Bid Day is promptly approaching, do you have your root, interior decoration, food, and gifts all planned yet? If not, don ’ thyroxine try because we got you covered even on a time crush. The two most significant aspects to execute the best bid sidereal day your new members will ever expereience is nailing down a playfulness composition and gifts to welcome your new sisters home. We’ve come up with a number of our front-runner DZ-inspired command day themes and gifts we know you’ll raw members will love! No motivation to thank us.
Delta Zeta Bid Day Bundle
The first most all-important step in planning the ultimate command day is locking down a singular and fun composition that not every early chapter at your school is already doing. How playfulness is it to be a Delta Zeta during bid day? The DZ letters can make about any theme specific to your sorority to create a punny, alone and unforgettable command day. We’ve listed a couple of our favorites down below but there are thus many other great ideas, so make certain to check out our Delta Zeta Bid Day Pinterest board for more inspo.

Woo ΔΖtock


DZ Dugout (Baseball)

Greek GoΔ Δe ΖΖ

New Bi DZ on the Block

DZ Disco

R ΔΖe Home to Delta Zeta

Welcome to P Δradi Ζe

now compared to the theme, interior decoration, food, DJ, etc. wish day gifts may not seem all that all-important. But these are the very first gifts your new members will receive as raw Delta Zetas. Don’t metric ton you remember precisely what you got on your bid day? down below we’ve listed our bestselling and favorite invite day gifts all voted on by your companion a-list sorority women. We know your chapter will love them because you all chose them!
The bid sidereal day endowment of the class will be reusable water bottles, you can quote us on that! Who doesn’t metric ton love a cute, customized water bottle? With 6 different designs and 13 coloring material options, our water system bottles can fit most themes or you can mix and match and gift half of your new members pink and the other half green for some Delta Zeta love.
Delta Zeta Water Bottles from
These Delta Zeta “ catch-all ” trays are cute, can you imagine all your new members having them displayed on their desk as their very first DZ endow? It’s the perfect give because it will last them through their collegiate years, never go out of style, and can be a holder for all her future DZ necklaces, rings, and even their DZ pin.

Keychains are our personal favored gifts to give to new members. They are fashionable and dainty so they look good on any purse, bag, or backpack and the fresh DeeZee gets to show off their chapter right aside by rocking their tassel keychain around campus.


It’s a fact that once you have letters you want to put them on everything so these Delta Zeta stickers are perfect bid day gifts. These non-damaging decals work perfectly on car windows, notebooks, telephone cases, laptops, and more so your new members will be able to rock their Delta Zeta pride right away.
Delta Zeta Decal Pack from

You barely welcomed home the best, now give them the best with this “ Build-Your-Own ” Bid Day Gift Bundle. Whether you loved the water bottle and want to give them an extra endowment of the decals or keychain or want to gift them all 3, each trendy and low-cost package is crafted to fit any chapter budget with your choice of 11 unlike Delta Zeta gifts all wrapped and cook to gift. With assorted plan and color options, about every product is customizable to fit any theme and color jazz band. Every gives we listed above is available in the bunch. Shop them individually at the above links, all together here, or request a “ unblock Build-Your-Own Bundle ” sample distribution kit here to learn more about the bundle and your options! Delta Zeta Build Your Own Bid Day Bundle Sample Kit

We can ’ metric ton wait to see all these fun Delta Zeta themes come to liveliness this approaching Bid Day. Make certain to tag @ a_listgreek in all your invite day posts so we love seeing how creative and crafty all you A-Listers can be!

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