You kicked the blanket off of your feet when you started to sweat again. You knew you had a fever but you could n't even make it to the toilet between how dizzy you felt and how aching your muscles were .
                           Your eyes were heavy and you wanted nothing more than to sleep whatever you had off. You let your eyes close and you were about asleep when you heard your phone ring. It was no question who it was ; the ringtone you have set for your girlfriend was unlike from all your others. You reached for it, wincing when you felt that unsettling ache in your stomach .
                           You pressed it against your ear, greeted with your girlfriend 's cheery voice. normally, you 'd find it gratifying and uplifting, but with how awful you felt all you could do is groan, which Zendaya catch. 
                           `` What is it ? ''
                           `` nothing. I 'm just vomit. ''
                           `` Sick ? What ? Are you alright ? What kinda ghastly ? Do you need me to take you to the doctors ? '' She rambled concerningly .
                           `` No, I 'm reasonably sure I have the influenza. I 'm merely truly tire, Z. Can I just call you late or something ? ''
                           You had no department of energy at all. You equitable wanted to curl up into a ball and sleep, particularly since you were starting to shiver .
                           `` Okay, yeah, I guess so. Get some remainder. ''
                           You just nodded your head, besides bore to say a news. You dropped your earphone on the mattress and pulled the blanket back over yourself earlier going to sleep .
                           But your sleep was shortstop and fitful. You were hot one moment and freezing the future. You somehow managed to drift back off to sleep after calming down a little but it was interrupted a few minutes belated by a hired hand on your arm .
                           You jumped awake, eyes flying open only to see Zendaya sitting there beside you. `` What are you doing here ? I told you I 'm nauseated. You should stay away from me. I do n't want you to catch it. ''
                           She shook her principal at you and laid her pass on your frontal bone. `` Me getting nauseated is the least of my worries. Baby, you 're burning up. ''
                           The across-the-board was over your legs once more. You must 've pulled it back over yourself in your sleep. You kicked it off with a snivel on your lips. `` I 'm hot. ''
                           `` I know. Let me go get a thermometer. It 's in your toilet, right field ? ''
                           You nodded and when your eyes got besides dense to keep capable you let them close. She returned and tried to let you rest, even as she put the thermometer under your tongue. It beeped, showing that your temperature was 101. She combed her fingers through your haircloth and watched as you opened your eyes. 
                           `` Hey, baby. Do you want some soup ? ''
                           You weakly nodded your head in answer .
                           `` Okay. I 'll be back in just a few minutes. If you need anytrhing, cry for me. Or, if you ca n't do that, you can merely cough very loudly. ''
                           That brought a bantam smile to your face, much to her relief. She kissed the crown of your head and went down to your kitchen. She cursorily heated the soup up for you and grabbed a couple of other things for you in the interim. A plane to cover up with and a bottle of water. She besides made a mental note of going out to the store former on to get you some more soup and anything else you may need .
                           She slowly walked back upstairs. She put the bowl on the board by your bed so she could cover you up with the sheet. She watched as your eyes lento opened once more and she greeted you with a little smile .
                           `` I made you some soup, my love. Think you can sit up then you can eat it ? ''
                           With her help you managed to sit up and back against the pillows. She held the bowl of soup for you and even brough the spoon of it up to your lips. She made surely you got most of the broth, knowing that it would help soothe your throat .
                           `` That better ? '' She asked when you finsihed. You had ate most of it and all the broth was gone, so that was a relief .
                           `` Yeah, a little. ''
                           `` Do you feel like you might throw up or anything ? ''
                           You shook your heading. `` not truly. not even, anyways. ''
                           Zendaya combed her fingers through your hair again and when she noticed you were drifting away to sleep she crawled into bed beside you. Her arm went around you to hold you close, even though you tried to pull away .
                           `` I do n't want you to get pale ! '' 
                           `` Shh. Do n't even worry about that. It 's alright, I promise. Just let me hold you. Let me make you feel well. Relax, try to sleep. ''
                           She made sure you were securely wrapped up in the sheet and her arms. She noticed that it seemed to be much more comfortable than your blanket was .
                           She kissed your cheek and rubbed your shoulder piano. `` Goodnight, baby female child. I 'll hush be hera when you wake up. I wo n't go anywhere. '' She promised, and she meant it. She good wanted to take manage of you and make you feel good .

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