Yokosuka: A Blend of Naval History and Breathtaking Beauty

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Yokosuka, a captivating city located at the tip of the Miura Peninsula in Kanagawa, Japan, welcomes visitors with open arms. Renowned for its rich naval history, this vibrant city has much to offer to both locals and tourists alike.

A Hub of Naval History

Yokosuka, affectionately known as the “other” Yoko, proudly holds a significant place in Japan’s naval heritage. Nestled between the expansive East and West Seas, Yokosuka’s strategic location has made it a thriving hub for the shipbuilding industry and automotive production, notably Nissan Motor Co.

The city’s maritime significance stretches back to 1853 when American Naval Commodore Matthew C. Perry arrived with his fleet of “Black Ships.” This historic event marked the beginning of diplomatic and trade relations between Japan and the United States. During the final years of the Edo era, Yokosuka was chosen as the site for a modern naval base. The development of shipbuilding facilities, spearheaded by French engineer Léonce Verny, flourished, starting with the renowned Yokosuka Iron Foundry.

In 1889, the Yokosuka Line railway was established, connecting Yokosuka to Yokohama and Tokyo. Additionally, the city is served by the Keikyu Line, providing convenient transportation options for residents and visitors. Recognizing its immense growth, Yokosuka was officially designated as a city in February 1907.

An Enduring US Naval Presence

Just after the end of World War II, American occupation forces arrived in Yokosuka on August 30, 1945. Since then, the city has been an active base for the US Navy and the homeport for the prestigious United States Seventh Fleet since the 1950s. Yokosuka played a pivotal role in both the Korean War and the Vietnam War. Notably, it is home to the USS George Washington, making it the first permanent base for a nuclear-powered ship in Japan.

Cultural Fusion and Culinary Delights

Yokosuka’s diverse culture owes much to the strong American presence in the area. The city’s streets are dotted with Western-style restaurants and bars, creating a unique blend of Japanese and American culinary experiences. One particular culinary gem that has gained popularity throughout Japan is the famous “Yokosuka Curry.”

Embracing Natural Beauty

Apart from its captivating naval history, Yokosuka boasts an abundance of natural beauty. From the picturesque Verny Park to the stunning Sarushima Island, the city offers a range of attractions for nature enthusiasts. Take a leisurely stroll through the Umibe-Tsuri Fishing Park, or admire the breathtaking views from the Kannonzaki Lighthouse. For those fascinated by flora, the Shobu-en Iris Garden is an absolute must-visit.

Sakura Season and Festivities

Yokosuka’s proximity to the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force military port and the American base provides a unique opportunity for visitors to experience the Sakura Season or Cherry Blossom Festival. During this magical time, the American base opens its doors to the public, allowing them to bask in the beauty of the blooming cherry blossoms while enjoying the scenic views of both bases.


Yokosuka is a city that seamlessly blends naval history with captivating natural beauty. Whether you are drawn by the allure of its maritime heritage or the tranquility of its parks and gardens, Yokosuka promises an unforgettable experience. So, immerse yourself in this city’s charm, explore its captivating attractions, and embrace the perfect fusion of history and scenic wonders that Yokosuka has to offer.

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