physical damage, but have attacks that can drain your MP, so it ’ randomness best to dispatch them with your best attacks quickly. After the contend, grab the Trash (x2), Ragged Cloth, Pearl, and Dirty Iron in the room. then, passing by heading up the stairs .

Yokohama Underground B3F

back upstairs, follow the corridor making surely to grab the Golden Scorpion as you pass by it. Around the corner is an Immaculate Pane followed by a crusade against four men guarding a safe. Fight: Threatening Men This competitiveness is against two Lv. 17 Clobberjacks Hamada and Tsuruta, a well as two Lv. 15 Automoburglars Otani and Hotta. Focus on the Automoburglars first, unless the Clobberjacks take out their sticks of dynamite, in which case you want to guard to avoid damage. Open the safe following the struggle to get a Performer’s Guitar. Keep following the path until you reach another blue-lit room. Grab the Incendiary Grenade on the wall to your right before facing the enemies ahead. Fight: Street Thugs here, you ’ ve got three more Lv. 15 deserter Titillators : Mori, Takeda, and Okuyama. After defeating them, grab the Floral Microphone in the safe to the impart. Continue around the corner and grab a Smooth Hide and Reinforced Alloy at the end of the hallway before turning left towards the foe markers on your map. Before fighting the enemies, head down the left slope towards a lone safe near some debris for an optional fight. Optional Fight: Threatening Man This fight is against a Lv. 18 Tinkersman Kodama. He has an ability that will raise his physical defense, surrounding himself with a yellow hex barrier. When this is up, he ’ mho insubordinate to any attack or Skill, so practice any you ’ d like. once the barrier falls, hit him with electric or slicing attacks to exploit his weakness, or precisely hit him with your best Skills before he brings the barrier bet on up. ad Fight: Menacing Men fair around the corner are three Lv. 17 Beefcakes : Uchida, Iwai, and Iijima. As with before, they are insubordinate to physical attacks, so practice Skills with methamphetamine damage to exploit their weakness if potential. Regardless, focus on hitting one at a clock to take them down. After they are downed, head around the corner and pick up the Quality Lumber sitting future to some debris. Fight: Threatening Men This fight is against two Lv. 17 Sluggers Watanabe and Kawaguchi, ampere well as a new foe Crabby Sentinel Hashimoto ( Lv. 17 ). Pick your poison here, but it ’ sulfur best to take out the Crabby Sentinel beginning as he is the heaviest hitter of the crowd. He ’ second weak to fire and blunt physical damage. After this fight, point to the left down the hallway to another condom. Inside you ’ ll find a Protector, a high-defense token that gives you physical damage resistance, angstrom well. Turn around and head the inverse way, past the large room where the quest marker is at and you ’ ll find another dead end with a Gold Ingot, First Aid Kit and a Staminan Light. Head back towards the map marker and – ah ! ultimately ! Heal up at the Recovery Point, grab any items you may need from the Item Box, and save your progress at the Save Point, as the adjacent fight is the final boss of this area. There ’ randomness besides some High-quality Lumber in the corner, ampere well as a Staminan Light, and two Staminan X to pick up, a well. once you ’ rhenium ready, head up the stairs into the future area .

Boss Fight : heavy machinery

If you were expecting a big, bad enemy, well … I guess this is sorta that ? rather of a human, you ’ re fighting a human controlling a large piece of machinery. This fight is against Heavy Machinery Excavator ( Lv. 17 ) and as your party members said, start attacking any partially of it you can. As you ’ d probably expect, this thing is is pretty bouncy to most attacks, particularly elementary Skills. It besides hits real hard. so, don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate be shy to heal up during the fight to ensure you don ’ t lose any party members. It ’ south besides chic to focus on using debuffs on the enemy ’ s attack and defense to gain a flimsy advantage, equally well as party buffs like Kasuga ’ s Fearless Command. ad A match attacks to watch out for : sand Bash can lower your party ’ south evasion and Earthquake can strike concern into the entire party. If you have access to Saeko ’ s Cutie Smile assail, this can remove some of the condition effects in one fell pounce. Kasuga ’ s Essence of Mayhem besides works extremely well here as it can normally do about 300+ damage for a relatively low total of MP. After enough damage is done, Foreman Yan will pop extinct and have half of his health left. thankfully, he ’ second much more susceptible to attacks, such as ardor wrong and physical attacks, so this phase of the fight should be much easier. After dispatching Yan, open the two safe to obtain a Wooden Flipper and a Makeup Pouch. Afterwards, head up the ladder to return to the city surface .

Turf Wars

You ’ ll see some more cutscenes showing that the Seiryu Clan are going to war against the Liumang, and it ’ s time to put an end to it. You ’ ll motivation to head back to Restaurant Row to inform the Seiryu Clan Captain Takabe of what happened. If you want to heal up ahead, the homeless clique is nearby and has a Recovery Point you can use. There are plenty of enemies roaming the streets, so you ’ ll likely be fighting unless you take the back roads. When you arrive at the placement on Restaurant Row, you ’ ll meet a mandatary contend. Fight: Suspicious Men This fight is against Pressured Cooker Yang ( Lv. 16 ), taiwanese Mafioso Su ( Lv. 16 ), and three Lv. 16 Kung Fu Disciples : Tan, Jian, and Xu. promontory to the marker following the crusade for another short cutscene. Turn right and walk up the stairs for another fight. Fight: Yokohama Liumang ad This contend is against three Yokohama Liumang members : Duan ( Lv. 19 ), Jang ( Lv. 18 ), and Sim ( Lv. 18 ). Take down Jang and Sim foremost earlier focusing on Duan. He ’ mho repellent to fire, but after a handful of Skills he should fall without much issue. Grab the Garlic and Chinese Sticky Rice on the ground nearby after the fight before continuing along the nerve pathway. Follow the stairway down and another group of enemies will be waiting for you. Fight: Seiryu Clan This fight is against three Lv. 18 Seiryu Clan Members : Kai, Koyama, and Noguchi. The key to this battle is taking them down quickly as they can call for accompaniment and cursorily overwhelm you with more enemies, thus use area attacks and your strongest Skills to finish them off. They can besides taunt your party causing them to become inflict with fad, rendering them irrepressible for some time. Afterwards, grab the two Handmade Meat Buns on the ground, along with a Smooth Hide on exceed of a storage cabinet. There ’ second besides a concealed dependable behind a pillar containing a Professional’s Whisk. Continue around the corner and you ’ ll find Takabe and the others and begin a cutscene, followed by a competitiveness .

Boss Fight : Seiryu Clan

This is the last battle of the Chapter, so you don ’ t need to conserve any MP. You ’ re up against Seiryu Clan Captain Takabe ( Lv. 18 ) american samoa well as five Seiryu Clan Members : Higuchi ( Lv. 18 ), Ikegami ( Lv. 18 ), Nishio ( Lv. 17 ), Kamiya ( Lv. 17 ), and Morioka ( Lv. 17 ). As with most other large group fights, focus on area attacks hera to deal damage to arsenic many as possible. besides, focus on taking out the weaker enemies first to reduce the amount of damage your party takes each turn. Takabe besides holds some Staminan X ’ randomness and can heal up party members, so when enemy health is low, switch to an all-out rape on them until they fall to avoid healing up again. Takabe besides wields a Katana which deals sword price to your party members. Once it ’ s just Takabe left, focus all your efforts on him with your best skills and you ’ ll soon be successful. A concluding cutscene will play out before chapter 6 is concluded.

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