[ Hello My Sexy Readers, I am here with another chapter and their will be more to do with this .
                           But first gear lets correct something that I made a big boom smash on .
                           It is Riot not Carnage, I messed up and think Carnage, again I am severe with names and the only other Symbiotie. I could remember was Carnage. thus I apologize for that and thank everyone who corrected me. I hope you all enjoy this chapter : D ] 
                           ( name 's POV )
                           I was up at night and Venom was purring in his sleep in the motel bed. I did not know he could sleep, he said it was one of the best things of having human hosts. I decided to go for a walk and smiled piano as I grab the identify and capitulum out. I was a few blocks away when I was grabbed. I fought and kicked hard against them. They were to strong, soon everything went bootleg .
                           ( Drake 's POV )
                           I looked at the footage of My ( Name ). She is therefore beautiful and perfect. Riot agreed vitamin a good, telling me that his kind had a coupling season and that she will be our checkmate. As it has to be person that both horde and Symbotie agreed upon. She was perfect for it, not to mention that she is spider girl. person who is already more perfective than conceivable .
                           'She will be ours. ' Riot says .
                           `` Yes she will, she will be our tabby. '' I agree with him and he purred at that. 
                           soon I got the call that she is here, still knocked out, thanks to the drugs that they gave her. I told them to put her in our room and then headed out with Riot. We made it there, and there she lay on the bed, perfective for the subscribe. I licked my lips and walk in sitting on the bed and tracing my hand up the visible flesh .
                           ( MMMMMMM I do not like where this is going -.- )
                           He skin is so soft and suptle, makes me want her all the more. I lean down to kiss her .
                           'Not so far, she has to be alert. ' Riot says .
                           I growl at that but nod. That is when I heard the security dismay go off .
                           `` What immediately ! '' I shout and get up leaving. 
                           ( Venom 's POV )
                           I growled as I ran with Eddie, Riot had stole OUR Mate. I will not let this stand by, she is ours and ours alone, no one else is allowed to have her always. I will die before that happens .
                           [ YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS we are getting close to the ending ohio and for you who have not seen the Venom 2018 movie even, the end credits scene sugest a sequel, so there will 90 % Chance be a sequel to this : D Anyways I hope you all enjoyed and stay sexy ! ] 
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